Monday 2 June 2014

Wonderful time in a marquee full of vintage wonders!....

Good morning all

I had such a great time on Sunday.  As you know I went off to a vintage fair on Sunday and it was invite only.  The sun shone all day and the marquee was filled with such great vintage fabrics and goodies it was hard not to hyperventilate ......

The setting itself was magical and we were greeted with a warm welcome and smiles and a great coffee!! could it get any better?....... It did!

I had a little green basket and off I set.  I bought some amazing fabrics and joy of joy some vintage French rubber monogram stamps.  There were baskets and jars of buttons, baskets and boxes of vintage lace trims, vintage hankies, tablecloths and linens, it really was a delight.  In addition to that because it was invite only you did not have to fight the crowds, which was a lovely in its self.

The setting was idyllic and the weather behaved.

I met some great new people and people that I had always wanted to meet, chatting about things we all loved.... antique textiles!!  My husband came with me and he was talking to a partner of someone there who was a 'petrol head' too and it was cars all the way.  It was lovely that he was enjoying mingling and happy in conversation with other guys.

We had lunch in the garden all sat on vintage Lloyd loom chairs with comfy cushions and it was fresh bread, cheeses, tomatoes and olives.... a Mediterranean delight and sipping a drink. All afternoon while we sat and chatted away the coffee and tea kept coming and the sun shone.

The garden and fields had wild flowers happily giving their scent to us in the sunshine and Maisie the cat who was the star of the show, was content to be loved and stroked and watched us all from the wall around the garden.

I bought some really lovely pieces including a vintage Eiderdown which is in mint condition.

So today for me I am going to be sorting my purchases out and finding new homes for things and then down to the business of stitching.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching day!!

My stunning eiderdown I took a close up of the fabric as I am afraid the big picture came out a little dark..... but believe me it is in excellent condition and has been laundered!

Maisie the cat!... she loved all the attention and was happy to pose!

A sneak into the marquee at some of the lovely things that were there to purchase!


  1. What a delightful blog-post! That Maisie is a real character. xx

  2. It was a fabulous day and so lovely to meet you x

  3. It was a lovely day and so lovely to me you too, and yes Maisie is a character! x