Saturday 7 June 2014

Jars filled with wonderful vintage threads....

Shiny glass jars of all shapes and sizes
filled with spools of thread and wools and silks....

Happy Weekend!

Today I am going to be sorting through my stitching room before I start some personal sewing.  Over the last few weeks it has started to look like my vintage fabrics have waged war on my threads, who in turn have taken it out on the button drawers.... The buttons have thought this terribly unfair so they have had a go at just about everything else in the room!

Yes dear readers war has broken out in my woman cave and I have to go in and sort it out.  During the week it becomes a hive of activity and then the time runs away with me and I must get supper and........ well you guessed it, it needs a spring clean.

I love having threads in glass jars and I also have a jar with needles it it as well a huge button jar! The sun has finally come out a bit and that brings with it light,which means me seeing thread dust so it must be resolved today.  Monday I would like to start in a fresh room, this clears my mind and helps me concentrate.

I have recently bought some hand dyed wool thread and I have several large skeins of it, so I am on the hunt for a large glass jar with a lid.....  My husband always says utility over pretty but I think it should be both..... I really enjoy having my threads and bits on display but in an orderly fashion, thus I adore vintage glass jars.

So with out further a do I am off to HQ armed with a duster and dyson!!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Stitching!

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