Monday 30 April 2018

Goodies to put away and sewing to be done...

A faffing sort of a day ...

Hello Monday and tomorrow is May can you believe it? ... Well I had a wonderful weekend and of truffling happily for hours amongst beautifully dressed stalls and the music playing in the background and surrounded by vintage goodies .... My kind of weekend indeed. of course  The Vintage Bazaar was the star event along with  Meeting up with friends. I met up with so many, Mo and her husband from Scotland  who are lovely friends and met Dawn too, who is a reader of this blog and now friends too. Lots of other friends Nicki and Jo and Andy .. I was given a handmade gift and a book, will show you all later in the week. I am a lucky lady indeed! 😀

So .. today  I will sort out some photos for you to have a little peek, I am hoping that I got enough as it was a day for catching up with lots of friends and lots of laughter too...

I am hoping that I can take some photos of my treasure as well and that the weather is not too dark and dull.  I will do a show and tell later on in the week.

Hoping too that you all had a wonderful weekend whatever you were up to and that the sun shone for you.  I can imagine that some of you had great weather.  I have have lots of readers all over the globe and I would like to say thank you to you all for making this blog so successful and whilst you read, I will write ... My lovely friend who went back to America last week is probably in high heat as Florida has that right now ... I envy the warmth of it.  I am going to be terribly British now and complain about our weather.  We have gone from snow and frost to Spring, then a few days of hot summer and back to winter within a month ... Tomorrow is May, lets hope the sun gets its hat on soon.

Still it's about this week now and I have a lot to do and to complete, I can not seem to be able to stop the clock from moving unbelievably fast right now. I start my day early here and have a coffee and write this blog to you all.  Then its get another coffee time and an hour or so of some housework ( unfortunately I do not have a magic wand so it is down to me) then it is normally a full on work day and when I look up at the clock, it is later afternoon and I have normally forgotten to have lunch even.  I always have a large glass of water with me so I do at least drink and not get dehydration ...

Today though I have written a list of things that must get tackled and therefore there is focus for my day.  I love lists because when you cross something off you feel a sense of achievement and you know you are actually getting somewhere and not just going around in a spin and achieving nothing at all.

I also need to try and make time for my journaling and letter writing it is an important part of my life and I need to set some time out for me to actually keep up with it.  As you all know I love words and they are a huge part of my life and a huge part of my stitching as well..

Keeping lists of things that I need to do but I really do need to get into the habit of scheduling my day properly to get the most out of it I think.  The thing is I also have my Mum too and unexpected visits through out the week can happen and then I just sit with her even if she is sleeping.  So the decision has been made to make a grab bag.  Today I am going to get a little bag together of things that I can just take with me.  Some stitching or an ideas journal and then I can still feel productive as well as be with her when it is needed.  I have my days I go to her anyway but sometimes if she is unsettled or unwell then extra time is spent with her.  The other day she said she was 'lost'  and I said she could
never be that, as I would always always find her.  Her answer to that was 'oh thank goodness' and the fear in her eyes subsided ... then you can not just say OK mum I am going now.... so when I have my grab bag sorted well it sorts out the guilt and anxiety that I can feel about not working or not being with her ....

So my list today is .. photo sorting, taking photos, grab bag, some sewing or course, a little writing in my family history journal and a hour of housework ... Ta Dah!

My hand stamps are breeding and I long to use them in my journals.  I have been writing up my family tree on my Dads side of the family and it has been relaxing and so enjoyable.  There is a way to go yet but it is something that I am happy doing whilst waiting for my husbands day to end and our supper time, which can be fairly late.  I started the journal this year and have started at the begining literally as to why I started at 15 looking at my Dads line of the family and looking back over all the note books I filled whilst searching.  I have got back to late 1500, early 1600 and do not think I will be able to go back further than that because basically lack of records.... it was not law then to register a birth, marriage or death and the records that far back are hard to read and some are not even on fiche and the original church registers are just too delicate for us all to scour through alas...

I think by adding hand stamps in to look pretty too it will be a great read for future generations and also a little bit of eye candy too.  I use sepia ink and it is Archival Ink so that it does not fade at all and also and more importantly does not rot the paper.  I have a four way palette and they have gorgeous names Hickory Smoke, Vintage Photo, Ground Espresso and Black Soot.   My little writing
corner in my sewing room with its printers tray and antique typewriter is a lovely spot to be and I create on my desk looking out at the garden.  If I work later of a night then I stare at the stars ... its a perfect spot for thoughts and ideas....

Well that is it for my ramblings today and I will be back here tomorrow with a blog about the VB I am hopeful ... I have not checked my camera or the photos yet ... we were out to lunch on Sunday and well the weekend just flew by but was lovely if not too short....

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. It was so nice so have lunch with you and Andrew yesterday Sarah glad you had a good journey home from Shaftesbury. Dad and I had a good journey back over the Mendip Hills too. NO lorries just 1 milk tanker.
    Have a good day

    1. Lovely to see you both. Journey was not bad our end either, through the pretty Dorset countryside..

      Sarah XX

  2. THANK YOU so much for my wonderful quilting clips. I am wondering which quilt top to finish first? The gift tin and box are beautiful. Love MumXX

  3. Grab bag is a great idea. Your poor mum, bless her.
    Wonderful ink names.
    Enjoy your day Sarah x

    1. Thank you Dawn .. and so great to see you on Saturday.. the fair was wonderful and such a social event too!
      Take care and have a great day..

      Sarah xx

  4. Love the idea of a travel bag...I do try and have a project ready when we are on the road. I think I will put more thought into.
    Loved your read this morning.

    1. Morning Lora

      So pleased you enjoyed the read today and yes a grab bag as I call it has been done here now today. So when I have to go quickly, I have my personal survival kit at hand. Always good to have travel sewing kit ready...

      Sarah xx