Monday 9 June 2014

mood boards....

Good morning all

When I am designing, as I have told you, I put little notes in the margin of my design book with colour thoughts and fabrics it helps me gather thoughts about how the finished piece may look.

In addition to the above I use a tailor dummy as a mood board, so I pin buttons, threads, fabrics and ideas to it and walk away and return later and look again.  Sometimes it is exactly right in my mind but this way it enables you to return and move bits around and try different things.

I always take a photo of everyone so if you change it around and think no it was better with this or that you have something visual to look back on to compare things to.

I only have a table top one but I am on the look out for a full size one as well, but I would like a vintage one if possible.

Mood boards are a great invention and help us re visit an idea.  It is like a paint pot sample if you will, what we sometimes love one day in one light, we might think Oh no that would never do on a whole wall or room an hour later or in different light.

It is the same for stitching a sampler picture, it is just best to take your time and get it right first time..... Because I only use vintage materials it is best to handle them with care and not keep unpicking your work.

So if anyone out there knows of a vintage tailor dummy PLEASE let me know.......

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!

look at these beauties!!!!!

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