Friday 4 May 2018

A stitching day!

Any day spent stitching is a good day!

Can you honestly believe we are at Friday again!  It is now May and the weather is a tad warmer which is so good.  I am so cold all the time.  It also means that it is the Dorset Brocante this weekend at the Larmer Tree in Dorset.

We are going to this two day event and I will be taking photos for you to look at next week.  I am very lucky to have a ticket to go in for both myself and my husband and we both love this fair and its setting. Nestled in the Dorset countryside with sheep and lambs running around the fields and huge very old trees offering shade on hot days along with the unmistakable cries from the many peacocks that wander past you as you walk around.  There are fairy lights in the grounds in the trees and bushed and lots of catering vans and marquees to get some refreshment as well.  So as you can see I am looking forward to this two day event and I will bring it to you some time next week.  I will not be bloging on Monday as it is Bank holiday and I am going to have a long weekend with my lovely Hubby... So looking forward to it.  The weather looks like it might give us a little summer too with 20 degrees promised for the Bank Holiday ...

I will remind you of the fair.. so it is on for two days....

Sunday 6th and Monday 7th of May from 10.00am until 5pm on both days ...... There are no doggies allowed I am afraid because of the lambs and the peacocks.  I believe it is £5 entry fee as well.  There is plenty of free parking and lots of food and drinks on offer as well as some wonderful stall holders too.  I hope to see some of you there.

Well back to today and what must be done ... it is a sewing day for me and a head down and get some
things finished as well as started.  I feel I am so behind this year it is ridiculous where the year is going... I keep saying May to myself as I really can not believe we are in month five of 2018! Eeekkk!

Today I am going down to the shop to pick up my re ordered quilting foot so that next week sometime I can actually finish my needle keep.  I have a very busy week next week being that it is a short one.  I am going to try though and get it done.

I was talking to my husband and we only have the one event  to go to which we love anyway and the other two days, well we will play by ear ...We have talked about a lovely long walk somewhere along the Jurassic Coastline so I will take some photos along the way.  Close up of wild flowers and take my vintage wild flower book to see if there are any there I do not know the name of.  It is so lovely to have a close look on your camera after the event and helps me when I sketch for a design to be fairly accurate ..

May has two lots of Bank Holidays and I look forward to them to have an extra day with my husband.  His work schedule is punishing and it just gives us that extra to relax.

Today though I would like to sit and slow stitch as I have a few pieces I have been working on and would like to finish.  I am eager to start a new design I have been working on and will not start it until my work basket has a few things finished and out of there.  I have some deadlines to work to so I must get going on it.  It has been a strange year already with not feeling so good and lots of time with my Mum who has been feeling not well in her self either.  The weather has been a factor it was all four seasons in March within about 10 days and I really do not know how we are already nearly half way through this year ... I feel dizzy with the world spinning as it is!

Baskets,well three to be exact with hand stitching and little bits of gorgeous fabrics, old lace, buttons and the most gorgeous of threads are piled high and I need to settle down to my work.  It has been a busy few weeks with one thing and another so some serious stitching is needed.  I love settling down with a basket of stitching it is mindful for my soul and it strips my mind of anything else...

Yesterday I went to see my Mum for 3 hours or so and she was up and dressed with make up on and had a shower and hair done.  I was informed that she had wanted her toast and marmalade in bed! so her one to one obliged ... gosh Mum I said that was nice sitting in bed have your coffee and toast - to which she replied yes this is a good hotel.... made me smile!  Yesterday my sister and I were busy there too.  Taking down her winter curtains, pictures, quilts, throws and pillows... Up with the duck egg and cream things for the summer.  There are flowers and birds on her curtains and some cushions.  Gorgeous change over of her flatlet from winter to summer within the hour and she was very pleased indeed.  Then everything taken down goes to be washed and then popped in lock and keep boxes for later on in the year again.  She was helping with putting quilts where she wanted them
and the cushions .... we had fun and laughter coffee and cake and a lovely time with her talking about her Mum and Dad ... perfect.

When I came away from her just before I got home ( we live by the beach, not very far at all) and I went for a lovely walk in the sunshine.  I had my camera but nothing else and just wandered along looking at the sea sparkling in the sun and I could see the Isle of Wight too.  Cherry blossom trees on the cliff top and a clear blue sky it was wonderful and it helped clear my mind down, mum does befuddle both my sister and I when we are with her because we sort of have to think differently.  She will say something with a urgent look on her face and it will not make a bit of sense at all.  It upsets her if you say  that you do not understand so we try and be her.... it takes some doing reading her facial expressions and then looking directly at her and saying .. well that is OK because we can do that for you if you like, you need not worry.  Lets have a coffee first shall we.? she smiles and is happy..

The pictures on the right are from my walk yesterday and this is our beach here on the South Coast of England .. I love to sit on the grass bank on the cliff top and look down at the sea and white sands .. especially with my sketch book.  This weekend though we will go further into Dorset along the Jurassic coast and have a long stretch of our legs we think.

Well that is it for me today and do not forget it is Bank Holiday Weekend here so I will not be back here on Monday but on Tuesday next week.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the sun shines for all of us.

I am off to my hand stitching now and another warm drink is in order first.

 Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Have a wonderful long weekend. Savor it. Your Mom is blessed with her daughters and you are blessed too.

    A coast line within walking distance....heaven!!

    Enjoy your stitching!! ❤❤

    1. Thank you Lora I am really looking forward to it.
      Yes we are lucky with coastline so near.
      Have a great weekend yourself .

      Sarah xx

  2. Sarah I hope you and Andrew stick to your guns and have a good restful weekend. You both need it.
    Love MumXX

    1. We will it’s been planned that there is no plans other than a vintage fair!
      Hope you do too.

      Sarah xx

  3. The Larmer Tree is a lovely setting for a vintage fair, hope you find many lovely things and plenty of cake for Andrew.
    Your mum must feel comforted by your love and thoughtfulness.
    Lovely photos of the beach, a walk on the coast revives the spirit and you are lucky to have the sea on your doorstep. .so to speak!
    Have a super relaxing break with your hubby xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn , so looking forward to it. The extra day makes a big difference too.
      Yes we are lucky to have such beautiful beaches.
      Weather is set to be fabulous too!
      Have a great weekend as well.

      Sarah xxx

  4. Your weekend sounds perfect Sarah...hope you both have a relaxing time. Mo ❤️❤️

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Just dropping by to say and read your lovely post. You remind me of my sisters and myself when we used to do that for our mum. Treasure the moments nice that you and your sister take care of her like that! She is blessed to have both of you. Enjoy your long weekend..would love to be that close to the ocean. Unfortunately I have to drive about 20 miles. Just wanted to say hi. Take care and God bless!
    Diane x