Tuesday 3 June 2014

Hand stitching and quilting with vintage mixed media..

Good morning

When I was finishing a commission wedding sampler at the end of last week and basically checking it all before I took it to the framers it got me thinking..... how did it get to this?   I had a basic idea of what I was going to do but somehow along the way I added this or decided not to do that.

The thing is, when you are making something as special as a wedding sampler, you have to be a little flexible in your mind.  I feel sometimes we can over do what we are trying to create and you must always, I believe, do some stitching and then walk away for a little while and come back to it.  It helps to see what you have been missing or it shouts stop! no more or you will ruin me!

I am enjoying layering different fabrics and using different stitches combined with adding lace or hand quilting and embroidery.  With the wedding sampler I was finishing it had both the first initials of both the bride and the groom and I had wondered about actually adding the Initial of there joint married name....... Would it add something and look good and could you actually see the individual letters that were being entwined?... That's when you walk away and come back.  I did add all three letters and what I did was use 3 different shades of the same colour thread so that it brought out the letters, yet they stood out on there own as well. I put the Surname initial in the middle and their respective first name initials either side....

There is always a button stitched to my work (it is my signature if you like) and that is the last thing to be stitched on.  I love to hand embroider and to add layers.... it somehow adds a structure and foundation to the piece, after all that is part of marriage!

It is best to do a sketch of your work with an idea and then gather your fabrics and lace.  You then need to build up your work with the basics and embellish at the end. The addition of embroidery and lace at the end is like icing a cake.  My advice to you is though, always know when to stop and let your work speak for its self.

Happy Stitching !

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