Monday 9 April 2018

The story's contained & never told.

"There's always room for a story that can transport
 people to another place."
 --J.K. Rowling; 

There is a story in every weave and weft, a story that may never be told yet we can add to it with our tiny slow stitches.  We can add a date of the fabric and we can add our Century to those Centuries that have been and gone by adding and creating ..

I am passionate about a few things yet history and words are at the top of my loves, with any story there is always more to add - this, for me, is one of my passions and adding to a piece of faded beauty is like being a trustee in keeping things for further generations as well as keeping the history and time moving forward as well.

The vintage fair season now upon us and my diary is starting to fill up beautifully.  I am really looking forward to the whirl wind season and happily have three fairs to go to before the end of April is out.

I tell myself that I really do not need anything more to create but there will be gorgeous fabrics, buttons and threads yet to be discovered by myself and I will bring back vintage treasure no doubt and enjoy the truffling and hunt of the delicious goodies.  It also has a wonderful social side to these events, catching up with friends and like minded people... cooing over each others finds whilst have a coffee and catch up.  I am ready for Winter to stop now and the long warm Summer events to begin.

Last year after one such event we went across the road to a village pub with friends and shared a bottle of cold bubbles and chatted happily for an hour or so before heading our separate ways home again ..

Last week two gorgeous antique printer trays arrived at our door.  I had not bought them but had been
looking and hankering after some.  My lovely husband had found some and purchased them for me.  I was beyond happy and excited.

Another part of me is all about old paper and antique ephemera along with wax seals and hand stamping.  The two trays are being added to my wall in my stitching room and will display wooden hand stamps, seal stamps along with washi tape.

Not only do I love hand letter writing but all the stamps and seals are added to my mixed media pieces along with personal journals and family history writings.  If you use archive ink it is very safe to add to fabrics too.

The trays will not only visibly beautiful but it will be much handier that routing around in drawers and boxes to be able to find what I need to create.  When they are up I will take great pleasure in taking photos for you to look at.  It was my husbands Birthday at the weekend and I would not let him do any DIY for me: I just wanted him to rest and enjoy his weekend as he works so very hard and his hours of work are crazy and ridiculous right now.  The fact that his Birthday landed on a weekend was perfect this year and I made sure we made the most of him relaxing and having fun.

With the space being freed up in drawers by putting little bits on the printer trays - well the possibilities are endless as to what could go in them.

Whilst I am sat in my stitchery room looking out of the window the rain is softly falling and shows no sign of stopping today.  Our gardner has been planting for us over the last few weeks and we have had more foxgloves, lupins, lavenders, white bleeding hearts, wild daisies and climbing scented roses added to our borders ... and lots of other gorgeous things too.  I am trying to get a white and green garden with a little splash of colour thrown in here and there and this rain will do it all some good.

Miss Muddy Beak is busy about her daily business and again is having words with Mr Robin Redbreast - it seems she tells him off daily at the moment.  Today's beef seems to be that she feels he is on 'her' real estate and picking at her meal worms and bacon fat.  They are in full nesting mode now and the robins are nesting in our honeysuckle bush in our garden and Mr and Mrs Muddy Beak have moved in next door in the round holly bush.  Neighbours it seems yet it is getting territorial in the living space and words each morning at feed time are exchanged!!

They really make me laugh so much and keep me so amused and busy wondering about them and what they are up to.  Lots of scraps of much loved soft paisley scraps have been put out for them and I have to say collected too.  The next words will surely be about how well each of them have decorated and who in fact has the best nest in the neighbourhood ....

Today should see me finish my large needle case and I will take photos for you to see.  I just can not stop adding  and faffing at the moment but I must see it finished and in use so that I can go on to other projects that need to be started and completed.

Well that is it for me today and I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you back here tomorrow...

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Lovely post, Sarah! Glad Andrew had a good birthday! Xx

    1. Thank you Nadia and yes he watched the Grand Prix which is his favourite thing to do and we had lunch out together. He could rest.
      Glad you enjoyed the post.
      Sarah XX

  2. Can't wait to see your needlecase. Printer's trays are great, I have one on my sewing room wall full of little treasures, thimbles sit nicely as do tiny cotton reels and vintage needle packets.
    Hope your mum is brighter now? Xxx

    1. Hello Dawn
      Thank you yes Mum a little brighter it just goes up and down really.
      I am going to have my printers trays up tonight I hope so I will be able to fill them with my calligraphy and writing things ... so excited.
      Hoping to get my needle case finished and stop the faffing!

      Sarah xxx

  3. Ooooh, can't to see your beautiful sweet things displayed in you "new" printers trays

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie I am hoping tonight will be put them up night .. depend on what time my husband finishes work really.. I am very excited too!

      Sarah xxxxxx

  4. Fun month for you. Great to organize ourselves. Anxious to see your projects. I am off to a Qut Retreat today.

    1. Hi Lora

      Oh Quilt retreat how wonderful... You must tell me all about it I would love to hear.
      Hoping to get some finished projects done and photographed when the sun comes out this week .. Shhhh do not tell it or it will keep hiding!

      Sarah xx

  5. I Sarah, sounds like you've both had a grand weekend. Can't wait to see how you fill your printers tray and I hope that Andrew managed to get it hung for you. Be lively to see your finished needle case. I'm determined to get at least one flipping project of mine (hopefully two) completed this week. It's getting beyond the joke how far behind I am. I'm looking forward also to getting to a couple of vintage fairs this month. It will be wonderful to have a good rummage at them and meet like minded people - always inspiring. Well, hope the Robins and the Muddy-Beaks are getting on. Nothing like warring neighbours 😊. Love, Mo xxx

    1. Hello Mo
      Hope you are well. I can not wait for vintage fairs now. Had the one VB which was fabulous and now in need of more!
      My vocal neighbours have settled down a bit now.. the rain has dampened there spirit it seems! ..
      hope to see you at one of the fairs soon.
      Enjoy your sewing, it’s amazing isn’t it how time flys and how busy life is.
      Love Sarah xxxxxx🤗