Thursday 24 May 2018

The Decorative Living Fair .. Eridge Park.

Happiness is found in the simplest of things.

The Decorative Living Fair is organised by two people, there is Caroline Zoob and Hetty Purbrick  and the thing is they are so talented at it. Firstly the drive up to Eridge Hall is exceptional with green fields and large beautiful trees, there were Sheep wandering around with their gorgeous little lambs and everyone was driving very carefully because the lambs were skipping and jumping in the sun.   There were sheep laying under trees with a careful eye on their own babies and it was such a heart warming sight to see.

Everything has been thought about for the visitors to this amazing fair that it is easy to believe it just happens that way but believe me it does not.  The setting up and taking down of it all for a start but it is the setting that gets me every time as well.  As you walk in there is  flowers being sold and not just any flowers there are things like white peonies .. yes I bought some and they are on our dinning room table just about to open ..  Where the restaurant marquee is the view is just breath taking and the bottom of the marquee was open for you too look at it all, plus tables and chairs outside in the sun as well.  Each table had jars of flowers on and there were white pressed linen table cloths as well.

Every thing has been set up and set out for the pleasure of the public that poured through the marquee entrance and it flows seamlessly.  There our outside stalls under open fronted marquess and also some in the house at Eridge... really really beautiful.  We had left fairly early on our journey but really there was no need to... the roads were so quiet and it was a pleasant and happy way to start what was an exceptional day.

Well I got my camera out and started snapping away and also remembering to look to purchase as well.  There were lots of my friends there both buying and stalling and it was such a lovely day for catching up with them all. The sun shone and it was a beautiful day both weather wise and to be able to be at this great event...

We had arranged to have a coffee and cake with some friends and one of them was Nicki of Quilterdown fame and this was her Birthday treat, being there on the hunt.  We had coffee/Prosecco and cake together mid morning and it was wonderful in the sun.  Who knew that Prosecco went so well with lemon and lime drizzle cake but believe me it does ...

But I hear you cry who was there and lets get on and see some treasure... well in no particular order
here we go.........

Cherub Designs was there with lots of gorgeous pieces of vintage jewellery and it was such a gorgeous display and any magpies out there who love their jewels would have been spoilt for choice.  Teresa who owns this with her husband are opening a shop in Warminster and I will be giving you all the details of the shop opening on here soon.  Lots of things to look forward to there plus there will be other vintage goods apart from bling as well.....

Next on my tour of this amazing fair was Hellish Designs and this lady covers lampshade frames with antique fabrics, always so beautifully thought out.  There are other vintage goodies there and this time there was a little pair of red vintage children's shoes, they were so lovely and so dinky.  There was some china and some wonderful linens... It all looked fabulous.

Poachers Pocket was there and this was a eclectic stall of goodies with not only clothes but stitchery items, beautiful hanging hearts made from gorgeous vintage fabrics, books, china, pretty vintage mother of pearl buttons in little jars and reels of thread to name just a few bits on offer.  The day was getting busier and the sun was out and shinning.... We had a little catch up and we were talking about Tisbury street fair.

Then I spied Emma and Little Wren Vintage, oh did this stall have some goodies .. We bought quiet a few items here and you will have to wait until tomorrow on the show and tell to see what we loaded up into our car.  We had a wonderful catch up.  In fact my husband and I stayed until the end of the show at 5pm and helped Emma take down her stall and pack her van.  It took two and half hours.  I tell you all this because we do not fully understand the work that goes into to these amazing shows.  They set up the day before the show in this case on the Thursday and then Friday was the first day and so it is left up and they get some well earned rest and then the Saturday is the last day and its take down time.  Its hard work and I can not tell you that from experience.  The organisers have the rest to get ready and then return on the Sunday to take down.... I appreciate what goes on far more now.

Oyster Bridge was there and this lady Kate does my ribbon words for me.  I was able to buy 4
whilst there although I usually make a big order with her outside of shows.  We were able to catch up and talk about her work and how life in general was going and of course about my next bigger order.  Kate is very talented and although I do calligraphy myself it is always the time.  Plus the ribbon words with strands of fabrics is her idea and I do not copy people.... I feel it is not right at all.

Wandering outside for a little sunshine and air and doing the rounds a different way for a change I found The Painted Anthology and oh my ... the old terracotta pots and galvanised buckets with hand painted sayings and quotes on were all about me... You know I am a total wordsmith so I am drawn to things like this.  Holly and I had a lovely chat and some of the quotes are my favourites and I have actually embroidered on things myself.  I keep a word or quote journal and its my go to thing when I want to embroider something.  Anyway we bought a few bits here as well....
Holy is the first to have started this and its her own made up alphabet... It is original and done with so much care ... Fabulous!

