Monday 23 April 2018

Sewing on a day like to today .....

“I couldn't sew on a day like this.
 There's something in the air that gets
 in the blood and makes  a sort of glory in my soul.
 My fingers would twitch  and I'd sew a crooked seam.
 So it's ho for the park and the pines.” 

LM Montgomery

This made me laugh the quote above, I know what it is like to want to be outside, but I would take my stitching and art journal.  I am longing for summer days in the garden or in the countryside watching the different shapes in the sky with the odd cloud going over... There is a place in the New Forest where it is lovely to take a picnic, books, throws and cushions ( and sneaking in some stitching) and my Husband and I never see anyone there.  My Grandfather ( My Mums Dad) knew the forest like the back of his hand and we spent hours and hours there.  Riding horses, playing rounders, picnics, and early morning breakfasts cooked on gas stoves.... I love the place we go to thanks to him and the only thing we see is the odd horse or deer... after the initial startling to each other we just rub along and get on with our own thing.

I have promised myself that we will do this a few times over the next few months and just relax.  It is a strictly mobile free area ( doubtful wifi anyway) and so we can just go back to basics and talk and read and relax ... re charge our batteries if you like and escape the crowds and get back to nature.  Take some photos for me to sketch or design with.  Most likely take my vintage wild flower book and see if I can see any that are in there ...

Well back to today and stitching here, for a moment there I was in the New Forest and forgot its a working day ... The weather though has been glorious as they predicted and some stitching has been done in the garden for the first time this year.  I am so ready for long warm Summer Days ...

Today I am off to the beach for a little beach combing and sketching, its not hugely hot which means
less crowding and I will be able to forage about and also do some doodles as well.  I love walking by our beach and its beautiful sands and see here on the South Coast line.  The other place is Sandbanks in Dorset and Shell Bay is called that because the answer is in the name.  You can also find a little sea glass from time to time as well.  Over the years I have collected a little treasure box of it and one day I will do something with it too!

I had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Cranborne Vintage Fair so much.  Met up with some lovely friends as well and had a really good look about along with purchasing some much needed plants for the garden.  I am going for things that bees love to help them as well as scented and more cottage garden than formal.

I will be taking some photos later in the season of them and maybe the bees and butterflies along with the bumbles that will enjoy them being part of this garden.  Also took some photos of the fair for you so I will sort those out today to be able to bring you a blog for you to have a little virtual walk around in your minds eye.. along with a show and tell later in the week as well.  Then of course at the end of this week this the fabulous and wonderful Vintage Bazaar in Frome  so lots to look forward to I would say.  The weather I hope will come back to warm by the end of the week and May will, as I say be upon us.  The vintage fair season has started and we are able to be in the fresh air.  The English Summer when it is a good one does take a lot to beat with our green lands and stunning wild flowers.

Must have a look at my dried flowers too, I keep remembering when I am talking to you on here and then forgetting later in the day when I am busy working.  I am sure what is in there will be ready for use and so I must get to have a look at it.

Well I have managed to take a a few photos for you with one of  the views that I get when sat here in my stitchery room.  As you will see bird fly around and look at me in here.  on the top of the photo you will see two pigeon tails sat above my window.  They will eventually get board and hand upside down to look at me later... The seagulls are coming in too now and also a pigeon flying in to perch with the other two --- although I am sure three will be a crowd from the cooing that is taking place out there! Oh well I will let them sort that one out ... I am hoping that the sun will come peeking through soon although it is still very early....

I am going to be doing some stitching today and have decided to cancel the order for the quilting foot and go to my local sewing machine shop, even if they have to order it in its now a matter of being annoyed and needing to finish me needle keep.  I would like it off of my pile to finish and to be in use.

Walking up to the beach I can go the longer way and pop into the shop in Southbourne near where I live so that is what I will be up to later this morning or when the shops are open at least.  Wish me luck!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend your selves and that you get out and enjoy some of this little Summer we are having with the warm air blowing our way from Europe ...
Have a wonderful day today and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Your view from your window is lovely watching the birds in flight. I remember Southbourne as a child walking down the zigzag path to the beach and walking back up again at the end of the day.......

    1. Hello Julie

      Yes the Zig Zag is still there and I did the very same too. It is a beautiful beach and on a lovely day or even a hot evening we love to wander down there. I hope you have had a lovely day ....

      Sarah xxxxxx