Friday 27 April 2018

Happiness in slow tiny stitches....

Rain is a lullaby heard through a thick, isolating blanket
 of clouds. It is the tinkling harp of water droplets; a 
moist breath whistling through willow reeds

Richelle  E . Goodrich

Oh it is cold this morning, truly!  The sky is grey and heavy rain clouds loom over head.  There are rain drops on the windows and not a bird in the sky or the garden.  My hands and fingers are so cold that typing is a bit laboured this morning too.  What I need is to light the fire and put my hands around a cup of steaming coffee and watch the flames dance .....

I am wishing for Summer its true but I still find happiness on days like today where I have not to go out at all not even to send parcels at the post office, all the running about was done yesterday and I am going to have a happy slow tiny stitch day and now it will be in front of the fire in my cosy chair...  The venue changes daily as I have never known such strange weather as 2018 is offering up to us but I try and find happiness and beauty in it all.

Working with hand dyed threads, antique soft French linens and delicious fabrics and quilt scraps, how can you not be a happy being? ...

It is 8 degrees outside and its not going to rise above 11 degrees today and with the slight breeze coming off of the sea it feels much colder, The rain is now falling here so my day has been planned in my head to make it a cosy and productive day indeed.

Also I have some sorting and tidying to do in my sewing room so later when I have warmed up I will come and tackle that.  I have decided today I may finish early ( around 4pm) and have a lovely warm bath and get into cosies and curl up and watch a film whilst waiting for my husband to come home from work.

Tomorrow is The Vintage Bazaar in Frome and I am eagerly anticipating it.  I have pre ordered some

things as I do and sent a few emails to ask about some things as well.  There are a few of my old and new friends going and so there will be some meet ups going on and excited chatter over a coffee and possibly a cake.  When inside the Cheese and Grain where it is held you have a great little cafe that serves hot and cold food and drinks and plenty of cakes, so on a cold and drizzly day you do not have to step outside to get refreshments and then you can just pop back in to the VB and continue to wander around.

I love the Frome venue and so many people dress for the occasion and it brightens the day immediately and make is even more magical if that is at all possible ...

Personally I think the sky is crying as my dear friend and a pen pal is leaving on a plane today with her husband to go back to the USA.  She is American and her lovely husband is British.  ... England is kicking her out basically and not given her citizenship!!!! or allowing her to stay with her husband. Not wanting to be parted they have sold all their possessions and gone to America to her family to start out there.  It is easier for him to get citizenship there and a green card in the interim as they are married and have been for 4 years ... It is so sad and we are getting rid of hard working tax paying people, whom are in love.  So I am sad today, no more going to Bridport and having a day together but yes still pen pals...
His parents are elderly so it was not the time to leave really ... I hope they do well in the States and then can come back and England will finally!!!!! realise that this is love, you can not help who you love and not a government or thousands of miles between their countries of origin can keep them apart... If you are reading this Nadia and Alan at the airport ... I wish you all the very best, at least you will have amazing weather when you land... Miss you terribly already and I will be over soon....xx

Today is about keeping busy and making the house cosy and inviting and getting on with artistic things.  Then it is about getting ready for the weekend ahead and making a little list and packing my basket ready for the off in the morning.  Frome is about a hour and half away from us, that is if you are not stuck behind a slow moving, hay loaded tractor!! .. then it can put about 45 minutes on your journey as there is no where to pass them unless they pull over and let a few cars by .....

I do hope though that the weather is a little brighter there tomorrow than it is here today, It will not dampen us treasure hunters spirit and truffling and laughter will be going on .. but the sun out is just so lovely.

Frome is a gorgeous town and I am in love with it.  There are gorgeous shops there and cafes, it is so very pretty and has a vintage feel to it as well....

Ah now I have just seen Miss Muddy Beak and she is bleating about her bacon bits, or actually the lack of them right now.  They are cooked but I did not pop them out early this morning because no birds were about.  This could mean one of two things ... it is cold and wet so they are snuggled into their paisley lined nests OR there is a cat about, now if that is the case it has smelt the bacon you see.. So I wait to see them out there and pop it out then.... The rain, for now, has stopped but the sky is black... So it is time for me to go now and feed those gorgeous feathered and cute friends of mine and have a nice warm coffee.  The match will be put to the fire which is ready and my day will begin.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, will see some of you tomorrow.  All that is left to say is Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Your poor friends, I feel very sorry for them. You have paisley nests and we have dog fur nests! We groomed the doggies outside in the garden yesterday evening and the birds couldn't even wait for us to finish before flying down and gathering it up for their nests. They looked so funny, as if they had white beards or a moustache ...they will be so warm and cosy. There was a ton of it and it's all gone this morning.
    That's a very pretty basket xxx

    1. Morning Dawn
      Ah doggy fur! So cosy for them. I also put out the tumble drier filter fluff they love that too.
      Thank you I love my little basket .. it’s my fair one!
      Stay cosy today it’s horrid out there.
      See you at Frome! ..

  2. I have just recovered from going out in the very heavy rain on Friday morning. My local taxi driver friend took pity on me and gave me a free ride into town, had to pay him to come home.........
    Your poor friends. When I was a little girl, a lady who became a friend of my grandmother came over on Windrush.

    Julie xxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      Friday was awful weather here too! .. hope you did not get too wet! I did my running about on Thursday and felt a little smug that I did not have to go anywhere!
      My friends have arrived safely. Staying in a gorgeous 2 bed apartment with incredible views! .. England’s loss but America’s gain. .. and my loss too! Why come back to this country to be treated so badly ..
      still another reason for me to get on a plane!!
      Have a lovely weekend.

      Sarah xxxxxx

  3. Hoping for improvement and ways to accommodate immigrants better. Certainly here in the USA we were all immigrants once. Love your the idea of pen pals and would love to know how I could do that.
    Having a 4 mile uphill walk on a road my grandparents lived on in the 50s and 60s. This will involve cousins ranging from 63 to 69 years old (8 of us).

    1. Hi Lora

      Well I belong to a group for penpals, are you on Facebook? I could recommend you if you like. PM me and I will give you all the details.

      Wow .. what a lovely thing to do a 4 mile hike with cousins, all the fun and chatter along the way .. Let me know how it goes ..

      Sarah xx