Tuesday 19 June 2018

A walk through time...

“If you seek creative ideas go 
walking  .Angels whisper to a man 
when he  goes for a walk.”
( ladies too!!)

 Raymond I Myers

Well best laid plans and all than, the weather over the weekend was windy with rain so no stitching in
the garden at all, in fact no garden everything was inside.  I had planned meals out there as well. Not a needle was picked up at all, with our lovely friend here it was about doing things to make up for the dreadful weather.  I did not see any of my lovely birds just a few seagulls came down for a drink in the rain.  I think Miss Muddy was tucked up in her paisley nest and holding onto the sides the way the trees and bushes were swaying in the wind.  I did put out her little plate but I did not see her so can not be sure it was her who actually ate it to be honest with you.  It really was a disappointing weather wise weekend.

 Still our friend has left his car here and headed off to London to welcome some family from the airport and then off to Norfolk to other family.  He returns here next Tuesday  until Friday and the weather is set to be much better but well we can only hope. I hope he gets great weather in London showing family the sights, it would be such a lovely thing if on the boat ride along the Thames the sun is shining..... See all the sights nearly from the river boat.

It is a bits and pieces day today and in fact for the next two weeks here at my little HQ.  Today I have to go and take my car for her MOT and its a few hours disruption really.  In addition on Thursday we can finally go and see our Mum as the bug has cleared (the good thing was she did not contract it at all) so it will be lovely to see her.

In short the next two weeks are not going to be very productive with the things that I have to do and appointments that I have.  So the time that I do have to stitch I am going to have to really concentrate on those little stitches ....

However I have all day Wednesday and Friday this week so my plans revolve around those two glorious days.  I am hoping that the sun will get its hat on again and I can sit in the garden and just stitch away.

I managed to take some photos late yesterday afternoon though as the sun was about and I had a little walk through time as I was putting bits together to snap away at.  Remembering where I had bought something or indeed who had gifted it to me.  It was a wander down memory lane and a lovely half an hour as well.

I've still to finish mushroom sampler and some serious little stitches will be done on Wednesday and Friday this week.  Next week I have Monday and Tuesday all day as well.  I am hoping then that the sun will play its part and I will have broken the back bone of my sewing basket contents ...

Also it is the Country Brocante Summer fair on the 29 and 30 of this month and it is at Cowdray
House and I am off there.  There were choices to be made as The Vintage Bazaar is also on 30 June but I can not go to both.  They are too far from each other and as our lovely friend is her on the Friday 29 I can not make Cowdray on the Friday.  I have had my basket ready for weeks now and all that is to be done is pop my purse in....

So if you are looking to go to a fair here are those two's details for your diary.

The Vintage Bazaar
Cheese and Grain
Somerset BA11 1BE

Saturday 30 June

9.00  - 3pm Entry fee £2
No dogs allowed I am afraid.
There is a cafe on site for catch ups and coffee and cake and they also serve light lunches too.

The Country Brocante Summer Fair
Cowdray House
Cowdray Estate
West Sussex
GU29  0AY

Friday 29 and Saturday 30 June

Entry Fee on Friday 29 early bird ticket at 9am  - 5pm £12.50
Standard ticket on Friday 29 10.00am - 5pm £7.50
Saturday 30th June 10.00am -5pm £7.50  ( there is no early bird ticket on this day)

There is always a lovely pop up cafe/restaurant on site serving breakfast and lunches along with lovely cakes and cold and hot drinks..

This event is held in marquees in the grounds of Cowdray and set in 110 acres of private gardens, grounds and parkland.. there are over 100 carefully curated exhibitors.

So now you have choices to make.  Both events are beautiful and in the town of Frome there is so much to see and do as well.

Today then I have to run around but by this afternoon I will have my project basket out and some serious stitching will be in progress.  Looking out of my sewing room window as I write this I somehow do not think it will be in the garden.  It is not 9 in the morning yet so I am guessing the clouds could clear and give me a warm afternoon ... if not its inside and my head down anyway.

Tomorrow I think I shall get up extra early and go for a walk down by the beach to blow away the cobwebs and set me up for a day of stitching.  I am hoping the angels will whisper in my ears as I do.  The cliff walk along our beach is beautiful as you look down over the sea and the ocean beyond.  On a sunny morning you can clearly see the Isle of Wight and to the other side you can just see Swanage and brown sea Island as well.  With wild flowers along the pathways it really is a beautiful walk.

I am afraid that is it for today but I will see you back here on Thursday bright and early.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed Fathers Day ...

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Wonderful read...we are busy. Those times we can be still without a lot of commitments are a time to refresh.

    For me I always feel better when I have a project going. 💕💕

    Vintage fairs sound so wonderful...creative ideas too!!

    Enjoy your week and your Mum!!

    1. Hello Lora
      Thank you for your kind words, so pleased you enjoyed your read today.
      Well one good thing my car passed its MOT and I am now back home with my slow stitching!

      I am so looking forward to the vintage fair and to wander around Cowdray Estate.

      I am pleased I can now go see my mum, I have missed her some what.

      Enjoy your day.

      Sarah xx

  2. So glad your mum didn't catch that nasty bug.
    I never seem to get many ideas when I'm walking but I suppose that's because I'm concentrating on the doggies. The cliff walk sounds lovely xxx

    1. Afternoon Dawn

      Yes I was so pleased that Mum did not get it. She has been so poorly of late so this would have floored her I think.
      When I wander along by our beach it clears my mind of everything except sewing!
      But I can imagine looking after Monte and Skye would consume your thoughts entirely!
      Have a fabulous day!
      Sarah xxx