Wednesday 18 June 2014

The history of the 'pinny'.....1940's revival

The apron or pinny was traditionally looked upon as an essential part for any house wife at home doing housework or in the kitchen.

When the cheaper clothes and washing machines became popular then the apron became less needed somehow in the home.

But the pinny is  enjoying a renaissance as a retro chic fashion accessory again!

There are several types some that just tie around the waist and those that cover the body.

You can now find retro patterns to make your own from say vintage fabrics or you can indeed be lucky enough to find an original.....

When going to vintage fairs, I find that a great deal of stall holders are in them and it looks lovely.  I remember my nana always in an apron.  She had one for baking in the kitchen and one that she wore when she was cleaning.  The cleaning apron was not as ornate as the baking one but it is a very fond memory I have of her in her pretty pink and frilly apron..... it also meant to me, as a child, that something good was going to come out of the range!!

So give it a go! you can find vintage patterns to make your own and I believe it is not only useful but a great vintage accessory to hang in your kitchen......

Get stitching today!


  1. I have a couple of pinny's and often wear one of them when cooking. I remember my granny always wore one too and had one for cleaning and one for best!
    M x

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