Thursday 5 June 2014

Sea design.. When the ocean kisses the shoreline!

Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the
Ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter
how many times it goes away!
Sarah Kay....

I am very lucky with where I live.  Because I live on the South Coast of England I have many inspirations on my door step.  The New Forest is little over 6 miles away and the beach is only  a little walk from my front door.  In addition to that we have The Jurassic coast not many miles up the road....

So when I would like to make a sea themed picture all I have to do really is wander to the sea and look out over the cliff.  I can see the Isle of Wight and the needles to my left and the Ocean in front, then peek right and on the horizon there is Sandbanks and Brown Sea Island..... I do count myself very lucky that in any one given day I can have the sea or a forest to look at.

I adore the Country side and the Ocean so I am fortunate that I really do not have to choose between them where I live....

I have been playing with an idea in my head and now on paper about a Ocean themed picture with maybe a lighthouse playing the lead role.  I have been searching my fabric draw and  taking a peek at what blues and greens I have to offer my design book.... I think I came up trumps.  I would really like a couple more choices of green to go with what I have but that really is not a problem at this stage.  With my love of mother of pearl buttons anyway, what more could this picture need....  It would make a lovely thing to have on a wall in a bathroom or a beach hut, or indeed, a garden room... So I am going to sharpen my pencil and see where my thoughts of the ocean kissing the land take me.....

One thing is for sure, some hand embroidered shells are a must!

Happy Stitching !

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