Thursday 12 April 2018

Needles, Pins, Buttons & Stuff .....

.......... Everything a good needle case needs  πŸ’–
with a little embellishment for the eyes...

When you sew, you have something that will
 last to show for your efforts.

 ~Elizabeth Travis Johnson 

Well finally we are there, the faffing stopped and the decisions were made ... honestly what am I like.
All of the hand stitching has been done but I need to get the sewing machine out now and stitch it all together.  Its where it kind of went off track as it is so thick so need to get another foot for my machine.. which has been sent for so I am not quite finished really .. still here are some photos for you to look at for now ...

Also putting together a sewing case as well for stitching on the go and thought you might like to have a bit of a peak at that so far as well.

The S stands for Sarah and for Sewing so it really was a great thing to stitch to it.  It is temporary stitched as I have an A the same for Andrew.... now I thought that would be fabulous on a cushion you see. I think I have another S so I am going to sort through the box these things are kept it.  If I find one suitable and that I can change over then its not to bad to unpick, if not I just fill in the stitching .... When it is all stitched up I am going to attempt a little video of me turning the pages in it when its filled with bits ... Hurry up foot for machine!

Now what else do you need in my kind of needle keep .. well you need needles so I have done a page for Embroidery, Sharps, Beading and applique .... All on hand made felt pages ...
Then of course there is stuff! yes you know what I mean .. stuff.  As yet unknown but needs a place.
Finally there is a page for pins, safety and quilting and applique.  The book would have been far to
thick to have individual pages for them all so pins had to share ....

Some of the embroidery is onto the felt and some is on scraps of vintage fabric stitched onto the felt.. which happily covers the stitching on to the felt on the other side..

I have been doing little flowers and French knots and stitch a tiny shell on to the pin page as it had a tiny little hole either side and I managed to get a thin need through it.

There are bits of lace hand stitched on as you can see from the Embroidery needle page and it will look pretty when it is all together in a rather primitive way which is what I was looking for rather than formal..

I did not want a place for embroidery scissors as that will have a place in my sewing case and until I

am on the move they have a dear little glass jar on my desk where they sit until in use here in my stitchery room.

It is a dear little antique suitcase probably a children's one and in very good condition.  I have started to pimp it to my taste with mixed media pieces, ribbon, old paper, lace, buttons and all sorts of treasure to make it unique to me.  The stitchery case on the go...

As you can see I am having lots of fun and will be taking a course on it this year... yes it may not be at our home because of space but I am thinking of hiring somewhere lovely to take some courses here on the Jurassic Coast line ....  There will be some on embroidery and slow stitching and some with mixed media as well ....

Applique hare in a field of  flowers is one and this is one of my favourites I have to say.  Well by now you know I have a love of hares that borders on obsession ... they are my unicorn if you like except they are not mythical but magical ...How I love them.

It is my own design and there of course will be some words embroidered as well..

Oh I must just tell you as I am typing this I just happened to look out of the window and what should catch my eye but a magpie hanging off of the guttering and looking in at me! before I could get my camera he flew off .. I am now wondering how long he was staring at me wondering when I would stop mucking around in here and start cooking bacon!! Honestly not spoilt at all are they... his face was a picture ..

Today I am off to see my Mum and I am picking her up and taking her to my Sisters for lunch.  She will love it and wanders about with some knowledge of where she is, she does in both our homes.  We will all have lunch together and my Sister will take her back and I will come back here and continue sewing.

So today is a bit disjointed in a way but Mum is feeling lots better so a trip out will do us all good.  I have been terribly worried and to be able to take her for lunch in a atmosphere she knows and loves is great medicine for all of us actually.

Well that is it for today as I have lots to do before heading out to get my Mum ... a few slow stitches need to be stitched and of course bacon bits to cook before there is a riot in the garden..

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. It's lovely to see your projects Sarah, so beautiful and creative. Have a lovely day with your mum. Glad she is feeling better xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn .. Mum was better today but unsettled .. usually here or at my Sisters she relaxes! Not so today.. 😏 xxx

  2. So much the descriptors for organizing your sewing projects with your "tools". Your special needle case. ❤❤ A special time with your Mom too! πŸ’•

    1. Thank you Lora, it’s been fun to create something for me! Normally it’s a commission or publication.. Mum unsettled but not poorly so all good xxx

  3. Hi, your needle case looks divine - I could do with one actually because I'm always mislaying needles and pincushions - they seem to just wander off!! I do wish you'd got a picture of the magpie - I'll bet he was sent by the others to see what you were doing πŸ˜‚. So glad you had a lovely day with our mum. Love, Mo xx

    1. Hi Mo
      I know it was a moment when I was typing that I felt I was beening watched and there dangling upside down was Magnus Magpie. One of the chuckle brothers! .. so funny!
      I am loving my needle keep.. just need it stitched together.. today could be the day I get my large quilting foot for machine .. enjoy knows!
      Yes had a lovely time with Mum .. had lots of hugs from her and smiles. That’s always a good day!
      Have a lovely weekend Mo ..

      Sarah xxx

  4. Your needlecase sounds a delight. I have had to stop feeding the birds in my garden again for awhile.......... I wished I had seen your magpie.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      Oh the Magpie what a little character well they both are .. they are siblings and stay together at all times.

      When the needle keep is done I will be pleased, just waiting for the postman to knock and it will be all action ...

      Sarah xxxxxxx