Thursday 14 June 2018

Threads, fabrics, buttons and linen ... a treasure basket

Whatever you can do,
or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power 
and magic in it.........

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The treasure that awaits me with hope to be made into something lovely and to be out of a drawer and unwrapped from tissue paper is in a work basket.  My design journal is open and I have to decide what it is I would like to stitch next for any work that has come in with deadlines.  I need to get a good start on it as our lovely friend is here from Devon from tomorrow and only until Monday when he goes off for a while and then back here again in a few weeks.  I love having him to stay and as you know the laughter an shenanigans will begin as soon as he pulls into our driveway... We laugh an awful lot and of course that is soul food .....

I want to get something sorted that I can pick up and put down easily.  I think I know what I would like to stitch and so I have it ready and I just have to look over my design journal once more to make sure it is all complete and ready to be created and stitched.

Today then after I fully decide I will pencil it out and cut out any fabrics that may be needed.  Get it all together and ready and start to stitch.  When I finish to day I will make sure I have ready threaded needles in place to be able to start stitching early in the morning to get some headway on a new project and to be able to actually finish a few pieces too.  Although they are not needed right away it would be lovely to have them complete and tucked away ..

On the last legs of the mushroom sampler now and along the last furlong as they say so that will be a pleasure.

I had a phone call yesterday saying there is a bug going around at my Mums Care Home and they would prefer we did not visit until 48 hours after the last patient who has contracted it has been good for 48 hours.  Our Mum has not got it as yet but this could potentially go on for another week or so!
So today I find that I actually can not go and visit for my normal 4 hours or so, I popped in earlier this week thank goodness for an hour to sit with her whilst she had lunch and we had a stroll around the gardens and a coffee together and now I am really pleased that I did. 

Today then will be a day when I now have more time and so the housework can get done as well and I will be ready for our friends visit in a jiffy....

There will be no stitching in the garden today as we have rain this morning, that drizzle rain and it is dark out there, such a contrast to yesterday when it was blazing hot and sunny with all the windows and doors open.  Our gardener came yesterday as well and the lawns were all cut and everything was weeded and made to look really pretty .... So pleased he was not scheduled for today!

So it will be snuggling down in a cosy chair lights on, candles lit and fairy lights ablaze -- it cheers a very wet, windy and dark day up some how.  I will do as I say and get the other project ready to go and then do some housework.. then glorious slow stitch time.  I can sit and watch the outside for the change that they say we will have.. yes they have predicted sun from around 3pm so you never know I may well get a chance to sit out later afternoon.  The garden will enjoy the spritz of the rain and then if the sun does come out it always smells so beautiful ... that will be cinnamon tea time to take it all in.

As I write this there is not a bird, bee or butterfly to be seen and they are all tucked up somewhere away from this drizzle and windy morning. I have put Miss Muddy Beaks tiny little saucer out on the garden table under the umbrella so that if she ventures she will come to find it.  It is tucked behind the jug of flowers and she knows where to look.... This way the huge seagulls can not spy it either.  To be honest they are not even about and the sky is devoid of life at this minute in time.

Here though in my sewing room looking out at the not so nice day I am cosy with the two little lamps on and they bring a glow and warmth to the proceeding and I am sipping at a lovely cup of coffee.  I can see my cupboards of beautiful fabrics as the doors are open and I can smell rose in the air and lavender.  I have some sachets in all the cupboards and drawers where there is fabrics and linens.  I love to look in there and know in a moment I can pull up my little stool and sit and go through carefully and pick out some delicious timeworn fabric ( not forgetting a few minutes just to stroke and look at my pretties just for fun).  The cutting mat is on our dinning room table ready along with my cutter and ruler so that is what I am off to do now.  Get that done and put away and the fabric in my work basket...

My mushroom sampler awaits me for a little later and I have my day mapped out, a little differently than I thought it would be but there it is.  I would phone my mum but it confuses her greatly, instead I sent my love via the lovely receptionist who said she would wander down and tell her and give her a huge hug for me.  We have been told and actually sensed and seen when we have unexpectedly just shown up, that our Mum is a favourite there and her room is so beautiful she get lots of he carers and staff go have their coffee with her... which pleases us.

Have a lovely day today whatever you are up to and as always...
Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Morning! Well it was a dreary start but has brightened up considerably here, thankfully.
    I do hope your mum doesn't catch that bug, these things spread so easily and quickly but also go quite quickly.
    Your writing is filled with scents today, lavender, cinnamon and roses. I have a friend who writes beautiful prose and also short plays for her village group to perform and she always sends me her work to critique ( not that I am better than her but because I see it with fresh eyes and we have a pact to only tell each other the truth about our work...we are still and I always say to her to fill, as far as possible, her work with scents because nothing draws a reader into a piece of writing and into the writer's world more than a scent...I can smell the roses and the lavender and I am with you and sharing that sweet scent. I've noticed that it is something that you do a lot Sarah and you are very good at conjuring up an atmosphere which is probably why people enjoy your blog so much.

    I have another poem by Flora for you. It was in a little book of poetry dedicated to her 'friend' Dr Mcfie and in my mind it describes a visit by him to her marital home where she lives with her husband who cares little for her writings and creative soul....See what you think.

    We tattle on without a break, Of things we saw in Town:
    'How stuffy were the carriages, In which you travelled down.
    The carnival was really good, Maude wore a charming gown!'
    'Come out and smell the sweetbriar hedge!
    The lilac's budding too; Were ever cherry-trees so white
    Against a cloudless blue!
    The strawberries are doing well, That lower bed is new -'
    And so the shadows ripple on, Until it's time to part;
    And all the while, deep unto deep, My heart cries to your heart.
    Cries like a lost and frightened child, A whole world's-breadth apart!

    It almost hurts to read that ending! Love it.

    Have a good day and a lovely time with your friend xxx

    1. Good Afternoon Dawn

      Well it has cheered up here also. The wind and rain have gone and the sun is out.
      I can smell grass and the seeet mall of our climbing roses in our garden. ( talking of scents! Lol)

      I am thankful people enjoy reading what I write and for me, as you know, words are important to me. Words describe and are powerful and also sometimes be hurtful I know.
      I choose descriptive words that make me happy and quotes and poetry ... even one word can provoke thoughts in my head and feel you are the same.
      That poem you shared spoke volumes to me. She married the wrong man who did not see the same beauty in things as she did.
      All surface things for him! ..
      She aches for her poet .. it made me hurt at the end too, for her and her beautiful mind.

      Have a lovely day and thank you for sharing such beautiful poems and inspiring insights .. I look forward to reading them so much.

      Sarah xxx

    2. Oops sweet smell .. not seeet mall !!!!

  2. I see limelight hydrangea?? We too had heavy winds and is cooler with lots of wind but blue sky.

    I have been stitching for raffle baskets and a silent auction to benefit a friend who lost everything in a fire.

    Going to do some your read as always and anxiously await pictures of your stitching. Have fun this upcoming weekend.

    1. Hello Lora
      Well the weather has turned hot and sunny! .. unreal
      It’s a normal hydrangea but picked early along with cow parsley and lavender you see inthe jug on the table!

      Enjoy your stitching and gardening..
      thank you for your kind words. So pleased you enjoy reading here.

      Take Care
      Sarah xx