Monday 2 April 2018

April stitches ...

The Stargazer is a teacup sailing boat
with sails held on by buttons and
a little vintage scrap of fabric made
to patch a sail... it sails star watching
on the seas ....

I am hoping that you all had a wonderful few days off over the Easter break.  We had a wonderful time as we headed off on Wednesday evening to our friends cottage in Devon.  It is our home from home and we always have such fun and laughter there.  Being cooked for and pampered by our friend is always like being cuddled in a quilt and cosy and restful.  Not having to personally think of food shops or menus and indeed housework was a real treat.  I took my book, some writing and some hand stitching with me and had the best rest ever.

Back and refreshed it is time to look forward to this years designs and magazine work and of course onto the following year too.  I feel strangely refreshed and managed a few little sketches whilst in Devon as well.

I am launching my second kit and this only has one design in it, as the others are nearly gone I wanted to realease this one that I had printed at the same time as Harriet Hare.  This is the star gazer and the kit includes the antique French Linen, four mother of pearl buttons, fabric patch for the sail, iron on design all beautifully wrapped and  in the box with instructions.

This kit is offered at  £25 . 50  and again there is a limited addition.  If you would like one then please on here or on anywhere it is advertised type the word SOLD and I will send you a pay pal invoice.

I have one of these actually stitched to one of my dresses and thought it may make a nice kit so have released it as such.  I added the stars to mine and they do not appear on the iron on transfer but you could add some if you so wished.

Today is about getting back into work mode and having to think about dinner later!! I could get used to having it cooked for me I can tell you.

I am going to be busy making some fabric packs up and may put them on my Etsy shop that I opened years ago but do not use .... I think its time the shop re-opened up with a little face lift.

The picture on the right is of some of my latest vintage fabric purchases as you may remember and I am keen to use them in something.  So I have them out already on my work table and I am going to have a little think about what I may make with some of the gorgeous fabrics.

Also I am totally in love with with these as well.  The blue one especially the faded colour of this preloved and preowned beauty has me wondering about its story and I keep going off to a world in my imagination where it may have lived and been loved a few decades ago.

Of course the paisley as well is stunning and the roses on it are just scrumlicious ... I think I just made up a word that is not in the English dictionary but hey it suits these bundles of fabrics do you not think so ...

The little birds in my garden were pleased to see me this morning popping out food.  I had left them all the feeders full, clean water full up in three birdbaths and three fat blocks as well has the bird table with a mound of goodies on there including a Easter present of bacon chopped finely as well.  I am not sure if it lasted then the five days I was gone because they were hungry this morning and very vocal about it all....

Sometimes I wish they could speak my language and I am sure they tell me off a fair bit for not being on duty whilst of on a little jaunt ....

Anyway that is it for today as I must sort out some things and get stitching and down to work on this short week ahead.  I will be back here on Thursday as bright and early as I can.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Glad you had a restful weekend and recharged your batteries

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie.. I was really spoilt. Did not have to do anything. Coffee in bed in the mornings.. some slow stitching.. perfect!
      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Lovely new design Sarah and scrumlicious is a great new word! Lol

    1. Morning Dawn!
      I like that word and feel it should be added to the Oxford dictionary!
      Thank you glad you like design ..
      Sarah X

  3. Love your new design...enjoy your creativity!! Still some snow here this week! ❤❤

    1. Thank you Lora! .. gosh still snow! We seem to have a Spring day today but not banking on cold weather going just yet!