Thursday 26 April 2018

A few little treasures that I truffled at Cranborne vintage fair .....

Treasures and Treats were all about us.
The smell of all the beautiful flowers too...
A truly delicious day ..

Well it was a lovely day at the Cranborne vintage fair and the weather was perfect.  It was so lovely to walk around feeling warm with the sun out.  We had an ice cream as well and so you can tell how warm and inviting the sun was last Sunday.

So what did I find ... well from Tilly- D I purchased the most gorgeous little French paisley quilt.  It is a lap quilt but will fit perfectly just over the bottom of our bed this Summer or maybe I will just drape it over my Lloyd Loom chair in our bedroom - who knows but this stunner had to come home with me, it had my name written all over it.  Jenny actually stroked it goodbye but said she was glad it was going to such a good home that would love it.. I have promised when she comes round for a coffee to get it out so she can have a cuddle up to it ....  

Also I purchased this beautiful antique lace collar from her as well it was such a gorgeous design and
it will probably be stitched on to something but not as a collar - as yet I am unsure but who knows we will wait and see..

Then she gave me this most lovely of books .. it has such gorgeous plates inside and is a Christmas book ( I know Christmas! but hey it was such a gorgeous and rare book)  So I think I might scan in the images to use.  I could not bare to actually break this little book apart....  We were chatting about the little book and as we were we were touching it, books are so tactile as is fabric .....

From Le Shed I bought this gorgeous little seed packets what wonder and delicious antique ephermera!  The lady said some people used them as book marks.  I am not sure quite what will happen to these and they may end up in a journal.  As you know I am mad on journaling and I also belong to pen pal group.  I know some of my pen pals would love one each ....

From The Dolls House I purchased a little book called Bunny's Friends.  It is a old child's
book that had seen better days as the spine was a bit broken but it suited me.  I have already de-constructed it to make a scrap journal and cut out the sketch drawings to use and the rest of the pages will get used for something.  The cardboard cover has now had its spine strengthened  and it will be covered in fabrics and decoupage along with me stitching my own pages back in that I will have made too.  So you see when I bought this dear little book I knew I was about to re
purpose it and make it useful again....

Then at the WVS Book shop I bought some really beautiful linens .  The Chinese one will stay as is and will grace our dinning room table when we do a Chinese evening.  I have never seem one of these before and I thought it was so pretty.  Then the other ones here in the lemon and white well they again are so beautiful and will probably either go to covering journals or indeed may even stay as is and grace our dinning room table in Spring times .... They are so soft and in such beautiful condition and I am thrilled with them.

The last purchases of the day were four climbing rose bushes and lots of shrubs and basket plants for this Summer for our garden .... I am so please with the roses as they are all white with one having a tinge of blush pink.  All of them are scented and all are old fashioned ones.... When the flowers come out later this year I will take some photos for you to have a look at.  I am hoping in the hot Summer that I have wished for the scent in our garden will be beautiful ...

I was fairly restrained again as you can see, unlike this Saturday at The Vintage Bazaar in Frome where I have already ordered some bits and I know that I will be in truffle heaven.  I have been saving my money for there and I am thoroughly looking forward to going.  I am meeting up with some friends for coffee there so I will see you there Mo and Jimmy and possibly Brenda too ....  Also yesterday I found out that another reader who has become a lovely friend will be attending so I will spot you there too Dawn ... its going to be a grand get together on Saturday...

The Vintage Bazaar brings lots of our friends together and it is one of the happiest and gorgeously friendly fairs on the Vintage Fair calendar and I am really looking forward to it...

In addition to the above I bought the most gorgeous Victorian letter clip from Ebay and it has arrived this week , unlike my quilting foot!! ahhhh do not get me started!
Anyway this beauty arrived and it is stunning and with lots of letter writing of late it will not only come in handy but it is a thing of beauty to behold in my humble opinion!

Well that is it for today and I am sorry I am later.  I am off to spend time with my Mum for a few hours this morning she has been a little down and we do not want that for her.  She can not explain why but I am sure she knows at some level she is in a care home.  It is a gorgeous care home but it is not home...... So cheering up day today for her.  The sun is out too.  There has been some prep going on this morning ..

Have a wonderful day today whatever you are up to and as always  .......         
Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hope your Mum will soon feel brighter Sarah.
    You've been buying some gorgeous things. Love the letter clip. I also love old fashioned roses or anything with roses on it. Peonies are also a favourite. Hope to see you soon xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Yes she is ok but there is a sadness to her and she said to me yesterday, dont loose me! I said never Mum I will always find you .... it broke my heart.

      Still it is what it is and me too roses and peonies .... See you at the VB.

      Sarah xxxx

  2. Gorgeous things. Love the Letter Clip

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie I am very pleased with my letter clip .. It is Victorian and they loved hands ....
      It is perfect in my writing corner.

      Have a lovely weekend.

      Sarah xxxxxxx

  3. Didn't you do well! All gorgeous things. I've not tried journaling at all, but today I actually bought a Nature Journal and so I'm going to give at a go. I totally agree about the VB. I just think it's the most welcoming and friendly fair. It's such a lovely size, not too crowded and being set in the town means you can wander about there and then come back. I'm so looking forward to seeing Frome as I've never been. If it's anything like Devizes I shall be in heaven. We're travelling down on Friday afternoon, so will only have about a 30 minute drive on the Saturday. I hope your mum settled - I'm sure you were a tonic. See you Saturday.
    Mo xxx

    1. Hello Mo

      I am so looking forward to seeing you and Jimmy, and safe travels.
      You will adore Frome it is just gorgeous and where we are looking to move near to.

      Mum was a bit sad and said about being lost .. it was heart breaking really. I cuddled her and she relaxed.
      It is a dreadful illness and pieces of her chip away weekly ...

      See you on Saturday .... coffee time!

      Sarah xxxx