Hetty Purbrick was there and she is, as you know, one of the organisers of this magnificent
fair.  So much beauty displayed so perfectly.  Again an eclectic array of such gorgeous treasures.  I had a wonderful little truffle about whilst clicking with the camera.

Alexandra Cunha was there with her beautifully set out and dressed stall, I had personally never come across this lovely lady before but it was truffle heaven and so much to look at and see.  Lots of flowers dressing her stall as well and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Lois Kirsten was in the corner of the first marquee and always I can tell it is her, not only does
this lady smile at everyone but its her beautiful style and the way she dresses her space so very artistically and it is a total eye catcher!  The last time I saw this lovely lady was at the Fair in the Square and so it was so lovely to catch up with each other.

It had been a long time now since our catch up with a piece of cake and fizz so it was time for my husband and I to go get some of the beautiful salads that were on offer in the restaurant marquee with its most stunning of views.  Also I was thirsty and ready for some water as well.  We sat and chatted and ate our salads ... We were talking about the fact that we had been back to the car once with some bits ...My husband goes about and looks and lets me do my thing.  We keep meeting up every few hours.
It was a fair quick pit stop and we said we would meet for coffee later so I went off to see Hens Teeth and her beautiful work.  It is a name that many of you reading this will know and Viv Sliwka is the talented stitcher and owner.  She does lots of courses  and does sell pre printed stitchery art for you to buy and stitch yourself.

Now I found The Bluebird of Happiness there.  Oh a journal lovers delight.  Old papers,
book plates and Victorian epherma can you imagine my delight and not too silent squeal of delight!!  Well for those of us who journal and who do mixed media it was a great and very long truffle indeed.
If you are reading this any of my pen pal buddies .. if we had all been there together can you imagine us all and the noise and excitement.?

Now wanting to be in the air again I went out to stare at the view but look at the picture of the very very very old tree.  The cones stood up and did not dangle and it just looked so beautiful and I had to take photos for you to see.  I can not describe how stunning and regal this huge tree is and gives some welcome shade on a hot  day and the view is like that of the first picture on here..

The photo does not do it Justice at all.  This tree must be 60ft tall and the branches flow out in drape. Truly a beauty.

So whilst outside I decided to go to some of the other stalls outside dotted about in little open marquees and I saw
Rustic Garden Things and who should I bump into but my husband.  Well it is mantiques and he can sniff those out from miles away.  He bought a few garden tools and he was clutching on to and it made me smile to see him that happy.. Its like me and paisley!!  Anyway he saw something for our house and I will pop that in the show and tell tomorrow.

Next door was Archemilias Nest with the most beautiful things on offer.  The display and the set up was just like walking into home in some ways with a large dresser with china on there and flowers in vases and lots of decorative and beautiful things for your home.  Just stunning!

The sun was warm and the sky was blue and I decided to stay outside for a while and get a few more
photos in before my coffee date with my husband who had just walked past me carrying all sorts of vintage tools for his collection and was quiet determined in his face to try and not hit people with them and going around people to go load his booty up in our car.
Little White Cat was there and some beautiful bits in there.  I fell in love with the day bed but just have no where to put one.  When I move people I will be on the hunt I can tell you.!  There were quilts and china and all sorts of wonderful pieces on this stall.

Now then I had been outside and walking along to go back into the second part of a marquee and I was joined by my husband and we were looking at this stall.  Cranbrook Iron.  It is a man and lady team and the lady is the one that does the cutting out.  There was so much to look at but oh the hares!  and Magpies! and Chickens!  and things.  So very clever and you know we have the rusty iron poppy seeds and shepherds crooks with lanterns on in our little almost cottage garden.  Birds love to perch on it all as well and Mr Robin is the one who flies from shepherd crook to shepherd crook.  Well we may have bought some things ... tomorrow dear reader tomorrow!

Also Wendy is the plasma-cutter in this business and she cuts out the hares and magpies etc.  In addition though she cuts out oil drums with patterns. they have a WOW factor and in the sunshine they stood out ... imagine if you will some flowers growing through them like daises or some such.  I think sweet peas would take up too much of the design but they are a work of art.

So anyway my husband went back off to the car, no we did not buy the drum... and I went back inside the marquees to continue on my walk about. Who should I come across on the other side but Will and Bea and the beautifully set out and dressed stall, always is!  We were able to have a five minute catch up.  People were outside in the sun and so I got a five minute quiet period to have a chat and some laughing that always goes on.  I think you will agree such a heavenly stall.

Right next door was the wonderful Lisa of Antiques and Interiors by Lisa Giles
So lovely to see her as always and we had a lovely chat and talked about the Royal Wedding ( yes people had live coverage on their tablets and phones and the oooh and ahhhhh's were resonating about the marquees ... how Megan looked and how so happy Prince Harry looked.  So many ladies saying 'it should have been me'!! The atmosphere here at Eridge Park was wonderful and so many people who came and taped the wedding to have the best of both worlds and they were still celebrating with happy couple in spirit....  Anyway Lisa had sold lots but I still managed to get some great photos as well.

