Thursday 31 May 2018

A catch up and Grace Decorative opening!

Rare and beautiful vintage items
A gorgeous town in Wiltshire
and a wonderful shop opening! 

Hoping that you all had a wonderful Bank Holiday I know we did with our wonderful friend from Devon, it was gorgeous weather here and a care free few days.

I am sorry that I was not back here on Tuesday but my Mum unfortunately is not well and we have had all sorts of trouble with her now past tense doctors!!! ..  My sister and I insisted on her moving practises and this time she is getting proper treatment.  It has been a nightmare! Sleepless nights and worry but we are now on the road to Mum being sorted.  Her lovely care home has helped every step of the way and they agreed that we needed for mum to be changed over and to the tests that we asked for are being sorted.  My worry this week is how she will react to a blood test.  ... So do forgive my tardiness this week.  More about this tomorrow ...

Anyway today I would like to introduce you to a lovely couple who are opening their vintage shop this Saturday in Warminster.

Grace Decorative

The address is 9 Chinns Court, Market Place, Warminster BA12 9AN

Teresa and David Wilkinson (the partners of Grace Decorative) have been buying and selling antiques for over 30 years ... This is what Teresa has told me:

Their new venture is a lifestyle antiques shop, with items
for the home and the individual.

Stocking a range of predominantly French and Italian antiques (19th Century) you will
find glamorous (think Versailles) high quality and some quirky pieces.
There are also some English pieces including an up cycled Pharmacy cabinet and an
Edwardian lady's writing desk.

In addition to furniture there are decorative items for the home, including mirrors,
paintings, sconces and garden objects.

For those who love Brocante, antique mannequins wearing antique lace look down on you. Vintage clothing for ladies ( including some wedding dresses) is also available.

The store will offer Nancy Meiland Parfums. Nancy is an English parfumier and trained nose who shaped her career designing signature scents for those coveting something highly individual and special, sourcing and blending exceptional raw materials from around the world. The collection comprises four exquisitely contemporary and unique scents, each as wearable by men and by women.

There is also a selection of carefully chosen greetings cards and gifts hand crafted from antique and vintage fabrics.

Opening on the 2nd June, this is a store to visit.  Opening hours are 10am-5pm Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, and on other days by appointment.

So the opening is this Saturday on the 2nd of June at 10am and there will be lots to see and do.  Warminster is a beautiful town and there is plenty of great little cafes and restaurants as well.  There is also other vintage shops as well so it will be a great day out for any of you that can make this very special event.  Teresa and David are wonderful people and I wish them every success in this very exciting venture.  Teresa has an eye for outstanding, rare and beautiful items and as you can see she has sent me a few photos from her shop for you all to have a preview.  All of the images on this blog post are from Teresa and Davids shop and we are lucky enough to be the first to see some of the gorgeous things on offer there.

I often see Teresa and David at most of the vintage fairs that I attend, either as visitors or indeed with a a beautifully set out stall.  As you may recall from the photos last week they were at The Decorative
Living Fair with some incredible jewellery on offer.  Teresa has an eye for delicate and beautiful pieces.

I am hoping to be there myself on Saturday and so if you see me then please say hello.

The weather has turned a little strange here on the South Coast of England, it is still high temperatures with some rain and mist and very humid.  We here keep being told we will have thunder but as yet it has not made its self present.  The thing is we need it to break this not too pleasant humidity.  Hot weather yes please with sunny days and sea breeze but this at the moment is breathless weather and no sun to be seen.

The birds in our garden are loving the bathing in the the two bird baths we have and even a seagull was in there this morning and was so funny as it was so large I am still not sure how the poor thing managed it.  It also had a big drink of the fresh water that I put out there.  I am putting out less food right now as they are getting a little picky it seems and so I am letting them get their natural food as the babies are growing and flying about and there fore the mumma and papa's have more time to dig about.  Miss Muddy Beak had a muddy beak again yesterday and it was lovely to see.  It is, after all, how she got her name.

Well that is is for today and I will be back here tomorrow with a catch up again and hoping to get
some stitching done today as well. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and I will leave you with some more photos from Grace Decorative that Teresa kindly sent to me for you all to look at.

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX

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  1. Do hope things will improve for your mum now.
    The wording has become elongated on your blog, did you copy and paste it? You might need to paste it into word before pasting it into your blog....I'm not sure really but I know I have had this happen to me before now.
    The shop has some beautiful objects.
    I hope they make a big success of it.

    1. Morning Dawn

      Yes things should improve for mum now, she has been so very poorly and to be blunt the last GP's were in my opinion negligent.

      Still it is sorted. Yes I copied and pasted Teresa's own words and it is a bit weird ... it is black and with a large sort of space each side.... will see what can be done later.

      The shop is going to be wonderful and not too far from you me thinks. There is also Number 10 in Warminster and sells vintage items including eiderdowns ...

      I am hoping to get to the opening and wish Teresa and David luck as well.

      The photos are just a taste and I am sure it will be absolutely stunning in there.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


      Sarah xxx

  2. Good morning hoping things are resolved for your Mom and she is in better hands.

    Thank you for showing glimpses of new shop. Such fun and so many vintage items!! ❤❤

    Some wind and 70/80s F today...enjoy being outside. Loved your read Sarah!!

    1. Morning Lora
      Thank you, I fell better knowing Mum is no better GP hands too. Hoping now she will be better in herself than she has of late.
      Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you enjoy reading my blog.
      I am having a slow stitch few days .. bliss

      Sarah xx

  3. Hope your mum is sorted soon. I know what you mean about doctors - I will email one day about it, not suitable for here

    Good luck to your fiends their new shop

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes please, email me. I would be interested in how you are finding it all with Doctors.

      Sarah xxxxxx