Monday 25 June 2018

Flower pressing & slow stitches in the garden.

“A seed is happy when it becomes a root,
 a root is happy when it becomes a bud,
 a bud is happy when it becomes a stem,
 and a stem is happy when it becomes a flower.” 

Matshona Dhliwavo 

With these gorgeous warm days that we are experiencing and the smell of the flowers in the hot sunshine it is certainly a most beautiful of English summers we are having.  On the hazy days that are so light so early it is easy to sit in the garden and become enthralled at the beauty and to be able to work well outside.  I feel that I am not only achieving but also that I am not sat inside and having to watch from a window and feel that these beautiful days are passing me by.

I have been happily working at the table but I have been a little unhappy as I have not seen Miss Muddy or her mate.  I am wondering if they have moved to pastures new, maybe her nest had been disturbed by all the gardening going on around us or some such.  I look out for her daily and she just has not come, not even for her bacon bits and mealy worms.  You all know how I feel about that little girl and so I sit with one eye  looking out for her.  As yet no joy.  We have been over whelmed with starlings and their babies of late and they are a very noisy bunch.  I wonder if that may be it, I just do not know.  I will let you know when I see her.

This morning early I went outside and picked a few flowers for pressing and sat very quietly drinking my first coffee of the morning.  I had freshened up the water in the bird baths and put out some food for all the little birdies.... I sat for an hour to see if she appeared but no.  I would be more worried I think if I saw her partner but I have not seen any blackbird here in days at all.

The sky is blue outside and the temperature is rising beautifully, I think that it is going to be a beautiful week ahead as well.
I am looking forward to our friend coming back here tomorrow and also looking forward to going to
the gorgeous Brocante in Midhurst on Saturday, I am only sorry I will be missing the Vintage Bazaar as they are the same day.  I tried before to do two but it wore me out and it was not very enjoyable to be very honest with you and as I said then I would have to make a choice and so I am going for the Brocante this time as I went to the Vintage Bazaar last time.  It will be a fairly early start but the drive is lovely, I am so lucky that my husband likes driving so much.  I am glad I drive but I have to say around pretty countryside I am so much happier being driven so that I can look about me.

"All in all, it was a never to be forgotten summer —
 one of those summers which come seldom into any life, 
but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going —
one of those summers which, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather,
delightful friends and delightful doing,
 come as near to perfection as anything can come in this world."

L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams

When the weather is this good being in our English countryside is just a bonus of a day and to be in a
marquee at a Brocante in the gorgeous setting of Cowdray House well its just perfect. My little basket of happiness is already and packed with most of what I will need and a tiny little list of things but gosh when you get there a list sort of fly's off in another direction and the beauty and the atmosphere over takes your senses.  It will be lovely to catch up with some friends and of course it is lovely spending the day with my husband and going to find the refreshment tent and having a coffee together.  The simple things when you are both busy during the week and do not see as much of each other as your would like, mean an awful lot.

Also I have lost a little journal of mine, I can not find it at all and it is bugging me something terrible and I have almost taken the house apart looking for it.  It is an important one to me as I took it to America last year and I have little sketches and thoughts in it.  I have got to have a few hours looking for it properly and systematically .... I made such a mess in my sewing room over the weekend and it is still not back to normal yet.  So today that is what I am going to be actually concentrating on and hopefully I will find it fairly quickly and so will be able to get outside to stitch on this beautiful day.

It is so annoying for me and I just can not think I would have thrown it away by mistake so where have I actually put it.  Its a very light and thin one ( as packing it in my hand luggage was what factored into that one coming with me last year) I have seen it since so I did not leave it in the USA, so where of where have I stashed it for safe keeping....

So for today that is it my musings and mumbling's .... wish me luck in my hunt and I really hope that you all have the most lovely day and the sun is shining for you where ever you live today.

Have a great day  and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oh I know that feeling about losing something when you know full well you were only looking at it moments or a few days before. I've lost many things like that especially recently!

    Hope Miss Muddy Beak returns soon

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie
      Oh I am still looking for the journal, I believe I have looked everywhere too! It’s so frustrating today ...
      Still no Miss Muddy .. it’s not going to be a great day here, I can feel it.
      I think the journal has been thrown out by mistake .. eek
      Oh well I must look again then get some stitching going.
      Hope you are ok Julie so pleased to hear from you.
      Take Care
      Sarah xxxxxxx

  2. Good morning! I'm sure Miss Muddy Beak must be on her holidays, you will probably receive a postcard from Margate very soon.
    In my humble opinion L.M Montgomery is one of the best nature writers we have had. You must read The Blue Castle. Beautiful writing.
    I hate losing things but they usually turn up when you aren't looking for them. I turn the house upside down all the time and then find the item somewhere annoyingly simple. I still can't find my French flower labels.
    Sometimes if you sit quietly and really concentrate on the last time you held whatever it is in your hands....inspiration comes!
    I hope your day will be better than you think and that dear Miss MB drops by for her supper.
    Love D xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      The postcard from Margate make me chuckle! .. I hope so!
      My journal is nowhere to be seen ! My sewing room is in tatters and noe hot and bothered! ..
      It’s not really a journal more like an exercise book .. it was light for my travels.
      I have run out of places to look. I even got my plane carry on case down .. just to see! I know it was unpacked but I just had to look!! Anyway I will try to stop looking , and tidy up and get on with some stitching...

      Have a fabulous day. Enjoy Your time away.
      Sarah xxx

  3. Perhaps Miss Muddy beak has the journal and they will both return!! Hope so.

    A beautiful day here today.

    Enjoy each and every day!! Love the L M Montgomery stories (via film). I have the books and am hoping to read.

    Soak in what you can and still hoping you will find!!

    1. Thank you Lora, I hope Miss Mudds has the journal and sat in a tall tree having a read! As test not found either!
      Fabulous weather here so taking a few days off.

      Have a fabulous weekend!

      Sarah xx