Tuesday 24 April 2018

The stunning Cranborne Vintage Fair.

Nestled in the Dorset Countryside is Cranborne
a stunning little village.  There is Cranborne Manor and
part of its estate is now home to the Garden Centre there.
This last weekend it played host to its own Vintage Fair.

On a Sunday it is lovely not to have to rush, I always think and with my husbands and my own
working weeks being hectic and long ( especially for him) it is just so nice to have our first warm drink sat up in bed and watching the birds from our window.  This Sunday was a vintage fair and normally on those days we are up very early to get ready and be on the road to where ever in the country is hosting it.  This time though it was closer to home, only 30 minutes away and so we indeed could sit with our warm drink and get ready and still be basically on time for the opening of The Cranborne Vintage Fair..... Wonderful!

We had a list for flowers and a list for treasure, Andrew hoping that their were some man treasure as he likes to call it and if you are reading this Mo you will know what I mean as I am sure Jimmy is the same!

I was looking forward to this day and to be able to wander around amongst the flowers as well.  I was not disappointed in the least.
The weather was stunning and it was just lovely to bumble around.  The fair was held at the garden centre in Cranborne and was the walled garden for the manner house.  There is the vintage barn there with 4 ladies that always have their goodies there and then they were joined by a few more people
selling vintage goodies as well and they were dotted around the garden centre grounds in gazebos and just inside where they hire out for private functions.

So firstly I made my way to the vintage barn as two of the ladies there are friends as well.  Elaine and Jenny have their little shops withing the barn and are there all the time, In addition there is Elizabeth and Irene.  Irene is Tickety Boo and Jenny is Tilly- D  .....

It was lovely to have a catch up with Elaine and Jenny as I have not seen them in a while, It seems we all hibernate in the Winter months and only come out in the Spring and Summer!!

The warmth of the weather and the smell of all the beautiful plants that were there in the sunshine it was a lovely place to be on a Sunday.  My husband and I got there when it opened and had breakfast there and a coffee and juice .. It was a perfect relaxing day ...

I had a a little wander and then came across The Dolls House and the way the stall had been set out it was really beautiful all in amongst the plants and it was a pleasure to wander around and take photos.  The bees were out buzzing around and I remember thinking this is it .. Summer is on its way!

In the grounds there, there was a lovely shepherds hut and all the pots and garden goodies were out.
  We ended up buying some wonderful bits for our garden and 4 climbing rose bushes too......

Deciding to do our garden this year to get it established ready to make it irresistible to future potential buyers down the line ... method in our madness!

Then I found Jenny Jones who was tucked into a corner in the little function room and we had a little chat.  People were coming in and it was well attended but not over crowed it was a real pleasure indeed to wander around...

Jenny had a lovely eclectic array of vintage goodies on offer and it all looked so pretty.

Next to Jenny were two ladies that had shared a stall and they were Fifi's Retro Frippery and Sarah's Vintage Pop Up Shop.  There was so much to look at and see.  I had  to go about it again two or three times as I kept missing things the first time.

There was vintage dress making patterns and china, glass and all sorts of goodies to see and purchase.

The next door was Coco and George and there were some exquisite things on here for purchase. Cushions and eiderdowns, china and glass.  There was a lovely bunting that the lady had made and she thought it might be lovely for a child's room and it would.  There was embroidery flowers and old buttons too....

Then who should I bump into but Suitably Vintage .. they were there wandering around and not as
sellers and we had a chat and quick catch up.  It is so lovely to bump into friends at these events ...

Le Shed was the next stall that I came across and again lots of different bits and bobs on offer including old seed packets and haberdashery as well as china and glass too.

Outside was Peggy Rae and she was selling scented  soy wax candles in vintage glass jelly moulds and cups and saucers along with lavender and dried roses and lots more!

In addition to all this just a little way down the road is the WVS Book shop and it is run as a charity.
  Not only do they sell books but there is a sewing room at the back of the shop and Jenny of Tilly D has some of here ware in there too along with things by this shop that are donated and given to the charity.  It is a treasure trove of goodies and really my things.  There are old books of all kinds including craft books.  There is haberdashery, embroidery threads, linens, fabrics, ribbons, spools, knitting needles, needles, needle keeps and so so so much more.  If  you ever visit Cranborne then do head there because it is an Aladdin's Cave and it is also a charity as well ... great cause.

It was time to then say our goodbyes and get all the plants that we had purchased home again and watered for us to get in this week.  Did I buy some vintage goodies ?  Yes of course just a few!! and I will show you what I purchased later on in the week.

I hope that you are enjoying this weather we are having, although it is not as hot as the weekend was.  Did you have a thunder storm on Saturday evening as we did and oh boy was it a Thunder Storm!  It actually struck a building in Bournemouth as well.  It was a magnificant show and went on for literally hours and hours and it was raining too, huge rain drops of the like I have never seen before.

When we got home and popped all our new plants out on the patio and gave them a water Miss Muddy Beak came over to investigate, I think we have her approval of our choices ...

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day today and as always

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hi Sarah, that sounds like a lovely fair to go to. I am looking forward to the VB and yes, I do so hope there are some things for the boys. Jimmy is keen on tools and railway elated 'stuff' so fingers crossed. Goodness, we had thunder on Saturday night. It woke us both up - it was incredibly loud - we actually thought a plane had come down. I've. Never heard it as loud in my life. Bitterly cold up,here the last two days, winter has returned and the fires are lit. We are certainly glad to be travelling south for a couple of days. On Saturday afternoon, after the VB we will drive to Lichfield and spend the night with friends then head back up to Scotland on Sunday afternoon. Love the view form your window by the way - such open skies - always inspirational and calming I think. Love, Mo xxx

    1. Hello Mo
      I am looking forward to the VB too it’s such a lovely more intimate fair as well. It’s cold here again too! It dropped to single figures yesterday afternoon! Mist and rain but it in double figures in the day! .. that coffee will be much needed..
      A lovely trip planned and catching up with friends how great, hoping the weather is at least dry for you, your hens must wonder what’s going on! weather wise!
      My view from my window is my garden more but I also see the sky ( it’s a very large window.. the birds dangling to look in make me hoot with laughter .. monkeys!
      It is inspirational and calming as you say..
      Look forward to seeing you and Jimmy.
      Safe travels

      Sarah xxx

  2. So many gorgeous goodies. Keep your eyes open for a 6ft blonde thing on Saturday!!!!! Fingers crossed x

    1. Hi Dawn

      I can not believe I missed this comment and I did keep my eyes out and there you were! Wonderful to meet you my friend and thank you so much for the wonderful hand made gift .. to be treasured for sure.

      Sarah xxxx

  3. Amazing your Vintage Fairs. Love your shares....💕💕

    1. Hi Lora

      We do have some wonderful vintage fairs and it is a good 9 month season for them actually. They are not just wonderful for finding great treasure but they are a social event too with lots of friends old and new meeting up. Its like a great gathering at the best mall ever with like minded people... bliss.

      Sarah xxx