Thursday 26 June 2014

Designing in the sun..... Treasures of the sea.

Good morning all

Well I am going to make the most of this glorious weather we are having here in the South of England.

Today I am going to take my design book into the garden and sit at the table under the umbrella and sit and sketch some new ideas and designs.... I have some lovely vintage fabrics to play with and I will be in the garden whilst working!!..... I am so pleased not to work in an office...

Last week I had a lovely walk at Mudeford Quay with a friend and wandered along the shoreline in amongst the pebbles and drift wood.  I found some stunning shells and all manner of great gifts that the sea gave up, so I will be looking at some of that for some great inspiration as well.

I have some stunning sea pottery as well so although it is not stitching, something will have to be done with that I think ...

Enjoy your day and hope you too can get to enjoy this great weather we are experiencing in England...

Happy Stitching!

I love it when the sea gives up treasures !!

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