Monday 21 May 2018

Miss Muddy beak, me and other important nothings ....

I value my garden more for being full
 of blackbirds than of cherries, and very
  frankly give them the fruit for their songs....

Joseph Addison

The weather has been beautiful and as you all know my new office/stitching place is in our garden.  It is really beautiful outside on our comfy chairs and with the table it is perfect for sewing and being one with nature.  If it is too windy then I can not because things blow around off of the table around the garden with me high tailing it after them.  If you remember Miss Muddy Beak watched with some amusement last summer with me chasing some paisley and I am almost sure she was thinking that it looked like a good amount to line her nest with and was going to see if I was quick enough.

Well anyway she is getting more and more friendly and I simply adore this little lady.  I worry about her if I do not see her and goodness knows if something did happen to her it would break my heart.  We have spent a good 4 years or more getting to where we are today and she is becoming so very tame with me.  I always talk to her gently and she gets, I think, that no harm will befall her in my company.

Well on Sunday I went out in the garden and did some stitching, and it was just me out there and I
could feel something by my leg.  Now how I did not jump because normally I am up and hopping about like a wild cat as I always but always think it is an arachnid and you know how I love them! but it felt a little different and I looked down and there she was eating a nut by me.... she actually did not fly away when I gently picked up my phone to snap a photo... here she is with her beautiful yellow beak and her slightly white feathers on one side of her. She is a dear little lady and she would be my only regret on leaving here and moving on to pastures new.

I am hoping that today she will be my stitching companion again and I have got a little tiny saucer of bacon bits and mealy worms for her pleasure.

On the matter of the weekend well we went to Eridge and I had the most lovely of days.  This particular vintage fair is one of the best on the circuit it really is and the views at Eridge are breathtaking.  If you love vintage and nature this is the show for you if you can only attend one a year.  I will tell you all about it later in the week.  I must sort the photos out and do this before our lovely friend arrives here for a week of fun,laughter, high jinks and shenanigans!

It is lovely because he loves laying in the sun so he can do that whilst I sit and stitch, not sure I will see the above little lady that near then as she really only comes this close when its just me.  I shall get a telling off from her.  She has this excited high pitched chirp when she is not amused as Mr Robin
will bare testament to!

My basket of slow stitching has been sorted and I have it waiting for me to go outside with.  Before I start work today however I am going to have breakfast in the garden with a coffee and watch the baby birds for 20 minutes.  It is so pleasurable and I feel that we do not get to see this kind of thing daily.

Today the weather promises to be full sun and not a cloud in the sky with a temperature of around 22 degrees.  I will have to fill the bird baths several times today as the little baby starlings love bath time and all crowd in there together and the spray goes everywhere, it is a delight to watch and makes me laugh.  Miss Muddy looks on from the vantage point of our shed roof generally.  I have not seen any of her babies yet and not sure why.  I do however think she was later in nesting so we will see.

So today I have my basket of stitching at the ready and of course my little ideas journal as well and a pen and pencil at the ready.  My phone with the camera on standby just in case there are baby birds or some such in the garden for me to snap at.

Mum is under the weather again with yet another infection and to cut a long story short I had her doctors changed last week.  I phoned her old doctor and spoke to him for advice, he is the nicest man truly and has put us on to another surgery and the care home have changed her ... this week she will under go proper tests for full blood and urine because something is not quite right and I want her
checked out properly and not just given antibiotics willy nilly .....

I have been playing around with something for a while now and its taken some planning because it was not something that I could just stitch.  I have been planning it since last year in fact but it keeps getting put aside.  Last week I really did some hours on it and so today that is what I would like to work on.  I would like to see it finished by next week if possible.  Then on to another project that I would like to stitch as well.

The sun is out and there is not a cloud in the sky, the day stretches before me and I am hopeful for a peaceful day outside stitching...

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds like a fun day!!

    You absolutely have to be your Mother's advocate!!

    Miss Muddy Beak is well cared for.

    Enjoy the beautiful day. The Royal Wedding was beautiful!!

    1. Morning Lora

      Yes the Royal wedding was lovely and the now Duchess of Sussex looked stunning .. good moral for England and a most gorgeous of sunny days.

      Enjoy your day too, on the case for Mum!
      Sarah xx

  2. Hope your mum's new tests will help you to find the right medication for her. It is always a battle to get any action when it comes to the health of the elderly...seems to me, anyway.
    Eridge sounds lovely.
    Not enjoying all the pussycat vs birds comments, sad fact of their nature.
    Monty and Skye would be quite happy to chase all the pussycats away. 🤣
    Enjoy your stitching xxx

    1. Hello Dawn

      No me also I am so sad by the way cats feel the need to hunt, enough said. It upsets me that I can not think straight.

      Eridge was amazing and I hope you will enjoy the look around on Thursday. Hope skye and Monty had a lovely weekend and that you enjoyed the Wedding ..


      Sarah xxx

  3. Thank you for inviting me into your garden, Sarah. :-) Delightful visit!

    1. Hello Diane!

      Well it is a pleasure and I am glad that you have enjoyed it. The photos and write up of Eridge will be here on Thursday so do come back. Their back garden ( she says with tonque in cheek ) is spectacular ..

      Sarah xx

  4. You, in your minds eye somehow knew it was Miss Muddy Beak.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hello Julie .. yes I think I did you are probably right as you know normally I would be up and hopping about like a mad thing....

      Sarah xxxxxxx