Friday 22 June 2018

A fairy breath of Summer & stitching in the garden ...

Each fairy breath of summer, as it blows with
 loveliness, inspires the blushing rose.

 ~Author Unknown

Ah its another gorgeous day on the South Coast of England and with the good soaking of the garden that was given by myself along with the watering system it smells beautiful out there with the sun already hot and making everything look so lovely.  Mornings like these I am up with the larks and out in the cool breeze of another very hot Summers day.

A whole day stretches before me with delicious creating and stitching and when England has weather like this it really is green, luscious and a perfect place to inhabit.

Already I have sat and had my morning coffee with Miss Muddy Beak and also I have gathered lots of beautiful flowers to press.  I am going to go to the books after here and get out the last lot of flowers that should be well and truly ready to put in the box I have for them and ready for use in mixed media pieces I have been planning.  

June, thy beauty is a snare,
To waste time in visions rare;
Of vain dreaming, oh, beware!

~Caroline May, 1887

I love the quote above because it is so true, when sat in the garden and the peace and quiet with bird song and the buzz of the busy bees you can so easily drift into your thoughts and dream away.  It is a peaceful and relaxing way to spend some hours.  I however have lots of stitching to attend to so I have to keep myself focused on the work at hand.

It is Friday already and I can not believe where the week has gone to, I know I had Monday off so it was a short working week for me but still the time has flown so quickly. 

Next week our lovely friend returns but this time the plan is to be in the garden and stitch whilst we chat.  Something about being in the garden and doing that is lovely.  Although my working days will be shorter it is my plan to do so.  Although one day we may go on a little jaunt ... There is a tea bus here and you can go on and have an afternoon tea with dainty sandwiches and little cakes and the bus goes all along the coast line whilst you take in the few and some calories!  I am thinking it might be a little lovely thing to do together.  I will let you know if we do get to do it but it is the plan I have right now.

For today though it is mice like stitches and some sewing for my dress as well.  I have my hoop ready to get that done and it should not take me too long with what I would like to stitch before it goes back to be stitched together.  

Also I think today the mushroom sampler should be finished as it is starting to speak for its self and to me ... that tells me I have practically done and I have been looking at it for a few days to see if anything else was needed.  I have decided, what it did need, so that will be done and pressed later today I hope.

In addition I have already cut some fabrics out for another piece that I would like to stitch as well and so as you see I have been very productive already today. When it is warm and the sun is shinning very early it is so easy to bounce out of bed and begin the day .. long may this incredibly gorgeous weather last.  I am so happy working outside most days, only in to blog and to use the sewing machine to edge cut antique French linen pieces.

Last night my husband was working late again and so I was in my sewing room, oh my the sunset was truly stunning and I watched as the sun said goodnight but with a promise that it would be back here this morning early with some wonderful warm weather, and it did not disappoint ...

Remember me as a dried flower between
your pages of your notebook.  They may
not bear any fragrance but they will always
be enriched with memories.....


I managed to dry more flowers from the garden successfully and so they came out of the books and
more went in.  I am loving using them and I love to put them into sealing wax and then stamp it with a wax seal, my favourite right now is the one with a hydrangea on it.  So beautiful and looks good on envelopes, in journals and mixed media pieces as well.  The flower of choice in this photo is apple blossom I dried from one of our apple trees.  I wanted to cut lots but only cut four, other wise no apples in September and that would never do!

I have my work basket at the ready and lots of slow stitching to do as well as a piece of mixed media that I would like to tackle maybe over this weekend.  We have not arranged anything this weekend as so if the weather is good ( and it promises to be) we will spend our time at home and eat our meals in the garden as well.

Well that is it for me today but I will be back here again on Monday, so until them I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that the weather where your are stays sunny and warm for you.  As always dear reader, Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds so lovely and relaxing. I would never have thought to put dried flowers under a seal, such a nice idea....and white wax!
    The video of your garden on fb was so peaceful...I could easily fall asleep there....I might just turn up for a nap and you'll find me snoring with Miss Muddy Beak on my head.

    Enjoy your weekend and happy stitching dear friend xxx

    1. Well you made me laugh! To find you asleep in the garden by the fountain and with Miss Mudds keeping you company would be a delight!! Truly ..

      The sealing wax has come on in leaps and bounds there is every colour imaginable now from duck egg, silver, white, cream, dusky pink and so many more!

      In addition it’s the bendable one that does not shatter through the post too!

      Sat here at the table with the fountain going and birds for company is idyllic and I seem to get so much more done.

      Have a lovely weekend dear friend .
      Sarah xxx

  2. You always paint such a beautiful picture with your words that it almost feels like I’m right there along with you! I wish I could be there right now. It is so much more idyllic than where we are. Hopefully sometime next year I can visit you and see your lovely home.

    1. Hello Nadia

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Oh I hope you can come for a visit.. wouldn't that be so much fun.
      Missing you now you have gone back to America but I will be visiting you there too.

      This Summer is shaping up to be such a grand one for weather and wildlife.

      Sarah xx