Tuesday 1 May 2018

The wonderful Vintage Bazaar in Frome.

Fun. Laughter. Chatting. Treasure. Coffee & Cake!
What a wonderful day .....

As you all know I attended The Vintage Bazaar in Frome on Saturday, I had such a wonderful day.  It started fairly early in the morning to be there when the doors opened and we were not much far behind our time either.  The Dorset countryside is a picture right now with Cherry blossom trees both white and different pinks along side the lambs in the green fields and the bright yellow of the rapeseed... It is a beautiful journey and with my husband driving, well I get to look about happily along the way.  We make a coffee to take for our journey in these great travel mugs that keep it hot for hours and off we set....

When we got there my husband parked and we wandered in, I was going to be meeting a few people as well and there was lots of laughter, hugs and chatter.

The Cheese and Grain where the VB is held has a cafe inside as well so we were able to gather at a big table and have coffee and catch up with each other, as to what we had all been up to and of course what we all had in our purchase bags ... a little show and tell if you like.  I met up with Mo and Jimmy and it was such a wonderful hour, we were joined by Nicki and Sue from Vintage to Victorian fame as well, I had pre ordered some things from Sue so we had planned a meet up.  Then there was Jo and Andy and finally I met Dawn who is a reader on here.  We have been friend remotely for over a year now but it was the first time we had actually met in person and it was great.

Well the first person I actually saw at the fair was Liz of The Washerwoman fame as she is one of the organisers of this fair and her stall was just as you went through the doors, always lovely to see her and her lovely husband Jack.  We managed a little catch up but it was busy and so I went around trying to take photos and actually look to purchase this time!  because I knew there was going to be lots of seeing friends who I had not seen for a while ... Liz had the most beautiful stall with fabrics, ribbons, French goodies and all sorts of treasure.  I love that she always has little lamps on her stall it makes it so inviting and cosy...

Then I spied Belinda Sharples and her most wonderful stall with lots of little treasures laid
out.  It was perfect.  So many things to look at and I found something here off of my little list so I was more than happy.  It is always so beautiful and you just can not stop looking here...

The Blueberry Patch was there as well and I was able to say hello to Sarah and her husband we did see each other at the fair a few weeks ago, they were there to look and were not selling so we had a chance to really catch up there.  Sarah collects images of old and then prints them onto fabrics and makes cushions, hanging ornaments and brooches and such.  You may remember she made me so Autumn cushions a month or so ago ready for me later in
the year....

Then it was time to go and say hello to Clare of Daisy Darling and her beautiful daughters.  I
found them and I can always tell the stall as it is always but always so beautiful.  Clare is a very accomplished milliner as well as a talented fabric artist amongst other things and with all the beautiful things that were out and on offer I had to take photos quickly as people had started to circle her stall!!

All things vintage and beautiful had a beautiful array of eclectic goodies on show.  I found some fabulous fabric here.  It really looked pretty and it was a wonderful time truffling around here I can tell you, all the while bumping into friends.

It was getting lovely and busy now but still there was room to breathe which is a blessing.  The music was playing and chatter and laughter filled the air.  The atmosphere at a Vintage Bazaar is beautiful
and it is my must go to on my fair calender ....
Dorothy Stiven was the next stall that I came across that I could get to and that is when I bumped into Nicki and we were have a truffle about together here.

Blue Lias Vintage had some really pretty things to see and truffle through, I love a stall with lots on it and to be able to mooch about.  It is so beautifully set out but there is something about a good truffle and root that appeals to most of us ...

Then I came across the most breathtaking of stalls and I had never seen this lady and her husband before.  She had not done a fair for a few years due to some health problems but was back on the The Potting Shed is one to look out for...
curcuit and oh my oh my ... Well you will see from the photos.  With real apple blossom branches and flowers and tubs for the garden.  Stitchery bits and antique epherma it was a sight for sore eyes.  I spent a long time here chatting, taking photos and bought some bits as well.  I am not sure my photos do it justice .. stunning!

Then I came across Sallie Ead and I have not seen her in over a year I would think, she has been so busy and it was lovely to bump into her.  She had fabrics and French linens and it was such a big stall with lots to look through.  I was tempted at some sheets but I had bought 10 early this year and it is enough right now to work with .....

Elaine Kirsch was there too which was lovely, I had seen her at The Cranborne Vintage Fair
and if any of you are near Cranborne and go to the Garden Centre there, Elaine had stock in their Vintage Barn.... She may not always be there but you can purchase some of her beautiful treasures.

Emma of Little Wren Vintage was there and I had seen Emma at the Fair in the Square a few weeks previous but it was a happy surprise she was at Frome as well.  Always Emma has so much beautiful packs of quilt pieces... Also she makes some gorgeous cushions and we are the happy owners of several of her makes.  I also bumped into Clare of Lou Lou Vintage there too... it was a great meet up of fabulous friends ... all trying to peek at what each other had found!

Hellish Designs was right opposite Emma and always there are beautiful handmade lamp
shades and other gorgeous vintage goodies to be had here.  It is always so wonderfully set up and inviting.  It was difficult to take photos with hands coming into shot looking through but a managed a few snaps for you to see and get the general idea.

Jane of Kiss the Book was in attendance and I love books as you are all fully aware of by now.  Cute and beautiful bundles of antique books done up with vintage ribbon and of course her ephemera packs for paper crafting as well.  We were able to have a chat and she offered me one of her homemade cookies ... yes I accepted it was ginger cookie with a chocolate topping ... it really did not need to be thought about!! scrummy!!

