Thursday 21 June 2018

Summer days stitching in the garden

A perfect summer day is when the sun is 
shining,  the breeze is blowing, the birds are
 singing, and the lawn mower is broken.

 ~James Dent

This Summer is turning out to be perfect, my office on gorgeous days like these is in our garden where I can sip my coffee and watch the bees.  The still quiet of the day when I was up this morning and it was already warm.  The birds were going about their busy day and already the bees where flying from flower to flower collecting their nectar hungrily and with an urgency that bees seem to have about them.  I have always said that bees should smell floral and beautiful because of all the little particles of sweet smelly pollen on their tiny feet ....

I have a few hours this morning before leaving to see my Mum and I am so excited to be able to go and see her now that the bug at the home has cleared up.  I will be there with her whilst she eats her lunch as well and I am taking my grab bag just in case ... If she is sleepy though I will leave her and come back to my HQ in the garden and continue my slow stitch day.

With a slight breeze flowing through our garden it is a lovely and comfortable place to be and the light cool air is very welcome.  I can sit and stitch and stay cool.  If your hands get to hot the needle slips through and you end up pricking yourself and hoping that blood has not gone on to the precious fabrics and linens.

After the last weekend where it was cold, wet and windy it is so nice to be back out in the garden and fresh air.  I can hear birds singing and the leaves rustle in the trees and it is so very calming and good for the soul and of course for me, great for the creative side to come out.  I love to sit there first thing with my journals and then get on with my stitching.

This really hot spell is set to get hotter and last all of next week as well and I am hoping that it will remain next week as it says for our friends return here for a few days.

Also with the vintage fair at Cowdray House on Saturday 30th it is so lovely being in the countryside at such a venue and with lovely warm weather to wander around in.  In and out of marquees it is just the best.

Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly....

~Pablo Neruda

I went for a dress fitting this week and one of the beauties will be ready for the vintage fair in August with the little bits that I have had to stitch as well, as this is a joint effort, although she is the dress maker ( I really can not get my head around it at all)  I am very happy that they are coming along.  Each different but the same pattern and I am looking forward to wearing one.  I love linen and all the
fabrics used are all vintage and it will be unique to me with choices of linens and colours.

It has been me catching up with the bits that I needed to do, including covering buttons as well and for a day not being able to find the fabrics I was looking for!! It got me to thinking that I had used them and forgotten but no luckily just me panicking and not looking properly was what the outcome was.

Honestly it was panic mode and flying about was bits of precious fabrics to my under the breath mumbling and grumbling...... 

After finding what I was looking for I went outside and sat in the garden for 10 minutes and calmed down.  All is well that ends well at least.

So today for me it is slightly 'here and dither' but tomorrow I have the whole day to sit and stitch so I am more than happy.  As I said I am looking forward to seeing Mum and so is my Sister, we are going together today so its a family day ....

Having a few hours in the garden stitching before I go though will be wonderful and I have already fed the birdies outside this morning early and Miss Muddy Beak came along and had her little plate.  She is such a lovely little lady and I do love her so much. My heart near bursts with love when she comes just a little bit closer each time.  Her partner, well he keeps his distance and sometimes from his chattering I know he is saying to her ' be careful please' ... His song of an evening though is beautiful and I believe their young have flown the nest as they seem less busy and more relaxed right now.  I am not sure if blackbirds have two sets of young in a season but at the moment I am sure they
have none to look after.

Well that is my ramblings for today as I wish to get outside again and have a few hours stitching and watching the garden come to life with all the birds, bees and butterflies.  This morning early I saw the most gorgeous dragonfly, really magnificent indeed.  The roses and lavender smell beautiful and I now have the buds from the sweet peas opening so the smell of Summer is in the air by the table and chairs.  

I hope you all have a wonderful day today and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Morning Sarah,
    It was nice seeing you quote Pablo Neruda, I have one of his poems in my journal to share with you.
    I also love linen, especially in this weather, you must show us a photo of your dresses, they sound wonderful and perfect for a hot day at the fair. I think we might be needing a sun hat.
    Have a nice time with your family xxx

    1. Morning Dawn
      Oh I can not wait to see what wuote of Pablo Neruda you have to share!
      I am so happy to be going to see my Mum today, I have missed her face! Her cooky humour and my cuddle!
      I am so pleased how my dresses are coming along, although just concentrated on finishing one for August right now. The skirt part is to be lined with pure cotton as it turned out to be terribly see through in the sun. It’s a sheer linen sheet but a beauty!
      Hoping for sun hat kind of day next weekend.. it’s going to be hot I believe.

      Have a lovely day today.

      Sarah xxx

  2. Loved the read as always!! Such a kindred spirit.

    I too love linen and flax....lavender and roses. We seem to have a lot of bumble bees this summer. We have a pair Cardinals with a nest in the Mock orange. Hope to see some babies flying ogg soon.

    I hope you have a wonderful visit with your Mum.

    I love all the pictures and am anxious to see your new apparel. A blue sky sunny day today...enjoy!! XOXO

    1. Thank you Lora !
      There is something about antique French linen that makes my heart sing! I am looking forward to getting my first dress completed.
      How wonderful Cardinals! I love seeing them when I am in New Hampshire...

      Visit with Mum was lovely although she was very sleepy until her dessert came along! Lol ..
      Beautiful day here too. Enjoy your day ..

      Sarah xx