Friday 8 June 2018

Slow stitch Friday .....

I am reminded that every day I have the chance
 to pick up a needle  and some thread and add
 to the story. 
To stitch together something beautiful
 and unique, to patch a small scrap of fabric
 to a vintage scrap of fabric and thus adding memories
& layers for future generations to see someday.

The weather man was wrong again, if there was thunder I sure did not hear it... later yesterday the sun did come out and I was able to sit in my little spot in the garden that I share with Miss Muddy Beak and together we had a wonderful few hours as she flitted back and forth to see my progress.  It did rain in the morning but not like stair rods just a fine sprinkling for a while and I imagined all the gorgeous plants putting their heads up to be spritzed and taking in the beauty of the nourish it gives them.  After rain the garden smells so fresh and our gardener came on Wednesday so the grass was cut and had a lovely soaking of summer rain.

The herbs in are garden after rain and with a little sun give off a beautiful scent and we bought some
old vintage silver spoons that had been flattened and punch with herb names.  We have Parsley, Chives, Basil, several Mints as we have several types including chocolate mint, Thyme and Rosemary for now and they glisten in the sunshine.  I check to make sure they are still there only the chuckle brothers (magpie twins) are very fond of shinny!..... They have tried several times to collect the key out of our rusty magpie ornament in the garden ....

As you can see from the photo the spoons are pushed firmly into the soil in the garden and the large herb basket we have outside our kitchen door.

Working from a list today to get things done and completed I would like to, if the sun shines, try and make a little video of the needle keep but we will see.  Sat in the garden when turning the pages might be lovely, and who knows Miss Muddy Beak may make an appearance ... she does from time to time and I love when she does.  Of course its cupboard love as I always have a tiny saucer of something bird scrummy for the little Miss.

In addition to day I am going to give over a few hours to sorting my Stitchery room that only got half done last week and I want to finish cleaning and tidying it up today.  Honestly it looks like a war of fabric has been fought and lost in there and along with lots of paper work I was sorting and pen pal things as well its time to take hold and put things back and sort bits too.  As long as I get a good 5 hours stitching in, it should be OK.  My day started early this morning but it is a time for me to sip coffee, make a list and ponder.  It is not achieving much except of course when I come on here and write for you to read.

After that is done it will be delicious delicious slow stitching and I can not wait.  I am loving stitching the mushroom sampler and I would like to do a little series of Autumnal samplers for the season that I simply adore.  It could quite be my most favourite of seasons ... We married in the Autumn so that could be why it is so very special to me.  Also I love the food of that season, cinnamon and pumpkins and squashes to eat along with mushroom risottos as well when the mushrooms are at their best.

The weather has been so beautiful and given me a real taste for Summer days that on cooler wet days I longingly look out of the window and want to be in my outside 'office' I actual get more done as well, there is a well being out there and as you know I love stitching by our open fire in the Winter
months all cosy with candles and quilts but I am so ready to be outside every day ... alas the weather is gorgeous one day and not so settled the next.  Today though looking out of my sewing room window it is very promising and so after I finish here I will set to in here and do a couple of hours cleaning and tidying and get straight outside.  It promises to be a good day.

With scraps of gorgeous quilt and French linens I am also working on a little fabric scrap book and have been for a while now.   It is not something you can just put together and be done - indeed it is a great project for slow stitching and I am hoping over the weekend I can add to its story as well.  Its a form of  fabric journaling and you know how fond I am of my journals.  I will hopefully get to a place in it and be able to show you very soon.

Journaling both for work and for personal pleasure has really become a need for me to get things down on paper.  I love to sit with my coffee of a morning and write and it is never better than on a warm sunny day.  Since starting to pen pal and writing letters instead of email and text with a fountain pen and a little calligraphy and sealing wax thrown in for good measure, I found washi tape.
Oh yes!  It has been around for a long time now but it was only just about 2 years ago I found this wonderful thing.  Most of you are going to say 'really!' but there will be some of you reading this that
have only just done the same or indeed have not found it yet so for those I shall explain.  It is like sellotape but with a difference that it is made from a paper and has patterns on it.  In addition it will hold things together but you can move it with ease and it does not tear paper.  The patterns are vast and varied.  flowers, mushrooms, flora & fauna, clock faces, alphabets, old train tickets, calligraphy pens ... anything really there is no end of choices and it is great to decorate the journal page with along with a ink stamped something.

 The picture on the left shows you two of my latest washi tape purchases .. In addition you can use it to hold bits of fabric down on other fabric instead of pinning I found out so it is versatile and has a special place in my stitchery room for all sorts of great purposes. Not only is it beautiful but it is versatile as well ... the words of William Morris come to mind with this product....

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful,
or believe to be beautiful .... 

And my dear reader that describes washi tape perfectly and therefore it is only fitting to have a box full of the great stuff!...

Well that is it for today, I can not believe it to be Friday already and I am not sure where this week has gone to.  I am looking forward to the weekend and I hope that you all have a wonderful few days as well.  Lets hope the weather is good for us all.

Have a wonderful day and weekend and I will be back here on Monday morning bright and early I hope.  Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oh I love the herb plant markers, you have inspired me, I bought all of my metal stamping bits n pieces and then got distracted. Must keep this in mind.
    I hadn't thought about holding fabric in place with Washi tape. I have heard of it but wasn't sure of a use as I don't bother with my journal now as I used to. I was always clipping/ writing out little bits of poetry or arty things.
    I will send you a photo later, as promised.
    Enjoy your day of stitching x

    1. Morning Dawn

      The herb spoons are lovely, completely flat and smooth too. Oh yes you should do some metal stamping.. would love to see your creations.
      Ahh washi tape I love creating with it and it does hold tiny bit of fabric still. .. it’s a shame you do not journal any more .. Do you ever go back and look at them though?
      I await said photo with excitement!

      Have a wonderful weekend Dawn.
      Sarah xxx

  2. Love the picture of the items you have on this blog. Looks like great fun to put it together!

    1. Thank you Treadleworks! I do put them together but bought this beautiful one at a vintage fair ..
      it is stunning..

      Sarah x