Friday 6 June 2014

Like delicate lace so vintage threads intertwine!

Good morning!

As I am getting along with my vintage hankie curtain I wondered what the finish might be... I am going to add some vintage ribbon and some mother of pearls buttons as you know but the bottom of my hanging I really have had no clue .... until today!!

I have been pinning and unpinning hankies until I am happy then stitching them together on my machine and niggling in the recess of my mind has been how to finish it off.  Well early this morning before me writing this blog, I thought I would look for inspiration in one of my vintage fabrics and lace drawers.... and bingo.  I have found a piece of hand embroidered vintage cotton.  I am not sure if it came off of a dress or christening gown but I bought it as is.

I always thought it much to lovely to cut up into pieces and thought that one day it will be part of something beautiful as it is... Its day has arrived.  I think it will finish the whole bottom of my curtain and I will stitch some vintage ribbon between this piece and the hankies like a final border.

I am not rushing this curtain as I want it to be just right, as I have said before, unpicking delicate vintage fabrics is not to be recommended and so I am taking time in my choices.  It is 24 inches long and I will have some left over as the window in question is not very big.

What do you think?

I am very happy with it and I think some of that beautiful green thread will go in a little embroidery on the finished product.

This however has to wait as I have to continue with my sea picture design today.  My little curtain will have to wait until the weekend, which happily is upon us!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Stitching! 

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