Friday 18 May 2018

Friday slow stitching and basket at the ready!

Wishing on a star to follow where you are.☆

Its the weekend again so soon, what a most beautiful week it has been too.  It has flown by and the weather has been a real treat indeed apart from one day (Wednesday)

Eridge Park tomorrow to The Decorative Living Fair so I have been busy sorting my basket ready to go.  I have my little list ( which generally gets over looked in all the excitement but I like to try and make an effort to be good at least)...  It will be a very early start and the weather looks good.  We take our cups of coffee in the car and of course the singing will start on the journey.  Not very early as I am not one for music too early as I like to just watch the trees, clouds and scenery.  The music is on but background.  It gets turned up for the cat choir that goes on with me and my husband singing away... but after we have sipped our coffee and woken up a bit more.

It is around 3 hours drive there and back again but we generally stop off and have our supper in a pub on the way home.  It will be a lovely day as there weather is going to be good and the setting is outstanding, We will be meeting up with friends and it is not only an amazing truffling ground but it is such a social event as well.

In my excitement and socialising I will endeavour to take lots of photos for you so that you may have a peek at the vintage fair and next week at some point I will have sorted them out and report back to you all.

Do you remember I picked up this piece of old quilt that had been cut to a star shape at The Dorset
Brocante over the bank holiday weekend?   I loved the old threads of time that trailed from it and also the colour.  The colour really is beautiful and such a summer kind of colour too.  I watch the stars at night and always look for the brightest one in the inky night sky.  This I always say is my gorgeous Dad and I wish upon on it.  Sometime impossible wishes like ' can you just make a quick phone call to me Daddy, I have so much to tell you and ask you' but hey a girl has got to try and believe in magic sometimes ...

Anyway I wanted to add to this most lovely piece of quilt, and of course words are so important to me. I am a bit of a wordsmith and so I was racking my little grey cells and thought of all sorts of things but ended up with the simple word 'WISHES'....

So with needle and thread I slow stitched in split stitch that on this lovely little star.... I did not want to cut of the threads of time that dangle from each side .. I then sat and looked at my wishing star and thought hmmm, it needs a little something else I think.

So I opened up my cupboard with all the little neat stacks of perfect ( to me) little pieces of antique quilt and starting truffling about in there.

I am quite sure that it was not dignified in the least but I had something in mind and it was only a tiny piece but I knew somewhere in there it was.... With a triumphant squeal I found what I was looking for and it was slightly bigger that I remembered ... I have another project that I am stitching and is in my project basket that I felt could use up more of this piece so out it came.

After putting the cupboard back to its former slightly organised self I snipped and cut and threaded a needle and stitched tiny stitches and this in place on the my wishes star.

This is the result and I am more that happy with it.  I decided to stitch the wishes in a cream hand dyed thread and the photo here does not do it justice but believe me it shines out here in the real light.  So I have taken a close up for you to see... although I think it will stand out more on the red background of this blog page.

As you can see from the photo above the dangling threads are there in all their wonderful historic self, timeworn, pre-loved, threads of time once more on show and once more very loved.  I am undecided whether to pop in into a hanging glass frame or indeed make it a wall hanging and at the moment the wall hanging idea is winning.  I shall pop it in a frame and look at it for a while and then decide.  The thing with a frame is that it does not get dusty at all and I am a little worried about munchers ... I will of course spray it with lavender water but I do not have to decided straight away.  I am all for some worn bits or holes of time but not muncher holes .. they do not appeal!

Well I have a basket of hand stitching that is sat looking at me and it is time for a another warm drink and some mango for my breakfast.... I have been working on a little something for a while now and would like to break the back of it somewhat.  I am hoping to get a little slow stitching done in the garden today and watch the birds and also see if Miss Muddy will appear closer to me and stay a while this time. (bacon bits and mealy worms on a tiny plate at the ready)

I hope that it is a wonderful weekend weather wise and of course it is The Royal Wedding tomorrow as well.  In my excitement of Erridge I nearly forgot..  I wish Harry and Megan all the happiness in the world and especially Prince Harry, the photos of him after he lost his mum still haunt me today and he has always seemed a little lost.  Not anymore, his soul mate has come along and his face has lit up with so much happiness once again. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone whatever you are doing and as always ...

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oh Sarah, your wishing star is magical. I liked the idea of it hanging but maybe you could have the best of both worlds if you could hang it in a box frame. Is Andrew good at making things? Maybe you could have one made especially for your star or some sort of repurposed vintage item turned into a box frame with wall fixings. Something to look out for this weekend at the fair.
    Enjoy your treasure hunting xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn, I am pleased with my wishing star.
      I have a beautiful hanger for it but as I said .. dust.
      Will be on the look out tomorrow to see what I can truffle! ..
      Hope you have a great weekend and that your ‘ gardener ‘ works hard!! 😂

      Sarah xxx

  2. Agree the star is darling. A wish upon a star weekend to be enjoyed around the world.
    Have a wonderful weekend Sarah!

    1. Thank you Lora, and have a wonderful weekend and do not forget to wish upon a star.. great start nights in your beautiful country..
      Sarah xx

  3. Your star is just perfect! I enjoy your telling us what your thinking and then doing on your projects as well as Life. Have fun "Truffling" tomorrow! This is my fun new word thanks to you!

    1. Thank you Marlynne .. I had a the best time truffling for goodies. I have taken photos and I will report on it sometime this week.

      I am so pleased you enjoy being here and reading about all my important little nothings and thank you I do love my wishing star

      Sarah XX