Monday 16 April 2018

The slow stitching journey ....

By the breath of flowers
Thou callest us from city throngs and cares
Back to the woods, the birds, the mountain streams
That sing of thee! back to free childhoods heart
The Lillie's of the field with placid smile ...


Settling down in a comfy chair warm drink and the lights aglow. The Slow Stitching Journey has started on this new week ahead  and I am about to embark on some new designs.  My basket is ready with all that is needed and I have made it all cosy downstairs ready to start my day.  It is always exciting when things have been completed and then out with the design journal.

I am working on nature and flowers and leaves right now and its called Spring stitching to me, It has started and I can not wait for the weather to be warmer.  Nature is a wonderful thing and the garden and animals are bursting into life.

The gathering and the hunting have been done and of course at the weekend I managed to find some treasures .. Shocker! I hear you all cry at me!  Today I have to sort the photos ready to blog tomorrow about the weekend  of truffling and then later in the week I will do a show and tell as normal for you to see my treasures.

I would like to get my watercolours out today and have a little play as well with ideas and colours so the day stretches out before me and I am happy to be at home all day and able to work here in my Stitchery room.

Still no sign of my machine foot ... I am really hoping today it will come my Nonna used to say a ditty about patience..

Patience is a virtue

 catch it if you can
often found in woman
never found in man!

Today I am letting her down on that front, I really need to finish that needle keep for use and just
because its been hanging around for toooooooo long!! My husband says I have patience of a saint when it comes stitching and sketching but other things - not so much.  He believes I was the child at pre-school that tried to bang the heart shape into the round hole!! .. possibly I have to say he could be right!!

Later this week there could be stitching in the garden as the weather man says it is set to get to a dizzy 18 degrees ! so that will bring out the wild life and the smell of all the beautiful blossom on our trees that is bursting from buds to bloom... I dare say I might even see a bumble bee .. If it is so then I will, for sure, be in the garden and might take some photos because of the light that beams when the sun has his hat on ....

That will ruffle a few feathers know doubt as Miss Muddy Beak might object to me being on her patch later in the day! Or she might just be as tame as she was last year when at every opportunity I was stitching in the garden.  Mr Robin is very tame and come right up anyway and I can not see her
letting him get away with too much of that without her joining in ....

I may even get my design journal out as well as I have been playing around in my head with a new design.  It would be a little different for me but I feel it would be great if I could relay movement.  It is a ballet design and as you know I adore the ballet.  I am not sure which one to go and see this Summer but they should have a few at the Mayflower in Southampton that I would like to see, may be a Matthew Bourne one ... Red Shoes was amazing last year ...

So I need to get sketching and thinking and what better place than in the garden in the sunshine watching the birds and bees go about their busy day... I am hopeful as you can see, that maybe the weather forecast might be correct ....

First thing is first though I must sort through the photos from the weekend so that I can do a write up tomorrow of the fair.  It will be up with the larks that for sure.  The next one for me will be The Vintage Bazaar in Frome and it is a favourite of mine.  I am hopefully meeting some of you there and not only will treasure hunting be going on but later coffee and catch ups along with a ' what did you find?' and a quick show and tell between friends.

The Cheese and Grain where it is held in Frome has a wonderful cafe there so it is easy to pop in and out of the Bazaar.... I love this venue the best I have to say and of course Frome is one of my favourite places to be as you all know.  Of course then it will be practically May .. it does not seem possible but it would be nice to thaw out now.  I feel I have been so cold for months.  Which is true as
from when I got back from America last November I have not seemed to warm up!!

I can hear my Dad in my head again saying that if we have a very cold and snowy Winter it will kill off all the bugs out there and it will be a hot long Summer, I hope his words come to pass ...

Watching the Dandelion seeds floating around in the warm air is one of my favourite things to stare at in the garden on long warm sunny evenings and also eating our dinner of an evening out there is real joy ....

Well that is it for today, I must away and sort those photos as they will not sort themselves ...

Prepare for a long blog tomorrow with a warm drink ..

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hope you had a lovely day of sewing. Xxx

  2. That's me! Putting the heart shape in the round hole, and my husband says the same of me! I can embroider, stitch pretty things, but when it comes to sewing a button on............. No chance for at least a year!

    Julie xxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      Well would they ask Picasso to paint the front door!! -- its my answer!!

      Have a good day, hope you had a great Birthday.
      Sarah xxxxxx

  3. Can’t wait to get out the flip flops ......loveyour posts ...... can’t wait to spend time stitching xx

    1. Hello!
      Thank you I am so glad you enjoy reading the posts, makes it worth writing when I hear things like that.
      My flip flops are at the ready .. first sign of sign of warmth and they are on!
      Have a lovely time stitching! XX