Thursday 17 May 2018

Needle Keep ....and stitch talk.

Make beautiful things that please you, one
tiny slow stitch at a time.....

As I sit here and type this blog I am looking at the sunny morning outside.  That is a difference to yesterday.  It was cold and windy and raining.  I did not start the day like it. as it was sunny as well and our gardener came and was actually here four hours yesterday.  Within that four hours however the weather changed.  At one point it had a down pour and I stood under our large umbrella with him and we had a warm drink together and discussed the garden and animals as we like to do.  He has a huge love of them as well and will take a photo of something I may like and send it to me, even when he is not here working.  It can be anywhere he is or where he might be working...

So yesterday was not as planned, I did not get to stitch in the garden at all.  So it was almost back to Winter.  However I actually sat at our kitchen table and stitched and watched the rain fall and the trees sway from side to side and the heating went back on.  I almost lit a open fire I can tell you.  Our heat will be back next week thank goodness and the temperature is going up again daily.

However I have finished my needle keep, yes I have my quilting foot and off I went but first there pre-loved and the history within makes me smile.  Once this piece of patchwork was part of a large quilt and the scraps that made up that quilt were once dresses and shirts.  It was well used and well loved until it became not fit for purpose.  Then it was cut up into little bits of which I bought two.   One of those bits is now the cover for my needle keep and I have added to its story.
was some hand stitching to finish.  I stitched on some old lace to the old quilt cover.  There are wear holes and actually a few holes in it which I simply adore.  Its timeworn and

So as I said I have added some very old lace bits and some old beautiful ribbon and some vintage carved mother of pearl buttons.   I have stitched in the felt pages, which if you remember I had hand embroidered with things like Pins. Embroidery needles etc and there was some buttons stitched inside as well and a tiny beautiful shell.  I have started to to fill it up with the things that I would like in it.

There is a tiny bit of faffing to do and so today I will show you some pictures but I am going to try and make a little video of me turning the pages and put it on here for you to see when the faffing is finished. I need to press it a little but not lots, I love the wainy edges of it and have kept the piece of old quilt as is, I did not straighten the edges at all.  I had to machine around the outside of it as it really was kind of layering away and it would have just opened up and fallen apart so I had to do that.  I kind of like the look of it with little bits of tatty edges .... it is so me and I did not want to change it or cut any off for the bin .. well it would have gone to Miss Muddy Beak but I just wanted this piece that had already lost lots of itself to stay whole....

As you can see I hand stitched on a S monogram as well and gave it a jaunty tilt to cover a large hole that may have just got so much bigger that it would have torn it all apart.. other than that it is the same piece that does not have equal sides but I love it.. It is like buying not perfect vegetables, I love this idea.  Who wants everything 'perfect' .. what is perfect anyway.  I like different personally and I am in love with my needle keep.  It is fairly large and so tactile.  I keep doing up the ribbon in a bow and undoing it ... the fabric is soft from the timeworn years and it will be used all the time.

Today I am going to see my Mum as it is the day when I meet my sister there and we spend a few hours together.  I am going to take it in to show her anyway.  I show her what I make and any photos that she can look at.  I have made what I call my grab bag but in reality it is a great on the go stitching
case.... I say made it still has a few adjustments ...

It is lovely blue sky today and very few clouds, what clouds there are are little fluffy white ones and not like yesterday.  Yesterday I thought of my Mums Dad.  My Grandad would look at a sky with dark clouds and hardly and blue sky and say ..' not enough blue to make a sailor a shirt' ... It popped in my head from no where at all and made me smile.

So this morning before I leave for my mum the faffing of this dear needle keep will begin.  Filling it with pins and needles and other bits along with some French Knots that I would like to add into it... I know!  The thing is it is still speaking to me.  You know my saying let your work speak for itself and it is still to me..... Not much just a few little tiny stitches...

Well that is it for today and I hope that when I get home I am able to make a little video of this dear needle keep as it will have finally whispered its last instructions to me and will be happy with its own appearance .. I am already smitten.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that the weather stays lovely where you are.  The birds are making a din out side and I believe it is the baby starlings having a bath....

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. It wasn't nice yesterday at all was it. I was once told the air smells earthy if we are going to have a storm and its true I smelt the air when a storm was due and it did smell earthy.

    Your needle keep looks wonderful

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      Yes that’s true! I had never thought about it before! .. indeed it does smell earthy!
      Thank you I love my needle keep and I have a page in it that has the word ‘ stuff’ embroidered on it! .. sometimes stuff is needed or collected...

      Hope today the sun is shining for you.

      Take Care
      Sarah xxxxxxxx

  2. It's really gorgeous and all the more gorgeous for the imperfections. I love the colour of the patchwork. The buttons look so pretty. It really is a timeworn treasure and I think you will be so pleased with it every time you use it. Look forward to the video.

    Love your Grandad's saying, I've never heard that one and I know so many that my parents and grandparents would' If wishes were horses then beggars would ride' ' This won't buy the baby a new bonnet' and quite a few others that always pop into my head and give me pleasure to say at certain's a lovely connection to them and the past.

    My 'gardener' aka hubby is threatening to start work on our garden this weekend, I'm going to help him by keeping out of his way and watching the Royal Wedding 😂😂😂👰🍰
    Have a good day with your mum and sister xxx

    1. Morning lovely lady

      Thank you, I love my needle keep and eventually today the 'faffing' will have to stop. I have not made a video before only taken them of other things so not sure how it will work but will give it a honest go.

      Indeed you are right that the connection to our ancestors is kept alive with them being in our thoughts and of course using their sayings from time to time.... It brings them back to us for a moment in time.

      I presume that Monty and Skye are going to help your 'gardner' and watch the wedding with you as well.. LOL

      Have a wonderful day, and thank you I am looking forward to going to see Mum today. This week I have been so busy it is the first visit.

      Sarah xxx

  3. Good your needle keep. Special and customized. One of a kind!!

    I heard an older neighbor lady say about an overcast day...."If there is enough blue in the sky to mend a Dutchman's britches it will clear off."

    Enjoy the day...the garden...stitching..your Mom and sister. Blessed!!

  4. Hi Lora

    Thank you! I do love my raggedy anne keepsake. Trying to preserve that piece of quilt history. Some may find the need to straighten it up, make each side fit perfectly but us Vintage loving slow stitchers we get it don’t we!
    Thank you for your kind words. Mum unfortunately was not good at all today but I was with her most of it.
    Enjoy your day.

    Sarah xx