Thursday 19 April 2018

Truffled goodies ....

Treasure everywhere! It was so hard
to choose .. and to remember to purchase1

Its a warm drink and cuddle up time, I am about to show you my truffled goodies that I found and purchased at the weekend.  In no particular order of purchase here we go ....

I was so busy on Saturday with two fairs that I really did not do lots of shopping at all.  When going through the photos that I took I was kicking myself for not picking some bits up.  It was so busy and I was taking photos and getting out of the way for others that I just forgot to shop!! I KNOW!

Anyway I still managed to get so lovely finds ....

Firstly look at the fabrics that I managed to purchase from Suitably Vintage in Chipping Norton.  As you will remember I was talking to Clare of Lou Lou Vintage at the same time and making plans for our get together this Summer here on the Jurassic Coast.  Plans were made and fabrics were bought along with photos taken as well ... It was a great use of time all round I think.

As you can see I bought a selection of gorgeous fabrics and also a piece of Toile de Jouy and I will be
able to cut out the different scenes and make them into pictures for our home.  I am over the moon with this piece and will attach them to vintage linen to border them and may embroider a few words who knows yet... a project for me later in the year.  Others to finish first!!

Then from Suzi of Hearts and Kisses I bought a dear little wall hanging of a saying that I love and attached to a spool of vintage thread and it now hangs in my sewing room.  I love to purchase others work as well as stitch my own ... It pleases me that I have several pieces of Suzi's work in our home.

Oyster Bridge does the ribbon words and I bought four and you can just see the little pile of
them that I have taken a photo of ... you will have to wait for the words!!  I like to use these in my photos.  I do calligraphy myself but I will not copy work so the way these are done with pieces of vintage fabrics as well, it suits my style and so I by direct from Kate a few times a year and also give her lists of ones to do for me and she sends them through the post .. happy days!

Gazehound Vintage at Midhurst Fair int he Square I bought these two books on birds eggs.  One is better than the other and one is to keep in tacked and the other will be used as paper ephemera for other mixed media projects.  I had been looking for some time and the other thing is a book on mushrooms but must be old not a new one ... Julia is keeping a look out for me !

The Country Brocante shop Midhurst proved to be a little gold mine with some gorgeous fabrics and ribbons from Velvet Ribbon and two small exquisite carved mother of pearl buttons ( dealer unknown) and some little cardboard letters to spell out two different words as well for when I take photos as much as anything else then they will be used in a mixed media piece I would imagine and behind glass for prosperity ....

And as you can see I was very restrained indeed.  I am going buying on Sunday at Cranborne vintage fair and will have my list of things that are needed.  I will take some photos as I go round as well but I am going to stop and chat and purchase on Sunday ... It promises to be lovely weather as well which will make it all the better to browse.  Also it is held at a garden centre and we are in need of two climbing roses and some other bits as well so we will be plant shopping too. Hopefully someone out there reading this will be heading to this wonderful event as well and if you do, be sure to say hello if you see me truffling about...

Miss Muddy Beak is very busy and I had not seen or heard much from her this last week and it is I think that her brood has hatched in our holly bush.  I am feeding her lots and she has gone very skinny with working so hard feeding her young.  I am cooking her bacon bits and purchasing mealy worms and crushed nuts as well as her seed.  All the bird baths are full of water daily and she does not have to go too far to be able to feed herself as well as look out for her young.  This time of year I put eggs out for the magpies so that they leave the nests alone .... It saves heartache ..

It is already Friday and it seems my foot for my sewing machine has gone astray and has to be looked for at the sorting office .. I am so miserable about it.  I ordered on line to save myself time from going to the sewing machine shop and in point of fact have saved no time at all with the phone calls and emails I have had to make.  Lesson learnt go to machine shop buy it or order it from there and pick it up... sorted!

Well I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather that has landed on our doorstep for a while and soon it will be May and my 'clouts' can be cast and the sewing outside can begin in earnest.  I am off to walk the beach later today and on Monday if it is still nice.  I want to go a beach combing .. its been far to long.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Gorgeous treasures! I hate buying online but I never seem to find the things I need in the shops around here. Enjoy your day xxx

    1. Morning Dawn
      Thank you they are lovely. Go to Etsy and Lou Lou Retro .. you will find gorgeous fabrics and Clare is also a friend. She buys gorgeous fabrics to sell.. Have a wonderful weekend!
      Sarah xxx

  2. Love the toile fabric too. Much warmer there. It has been 20s and 30s.Snow covering the ground. An extra long winter.

    1. Hi Lora
      Have you still got Snow? .. gosh a very long Winter for you.
      The Toile I loved with different pictures it was so lovely.. loved the chicken one best.

      Have a lovely weekend x

  3. What gorgeous goodies you truffled. Clearly you are a master at the multitasking! Those fabrics are divine. I love Suzihearts makes - I have a few wee pieces dotted around too. I am amazed at her imagination. How kind, on two counts to put eggs out for the magpies. We don't have magpies in SW Scotland - they are in the central belt, but don't seem to cross the border into Our county. the sun has at last arrived and I've had two super and very productive days in the garden. Mums garden tomorrow. I'm hoping the weaker holds. Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo

      I did multi task but boy it was not easy. I felt worn out and also did not see it all so from now on it is choice time. If there is two or more fairs on in one day then I have to choose which one to attend....

      I hope you have enjoyed this lovely weather and hope also you have enjoyed your garden. I hope your hens are enjoying the dry and warmth of the sun too.

      See you at the VB!!

      Sarah xxxx

  4. Sorry bit late......... Looks like you had a great time buying
    Beach combing sounds wonderful, something I did as a child in your neck of the woods must do it again one day.........

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes do come down to Southbourne and we can go beach combing together ... Then have a drink in the garden ..

      Sarah xxxxxx