Now then as I walked on The Old Haberdashery was there and again a little squeal of excitement was uttered by myself as I walked ( who am I kidding! - ran!) over to say hello to Sonia and then go truffling in buttons, laces, threads, reels of sewing cottons, old seed packets, china, cloth and linens.. yes it was a very excited and happy me and if I had a tail it would have been wagging and making things fly around the space .... Oh happy me and Oh happy day!!

It was time to find Hubby and get a coffee all the excitement had given me a thirst and I was excited to show him what I had found.  We met up and had a well earned gorgeous coffee and my husband had a piece of chocolate flap jack I think it was, me I was chatting away at him and telling him all about what I had purchased... We had decided as I said to help Emma pack up so I still had time to carry on for a little while so coffee drank I went back to that marquee and continued on.  Su Mason was there with some beautiful fabrics for upholstery and some thick linens as well.  Such a lovely display and also I found some old French papers as well ...

Carla Wall was there and always this stall is magnificent and I really am not sure I have ever truffled here and not come away with something unique and beautiful.  I have had in the past a beautiful sampler and a red,white and blue lap sampler quilt and the colours are beautifully faded and timeworn.  Today was not exception and I bought the most beautiful ..... ( wait and see!) LOL
Anyway in the meantime have a look at the gorgeous things on here.

Belle Epoque was my next port of call and really being at a fair like this is like being in the best shopping mall ever in the world.  All under one roof shop after shop of treasure.  Here was no exception I mean take a little look at this.  Treasure abound and a great truffling spot.

Rebeccas was the last stall before pack up time and this is later in the day by now, so when I made my purchase here I was so surprised this piece had not flown out the door in someones basket truly! Anyway lucky me indeed.  Some lovely French and European linens on offer here and it was a pleasure to truffle around I can tell you.

Well it was time to help pack up by now and that is what we did although whilst packing up and seeing bits go outside to the van we may have bought something else as well....

We said our goodbyes at 7.30pm and that was a full twelve and a half hours since we left home in the morning.  We drove home, and on the way stopped at a fabulous pub around 8.45 pm and had a meal.  We talked about the day and how we had both had such a wonderful time.  Then it was off home and finally after unpacking the car we fell in to bed around 1.30 am in the morning.... yes I know but it was a great day.

We would both like to thank Caroline and Hetty and their team for all their hard work put into bringing us such a wonderful vintage fair and also all of the stall holders that were there ( so many and I am unable to bring you all of them I am afraid) that made it just the best day out.

I hope you all have had a lovely time looking at The Decorative Living Fair and by now you will need another warm drink, I know I do. See you back here for the show and tell before a wonderful long Bank Holiday Weekend....

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Fabulous write up Sarah. Is that a dog friendly fair? With our garden now in progress I'm very interested in garden items as on the Rustic Garden stall. Loved the green dresser on The Old Haberdashery stand, I do love green and with the cotton spools on!
    I don't want to add to your work, I know that writing a summary like this takes ages and a great deal of thought...but...for somebody like me, who can't get to many fairs, it would be nice to know if these sellers have websites or are on Etsy etc. Just a thought. It does seem to be a really stunning setting and the most gorgeous stalls. I can imagine how much hard work goes into setting them up so beautifully;it was kind of you and Andrew to help Emma pack up her stall. Glad you had such a wonderful time and I'm looking forward to seeing your purchases.
    Love Dawn xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Thank you glad you liked the write up, I am not sure about dogs! I will ask. On leads should be ok as lots of little lambs milling around .
      It would be a bit of a thing to write all people’s details but any one wants to know can ask on here and I can give details. The Green dresser is Sonia of The Old Haberdashery and she has a actual shop .. but not an online stall. However you see pictures on IG and like she will post to you. The Green dresser is a display prop .. it’s the cottons that are for sale. Tell me which garden people you want details from and I will look it up in the fair guide I have for you ..
      It was an amazing day! ..
      Emma is a friend and it was our pleasure to help her .

      Have a lovely day ..

      Sarah xxx

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic time

    Julie xxxxx

    1. It was Julie! Treasure as far as the eye could see!

      Sarah xxxxxxx

  3. Thank you Sarah, re the green dresser...I always want the things that aren't for sale !!! 😂

    Loved the read and the simulated special.
    A sunny summery day and thank you for the blessed read...loved every word and picture.

    1. Morning Lora
      Thank you I am so glad you enjoyed your read!
      Raining here today! No sitting in garden stitching today sadly!
      Have a wonderful day.

      Sarah xx