Tuesday 8 May 2018

Nature, textiles and slow stitching in the garden....

“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don't they should,
 for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.” 

Ray Bradbury    

Well dear readers what a wonderful long weekend we had here.  The weather is really incredible and set to last a little longer.  We were basking in 29 degrees yesterday and that is not a common number here in England.  When the sun shines here along the Dorset coast or the Dorset countryside it is literally breath taking.  The photos that I took I am so happy with.  Walking by streams and on tree lined Avenues .... by gorgeous thatched cottages and through beautiful little villages ...
We went to the Dorset Brocante on Sunday and it was really stunning, later in the week I will bring you the photos of the stalls... peacocks and a wonderful and fun ukulele band!  I am behind my time today as I have been sitting in the garden with a cafetiere of coffee and taking in the warmth and the bird song, I have had the company of Miss Muddy Beak who is becoming more and more loving and tame and I forgot the time .. sorry!

We were out and about and also dropped in to a street Brocante yesterday as well but I did not take photos as it really was a restful day and no phones, cameras kind of weekend.  It was just nice to
enjoy the weather, scenery and each others company.  I did take photos of of pretty places and trees though... it had to be done as it goes in my folder for reference and indeed to capture our moments together and were we love.  When we do sell and move on we have some great ideas of where we like and do not like now because of it ..

Nature and textiles has a true affinity and I have come away from this perfect weekend with ideas a plenty ..  I was so inspired this weekend and it was so lovely to just relax.  I bought some gorgeous textiles at The Larmer tree and some pretty flowers for the garden that I have put in large enamel jugs by our table and chairs ( lilacs!)  also I went cutting cow parsley on the hedge row.  It is OK as it is classed as a weed but oh boy is it beautiful and I have a large jug of that too to add to our containers around our table and chairs ...

The weather has been so good we have eaten our supper each night in the garden and sat sipping wine, much to the curiosity of Miss Muddy Beak and Mr Robin ... both are fairly tame and come up to say hello and see what was on offer for them.  The chuckle brothers ( magpies) were more than happy with steak trimmings and there was treats for all, including us.  There fresh water was filled up several times a day and bath times have been amazing to watch!  Bees busy collecting nectar from flower after flower and butterflies are back already this early on.. Last year you may remember me saying that I had not seen one and was a little worried and that was later in June.

I am loving this little summer spell although later in week its going a little colder.  It will feel cold at 18 degrees after the high twenties we have been basking in.  We stayed away from the beach because it would have been packed and to see some poor souls walk back and looked like boiled lobsters! I am sure they are suffering badly today.

Today is a bits and bobs day I have some errands to run and then I will settle in the garden with my stitching at the table and that is where I am spending the day.. only popping in and out to put washing on ...

It is hard to get back in the swing here today, my husband has gone off to work and I miss his company and our laughter, I could have done with one more day, then one more and so on..... All good things and all that.  He tells me though he is actually coming home early today and we are going to have our supper in the garden again because it is forecast that today is the last of the truly hot days and they bring the warm beautiful evenings.  We can smell the sea from our garden on day like these that beautiful sea smell mingled with the flower scents is something you can not capture but you need to soak it up when you can....

I need to take photos of all my plunder that I bought at the weekend as well including the most beautiful bowl.. it was in a shop and not antique but I fell for it and now it sits on the dresser with another purchase I bought with it ... again some photo taking has to be done.

There was some wonderful quilt pieces and I could see designs in them when I was looking at them so that will be fun today in the garden I will see if I can take some photos there.  I love the sun but if it is in the photo you can not see the object it is just a haze blob.. so we will see.  It gives me an excuse to play with all the fabrics for longer though.  Also the birds like and threads or bits of fabrics
that I collect for their nest.  Miss Muddy is all for changing her decore! any time there is some paisley or eiderdown fabric to be had she is like an olympic flyer!!!  in there first and tells other off.

Well that is it for today I am afraid there is so much to tell and show you later in the week.  I will be back here on Thursday as tomorrow is Wednesday and I am meeting my sister then to go to my Dads graveside... tomorrow would have been his 80th Birthday and we can not imagine him at that age.  He was only 60 when he died.  We miss his love and laughter and joy of the world and all weekend he was with me in my thoughts because he would have loved what we were doing.... So its a special time for us to take gorgeous flowers and talk to him ...

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather....

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. The weather was wonderful over the weekend. Saw pictures of Bournemouth beach on the national news over the weekend. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend too

    Julie xxxxx

    1. It was a wonderful weekend thoroughly enjoyed it Julie, hope you did too. Xxxxxxx

  2. I love the bee quote. We'll have to wait until one lands on our nose to find out!!!
    You sound very relaxed and dreamy today. The warmth of the weekend and extra time with hubby has done you good. I always avoid the beach on hot days, I prefer the peaceful shade of trees to a busy beach.
    Looking forward to seeing the treasures from the Larmer Tree. It's a beautiful place. I wonder what the bowl looks like? Interesting!
    My Dad was 78 when he died, just over ten years ago. He was very kind and gentle. I think we are both Daddy's girls, which isn't to say that I didn't love my mum, I truly did. I've noticed that in recent photos I've started to look more like my mum.
    It must have been hard to lose your Dad when he was only 60, my brother was 58 when he died and I'm so grateful that my parents never lived to see it as it would have killed them. I don't know how I survived it all. I will think of you tomorrow x

    I like to think of your garden birds with their paisley nests. Have you thought of combining a drawing of birds and nests with real scraps of paisley? The red and pink paisley would look great against the grey pencil or grey thread even.
    Love Dawn xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Yes a Daddy ‘s girl indeed! .. oh my heart goes out to you loosing both parents and your brother I really can not imagine ... πŸ’•
      It was an amazing weekend thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.. we love the beach in the evening of a hot day. The boards have gone to nurse their sunburn and we walk down with our cooler box of cold wine, bread and cheese and a chair each. Have a paddle and sit with our feet buried in warm sand. Eat our supper and watch the sunset...
      will take photos of goodies and my bowl!!!!
      Yes have sketched a nest and bird.. paisley would be a great idea .. stitched I think .. will need to think how best it would look ..thank you for your idea. Will talk it over with Miss Muddy πŸ˜€

      Take Care Sarah xxx

    2. Ops it should say HOARDS not boards! Predictive text .. got to love it.
      On my phone in the garden stitching! πŸ€ͺ

  3. I thought you meant surfers! 🀣🀣🀣
    Enjoy your stitching.
    If Miss Muddy Beak replies to you please do let me know πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  4. Love the bee quote too.🐝🐝
    Always vividly described...cow parsley is what is in the fields of yellow?
    We are having weather in the 70s here...so welcome!
    My Dad was born in 1925 and would have been 93 this year. He will be gone 20 years in December.
    Have a good day....love your reads.

    1. Hello Lora
      No the yellow in the fields is rapeseed .. cow parsley is white ..
      Oh loosing our parents is horrid isn’t it ..
      Take care and have a good day xx

  5. I am somewhat envious - we had a couple of really warm days of about 20 and then a swift return to clouds and low temperatures and rain rain rain. However we grab what we can.... dads are quite special aren't they. I think about mine every day and was lucky enough to have him until I was 50 - he died in 2010 aged 76. My sister was only 36 and that's young I think to lose a parent. Mo xxxx

    1. Hello Mo

      Yes I agree as I was on early thirties when I lost my Dad and my sister was late twenties. We were shell shocked....
      I hope your weather is improving. We are still having warm days but not like the Bank Holiday weekend. We were basking in 29/30 degrees ... amazing.

      Hope you are well Mo ...

      Love Sarah xxxxx