Friday 1 June 2018

Stitching and Design Day

Your calm mind is the ultimate
 weapon against your challenges.
And to calm my mind I need to
slow stitch and watch nature....

I can not believe that the long weekend is over now and we had such a wonderful time.  The weather was magnificent and what laughter and fun we had the three of us.  Our friend went back to Devon on Tuesday morning but we will see him again in June as he is returning here for a long weekend, then we will be going to him in July to do the same.  We always see each other most months as we are the very greatest of friends and have such a great time.  He is also a chef and when we go there I do not have to lift a utensil, although sometimes I do help whilst sipping a cold wine ... well it has to be done.

Now though it is the end of my short week and I have some serious stitching to do and some new designs that I would like to start as well.  It is a lovely day it seems today so I will be sat in the garden and designing as well. .  I  miss the chatter and the laughter though... but Miss Muddy Beak will be pleased.  She has looked on with some un amused face pulling at her human mum, who is normally calm and quiet and there she is with her stitching and tears of laughter rolling down her cheeks.  Miss Muddy is not happy with me but I am sure when I get her bowl of bacon and mealy worms I will be totally forgiven....

As you now know from yesterday we have had trouble with the GP that was looking after her in theAltziemers and well, they can wait its not urgent attitude!!  Today is trying to get a blood sample and it could be challenging but I have every confidence in the new doctor, because simply my Mums old GP helped me to find another practice after the one that she was put under when she went into care was quiet frankly dreadful!
care home.  In desperation I phoned her old GP who was a blessing a true and wonderful man who was able to direct me to what was needed for her.  Unfortunately mum does now not come under his radius of being able to have her at that surgery but I can now tell you she is at a surgery that cares and does not see her as a group of people in a care home with

The wonderful few days I had with our friend and the laughter and relaxation went right out of the window when all this happened but calm and peace has been restored here now and I am happy with the care that her new GP is giving her to see why she has infection after infection and is testing her not just throwing antibiotic after antibiotic at my poor mums immune system.

So today is me catching up and doing some slow stitching and breathing in the summer air and watching the very funny baby birds in our garden.  Some are very tame, as they know no fear at the moment.  They are fluffy and cute.  When I put out mealy worms they chirp and chatter and then either mum or dad comes along and pops one in their beak... it is so cute.  They can fly very well now too.... I think soon they will have to pick it up off the ground for themselves.  I am giving less food and so they will be able to start to muddy their beaks for their natural food and also because they are getting a little picky and that will never do....

I am looking forward to the weekend to catch my breath and get myself sorted a little.  I feel like I am whirling about and not actually getting very far.  This morning early I sorted my work basket and made sure everything was there,  threaded some needles and generally faffed about.  I have my ideas journal and I am ready to sit in the garden for a while.  I am hoping that the sun that is peeping out behind some cloud will stay for a while and that I can sit and listen to the bird song and take in the scent of the summer garden after the rain ....

It is now June!! and really I can not understand where May went.. the scary thing is that this month signifies half of 2018 has gone already and it is a blur as to where it has gone.  Some serious head down stitching needs to be done in the next two weeks and that is what I am going to do.

I am wishing I had some of Beatrix Potters little mice helpers to get some tiny stitches done with me but alas! ..

It is a new month and a new start, Mum is getting excellent care and I am having a few days to gather my thoughts and to sew.  I would like to get some bits finished and something new started so that is my aim today.  Also the design journal is coming out and I will be doodling about for my next design and idea.

We planted four climbing roses if you remember.  We bought them in April and my have they grown and have lots of buds on them that are just about to open.  All four are to cover a piece of trellis that is in our garden and they are all scented as well.  They have grown about  foot so far and have had to be loosely tied to the trellis to train them.  I can not wait to take in their heady scent on a warm evening.  In addition we have put out some gorgeous fairy lights that are mains connected and they light up our cosy seating area so beautifully.  We found some add on lights so you can buy another set and plug them into each other and keep going.  We have three sets and it looks really pretty.  On hot summer evenings it will be wonderful and on rather dull days it will help with my stitching!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and the sun shines for you wherever you are and as always
Happy Stitching! XX


  1. You now sound very contented with your mum. Glad the doctor is sorted.

    I'm sure Mrs Muddy Beak will forgive you

    Julie xxxx

    1. Hello Julie

      Miss Muddy did forgive me but its pure cupboard love ... lol

      Yes everything is a little better today and so that makes me feel more secure and happy with her situation.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend Julie.

      Sarah xxxx

  2. It's very tiring when you have to fight for the care that your loved one deserves, been through it too many times.
    It's very misty here and the forecast is for rain today but a fantastic weekend ahead which is good for us as hubby is tackling The Somme aka the back garden. We also have a little doggy friend coming to stay, Riley, a King Charles spaniel. We will have to be on our best behaviour with 'royalty' in the house!!!
    I'm hoping to finish sewing a gift for a friend who lost her daughter over a year ago but who is struggling with grief. I have found that it takes over two years to learn to live with grief, it never goes away, it is a constant companion then through the rest of your life. I'm making a keepsake with her daughter's photo printed onto some fabric and then made into a scented sachet filled with dried rose petals. I thought she could keep it under her pillow and kiss it goodnight on nights when the loss is unbearable.
    The rose trellis sounds lovely, I do love roses and peonies.
    Enjoy your sewing Sarah xxx

    1. Hello Dawn

      Yes indeed the fight has been tiring, not the care homes fault but the fault of the very bad GP care .. the old GP I should say. Now things are looking up.

      We had fog this morning but then the sun has come out and its blazing here and 6.45pm so where our rain and thunder went I am not sure...

      The forcast as you say looks good for the weekend and I am looking forward to some relaxtion...I am timeworn today!!

      I am so sorry to hear about your friend, It must be awful and its not the way it should be ( with a child going before you, its an unbalance in nature) I am heartfelt sorry for her.

      You gift sounds just the thing and its so thoughtful and kind, as you are Dawn. I think it will be cherished indeed.

      Now about a Royal guest coming to stay, Has Monty washed behind his ears and Skye has she sourced her outfit!! LOL

      You have a wonderful weekend and I hope that your garden gets some great weather for the battle to commence ( The Somme! I am sure its not that bad ) ..

      Enjoy your special stitching!
      Sarah xxxx

  3. So glad Mum is being "cared" critical.❤❤
    What fine times fairy lights, vintage, gardens, climbers, textiles, threads and all kinds of stitching.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hi Lora
      Thank you, Mum is getting better care now which means I can sleep again, it’s a worry!
      We have lovely weather so sitting outside with fairy lights is a dream!
      Have a great weekend!
      Sarah xx