Tuesday 22 May 2018

Garden stitches ... between the laughter.

What is a weed? .. A plant whose virtues
have never been discovered.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was a little unsettled weather later yesterday afternoon with a down pour of rain at around 5.30 pm and thunder and lighting to boot.!  It had been a really hot day and I had stitched away in the garden and was coming in to just speed watch the Royal Wedding, just to see Megan arrive and then The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear from the beautiful chapel with all the gorgeous flowers around the doorway and their carriage ride.  So if it had to rain it was timely and no having to  water the grass for me yesterday either ....

I have sorted all the photos of the weekend that I took at The Decorative Living Fair and then I will sit and write up notes from the day tomorrow and then be able to bring it to you on here on Thursday this week and then the show and tell on Friday.  It is coming up for a long weekend and our lovely friend arrives tomorrow in earnest.  He came here on Sunday night and left his car and I took him to the station yesterday as he was going to be attending the Chelsea Flower Show today and then coming back here tomorrow.  On Sunday evening we had drinks in the garden and lots of laughter was going on.  Then we decided to have our supper in the dinning room as it was 8pm and it had gotten a little chilly..

The rest of the week looks to be very warm indeed here in the South of England and so we will spend our time mostly in the garden me stitching and he sitting in the sun.  We laugh and there will be little slow stitches from me in between.  There is a little bit of rain forecast today for a couple of hours and I really hope it is not as heavy as yesterday evening.  I sat in my stitchery room and with a drink
watched the lightning and listened to the thunder sat in my lovely comfy chair...
I was thinking that 'into every garden a little rain must fall' as I watched in awe and felt cosy and warm inside.  There was no Miss Muddy Beak about she was tucked in her paisley nest and watching the rain from between the holly bush leaves, no doubt protecting her young with her wings....

Then whilst I was watching the rain drops falling heavily .. the rain just stopped and the sun came out again and I could hear bird song once more it was really very surreal in deed.... the chatter of Miss Mud's and the song of her partner in life.. there is something so amazingly beautiful about black bird song.

So today I am going to tackle some cutting out that I have to do and I can do that on the dinning room table and pack that away.  Then with my stitching in the garden and my note book I will sit at our table and then recall the beauty of the vintage fair at Eridge once more for you all.  If you have never been to this fair and you are in England then it is so worth the trip and the surrounding countryside and town is beautiful as well...

This morning early I threaded a few needles so that I could get a really good start and that was no mean feat whilst drinking my first coffee of the day.  My second coffee I am sipping now whilst writing this blog to you...

I was looking around my stitchery room and it really needs a good sort out but that will have to wait for next week after our friend leaves us.  He is here for a week so after that I will take a day off from sewing and tackle my mini war zone ... it looks like a lot of marauding  truffle pigs have been routing about in here and not put it all back .. guilty as charged as it is all me I am afraid.  With photographing as well things get pulled out and then the next thing etc and before I know it a whirlwind has landed in my den and it does not do well with me.  I need a tidy place to work or my head becomes muddled.

In addition to the above I really need some journaling time too as I have not done any for weeks and I need to catch up.  It really helps me stay focused and it frees my mind when I get it all down on paper.  It is like my design journal I love doodling in there and also I love my sayings and quotes journal as well...

I need to write some letters as well so there is lots to do before Wednesday later in the afternoon when my dearest friend returns and my lovely husband gets in from work.  Hoping for drinks in the garden followed by dinner in the garden as well on Wednesday evening so wish me luck.   I am hoping that the sun will make a long appearance that day and it is a warm summer evening for us all.

Today though there is lots of photo taking and lots of slow stitching going on.  I am so pleased lately on completing so many pieces of work and the deadlines have been met and I am happy to be able to have caught up.  The beginning of the year was dreadful with the flu bugs going about and the cold weather... I was very behind indeed.  Now I am out in front and that pleases me.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and come back here on Thursday to see the amazing photos of The Decorative Living Fair .. outstanding indeed!!

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Enjoy your time with your friend, Hope the weather stays warm for you all.
    We didn't have any rain here.

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hello Julie

      Lovely to hear from you. I am looking forward to time with my bestie and the laughter that goes on. Hoping for some lovely weather so we can spend it in the garden, me stitching and him soaking up the sun and the sound of my darling birds.

      Take Care

      Sarah xxxxxxx

  2. Enjoy the Fair!! So much to love in this life....our work areas all get a little messy sometimes!!
    Rainy here in New York today too.
    Enjoy your friend and You may see Miss Muddy Beak today.
    Be still and savor. ❤❤

    1. Morning Lora

      yes the fair was outstanding and it will be here on the blog on Thursday.

      I have seem Miss Muddy and she is full of love and a bit more tame towards me than the last time... I am honoured.

      Today we have had no rain but I think we are in for some more though this week

      Have a good day.

      Sarah xx

  3. Oh how I love your writings! So homey, descriptive and relaxing! Makes me want to be right there with you doing my slow stitching too! (another new expression I've learned from you) Bless You!

    1. Morning Marlynne

      Oh bless you, well all are welcome at our home to come slow stitch and meet Miss Muddy.

      It has been a lovely day in the sunshine and I went to see my Mum as well. As my friend here tomorrow again so My Sister will go on her own on Thursday.

      I am glad you like slow stitching and truffling and please enjoy and use the words ....

      Take Care
      Sarah xx