Thursday 12 June 2014

My vintage inspiration for today..... wild flowers!

I really am enjoying doing work for publication at the moment.  The joys of creating something new and hopefully pleasing to those who want to recreate one of my designs.

Although to date we have not had much of a summer, you can not argue the fact that with the rain the gardens are stunning.  If you drive around the country lanes you see wonderful wild flowers in abundance.  Poppies, daisies, bluebells, cow parsley, fox gloves and dandelions blowing around in the breeze and it is a great source of inspiration that I long to replicate a little.

I have picked a few wild flowers to really look and study them, this way I can decide on the best little tiny stitches that would do them justice on vintage linen.

I am growing some wild flowers in my garden just around the bird table and they are coming along. The bees are buzzing despite the rain and the lavender is giving off a heady scent that is wonderful... I just long to sit out there and stitch, alas, soggy embroidery is not attractive and nor is a suitable soggy stitcher with bad humour on getting drenched......

Fingers crossed that we get a dry and warm spell, I really do not mind watering the garden and would love to sit out there and take in the scents of the garden.

So for today my inspiration is the following picture and I think you will agree it is a lovely scene...

Happy Stitching!

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