Next I found Lois Kirsten and her wonderful stall.  So much to look at and see and so visibly
beautiful as  well.  Everyone makes such a great effort to make their stall look so beautiful.

Just take a look at the vintage glass and bottles, gorgeous china and enamelware ... such a feast for the senses ..

Maud of Beyond France was there and I had come across her earlier but could get no where near her at all as she was so busy.  Her linens are beautiful really lovely and the blue ones in particular.  When we move I am going to find Maud and give her a big order I can tell you.  I get some of her lovely sheets for table cloths as well and we have two of hers right now.

The Sewing Girl was there and tucked away in a corner I had missed her first time around but
luckily found her.  Always dressed for the part and looking amazing she was there and we were able to have a great little catch up.  It was lovely to see her and she made me laugh with a saying as well.. I had a fit of the laughs over it and that was the theme of the day really LAUGHTER!  so much and all whilst truffling for treasure!!

The last person that I managed to take some photos of was Hannah Whyman and always but always she has gorgeous vintage mother of pearl buttons so I was keen to take some photos whilst picking up bits at the same time.  We had a laugh about it.  I love a stall of haberdashery and I was able to truffle my way around it and snap at some photos for you to look at.  It was a wonderful day indeed and one of my most favourite and well organised fairs....

Just take a look at the lace and the buttons along with milliners flowers .. I mean I ask you!!

We had such a wonderful day at the VB with catching up with friends old and new.  Finding treasure and taking photos.  We love Frome as well so it was a great day.

We left the fair after saying our goodbyes and went and found a late lunch in the town. Then we had a wander around before heading off home through the beautiful countryside again.. truly a wonderful day.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed a little peek into the VB of Frome and they will be doing it all again on the 30th June at Frome again.  I will give out more details nearer the time but for now just pop it in your diary... this is a wonderful and worth while fair to visit.  Frome is gorgeous and there is lots to do and see .  Lovely cafes and restaurants to eat in and of course there is a cafe within The Cheese and Grain too.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that you have enjoyed your read today.  Miss Muddy Beak is making herself know out there in our garden and I have never filled up the bird feeders so much as I have in the last week.  They are all nesting and hungry .. so the little feathered lady has called and I am about to go out with her bacon bits... Miss Spoilt Muddy I should call her!  love her to bits though.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Beautiful images and write up as usual. Thank you so much! Just to add that the next VB is June the 30th, not 20th xxx

    1. You are welcome Liz, oh oops then I will change that now!
      See you soon.

      Sarah xxx

  2. Brilliant write up and photos Sarah. There was so much to take in that day that it is nice to see it all here and know the names of stallholders. My friends and I loved the Potting Shed stall, it was beautifully decorated and laid out. I keep wanting to buy vintage items for our garden but it isn't progressing very swiftly at the moment so unless something amazing is spotted I have to refrain.
    The Blueberry Patch stall was so attractive and colourful. Lovely couple running it.
    It was nice to see that the cafe in the Cheese and Grain was dog friendly. I now know that I can leave hubby and doggies there while I look around the fair. He seemed thrilled when I told him. Ha ha. I was missing my doggies ( and hubby of course) but when we had coffee and lunch at the Black Swan Arts cafe there were lots of doggies inside and out and I made a fuss of them all. Frome seems to like doggies.
    I've managed to persuade hubby to take me to the Country Brocante at Cowdray end of June.
    Hope to see you again on one of these fine days. Xxx

    1. Morning Dawn
      It was such a wonderful fair .. I too will be at Cowdray!!!! .. so maybe a coffee together the 6 of us! .. 2 of which would be Monty and Skye! ..
      Such beautiful stall the Potting shed I agree, it was such a feast for the eyes...
      There was so much to look at and the stalls were all so beautifully dressed ..

      We love Frome and it’s where we would like to settle ..
      Hope to see you in June.

      Sarah xxx

    2. Sounds lovely, see you there . Hope your dream of settling near Frome comes true xxx

    3. Oh me too! Dawn .. would be amazing xx

  3. What a chronicle of the bazaar....makes you feel like you were there. Beautiful pictures too. Sunshine and near 70 degrees for us here in New York state today.

    Love your descriptive reads Sarah!!

    1. Morning Lora
      Well I am so pleased you enjoyed the read and photos..
      it’s warmed up a little here but still a chill in the air along the Dorset coastline ..
      Have a great day!
      Sarah xx

  4. I so love your blog. Whenever it arrives in my inbox I can't wait to read it

    Irene xx

    1. Oh thank you Irene, that’s made my day!

      Sarah xx

  5. Rest write up Sarah. It was a fabulous day. I bought a few things, but sadly cannot recall all the stalls names. Your little synopsis has helped fill in a few blanks 😏. Having been to the Devizes one a few tims, it's interesting that there are a few different vendors - as well as some well loved ones who go to both. Looking forward to the next one in June. We are planning on tying that in with the Cowdry one. Hope the rest of your week is good. Mo xxxx

    1. Hello Mo!
      I am so pleased you enjoyed your read of the VB, it was a wonderful event. Yes liz try’s to mix up the stall holders so it’s a bit different each time..
      Have a lovely week and will see you in June ..
      Take care.
      Sarah xxxx

  6. That should read 'Great write up' 😂 This predictive text is a real pain... Mo x

    1. Oh do not get me started on predictive text!!! Lol
      Sarah xx

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