Thursday 12 April 2018

Antique Printers Trays and other ramblings ....

“We are all living history, and it’s hard to say
 now what will be important in the future.
One thing’s certain, though: if we throw it away, it’s gone.” 
 Marilyn Johnson 

Can you believe that is Friday again and I am not sure where the week has gone.  Tomorrow I am off to a vintage fair, possibly two but will see.

I am going to pack my basket with list and my purse and get it all ready for the early off in the morning.  I am really excited to be going and must contain myself to be able to get some serious work done today as well.

Such fun was had  when I started putting all my bits into the Printers trays .. I could not decide and kept swapping it about.  I have settled for now on how it looks in the photos but feel I should swap it about and take out things and put in different on occasions so that it keeps looking beautiful and a lovely thing to feast the eyes on when I am in my sewing room. I still have some to sort today and I would like to finish sorting that and my sewing room today then start Monday in a clear and clean work space ... it is always good for me as when there is clutter my mind and thoughts become foggy.  As you can see,  my husband has put up my two large printers trays and I am getting things out and displaying them in there.  It seems to be getting worse before it is better with things everywhere!

I simply adore hand stamping and it is another way to bring some mixed media into a project with archive sepia ink and you can off course then stamp on to fabric.  I also stamp on to paper and stitch that on too if its to be framed.

I believe there is nothing that you can not use in your fabric art and the only thing that stops you putting it on clothes or quilts is the washing.  You then have to transfer the image onto fabric and stitch it on instead.  The ideas are only as few as your imagination ...

Now after long days my husband still put this up the other night as he said that we are off to Vintage fairs this weekend and he would not be able to do it then.  He felt they had sat in my sewing room for over a week and it was high time they were in place on the wall... I have to say I am thrilled but after a long long day I was worried how long it would take.  Andrew is a perfectionist and so out comes the large light up spirit level and and all sorts of things .... Then its would you like them apart or together.  If so apart would you like one higher than the other ... I went for together and side by side .. but still we did not get to bed until late ... bless him.  He could see my excited face and then had to coax me to actually go to bed and not start displaying there and then.... It is a work in progress that will continue today for me.

So this morning is about sorting out my stitching room and getting ready for the weekend of vintage fairs and fun.  This afternoon how ever is about hoping in the post the new foot for my sewing machine will arrive and I can then get the large needle keep finished... Then the new week ahead will be starting new projects.

I will of course take lots of photos for you so that you can have a peek at the fair or fairs .. it depends on the time we have.  Furthest away first and if we can the other on the way home for a couple of hours ....

I will be hunting and gathering at the weekend and I have got my design journal out at the ready this morning so later when I stop for a coffee break I can flip through and see what my next project might be.

Having a fare idea in my head but still a little look through will be good and it will be fun as well.  I can never just sit.  I have to be doing something else as well unless watching a film.  It needs to be a great film for me to stop getting up and doing other stuff as well ...

Something else on my list to do today is check on my flowers that are drying in my Little Women book on the mantle above the fire.  It has been so cold of late that the fire has been lit daily and only the last few days is it lit around 5pm instead of 9am... or before.  Well these warming conditions should have dried out my flowers beautifully and I will be excited to see how the snow drops have worked out ...

Then I can do a little verse or words with my glass calligraphy pen on some very old antique papers and put the snow drops on there too and put it in a glass frame and hang it.

The evenings are getting lighter and lighter and I feel less and less like hibernating  right now, still never say never.  The weather has been so unpredictable this year so far and I am waiting until the beginning of May before changing throws and quilts out of red mode to lighter Spring/Summer colours.... just in case, I am taking my late Dads advice about casting clouts before May ( He is in my thoughts a lot lately because next month, if he had still been alive, he would have turned 80 years old.  I can not imagine him at 80.  He  went to fly with the angels when he was only 60.  I hear things he would have said in my head and smile.... )

The flip flops are at the ready and I actually can not wait to get out of socks and boots. Although  I will still wear
them tomorrow though, just in case the weather gets chilly.  I hate wet cold tootsies!! and that would be another thing my Dad would have something to say about if I wore flip flops tomorrow!!!! ..

With my newly started wonderful display for my stamps for letter writing as well has for my fabric work I will be able to stand and just decide what I would like.  Exception being I have some rather large wooden hand rubber stamps so they will have to stay in a drawer, but will be easier with all the others gone to find what I am looking for.  Also when I am writing in my journals as well I like to embellish, I just love to make things pleasing to my eye as well as practical or functional.  Feeling very happy with the new found displays and so happy that my husband found them for me as well - lucky girl that I am.

Well it is time to feed those birdies, I have found feeding them a little later that Miss Muddy Beak and Mr Robin do not seem to argue so much or they are not speaking to one another at all now!!  I think they go out early foraging for worms and are not quiet as hungry so therefore its extras and they get a little less defensive of their patches and seem to share more, well for now any how.  Today I am not being watched by Magnus Magpie, or at least I can not see him,  honestly dangling from the guttering on the roof, I ask you!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here on Monday all being equal on the Mum front.  Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Have a wonderful time tomorrow. The printer tray display looks lovely

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      Thank you I am pleased with the printers trays and when I have finished it will look great I hope. Andrew did say ' wouldn't like to be you dusting that little lot!' ... he does not understand that dusting is a pain IF it is household, dusting treasure on the other hand is wonderful therapy for our souls... like ironing! Ironing pieces of gorgeous fabrics is so much better for the soul than shirts!!!
      We are looking forward to the Cotswolds tomorrow ... I love the drive ( being driven) and watching the world go by.

      Have a wonderful weekend yourself.

      Sarah xxxxxxx

  2. The trays look great Sarah. I've had mine ages now and still haven't filled it up! It is fun looking for tiny treasures to sit in it, I keep mine all vintage bits n bobs. It doesn't seem to get dusty. Xxx

    1. Morning Dawn
      I think because the spaces are set back, if you like it may not get too dusty. Fibres of fabric makes dust but hey I love them. It’s fun time today .. my stamps are fairly big so tiny holes maybe empty for some time..
      Have a wonderful weekend!
      Sarah xxx

  3. Enjoy the Fairs. Love the trays....vintage look.

    1. Hello Lora
      Thank you I love them .. they are 1940 trays 70 plus years old. I am having fun with them indeed.
      Looking forward to the fairs...
      Have a lovely weekend..

      Sarah x