Monday 16 June 2014

Off to buy some more cotton and my first lap quilt!......

May your bobbin always be full!

Good morning all

Well before I do any sewing today I am off to my little stitching shop for some more cottons!  I feel like the mice in Beatrix Potter ... 'no more twill'.......

Although I do an awful lot of hand stitching I do use my machine for personal things, like the curtain I am making out of vintage hankies and also to stitch up vintage covers for journals I sell.  I go through lots of the off white colour but also I need some duck egg colour to finish my first lap quilt.  This is the hand stitching bit where I have to stitch my binding back on...... My lovely teacher Suzie says its a must! no machine if I want to do it properly!!

Also I am in need of a navy blue thread for some button holes that I am doing .... this is a piece for publication and I want the buttons holes to stand out a little.

In addition to the above I am sure I will pick up a few more colours for my collection... it has to be done!!

No doubt I will wander around a bit, so basically I am having a few hours off, partly for my business and partly for my personal pleasure ....... GRIN!

My next quilt is on my own as Suzie is not teaching anymore and concentrating on her long arm quilting business, I wish her every success but will miss my time with her so much.  I have started my second lap quilt and need to quilt it on my own EEK! and put on the binding......

Top picture is the back of quilt.  Middle is the front of
quilt and the Bottom is the close up off MY FIRST QUILT!
just a little proud!!!   

Have a very happy Stitching Day!! .....

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