Thursday 1 September 2016

Hello September and my show and tell from the Vintage Cotswolds fair!

Warm September brings the fruit,
Sportsmen then begin to shoot.

Seriously!! September?!  I really can not believe it.  Well the Autumn is in the air I can feel it and I will soon be picking in all the pears from the tree.  I like to bottle them and my husband loves Apple and Pear pies or crumbles so I will make some for the freezer and some pear conserve for the jam cupboard.

Well as promised this is what I bought at the Cotswolds fair, which seems so long ago now to me.

I bought some beautiful lace packs from Alison of Betty and Violet (this is from the fair not her shop which will be another blog) .. Ali has such an eye for detail and putting beautiful inspiration packs together.  I do not use lots and lots of lace so I find this way of buying it very good for

 me and inexpensive at £10 a pack because it  
has lots in each one and there are so many different ones to choose from.    As you can see from the photo there are layers of different laces and lace motifs and the packs show each one.  There is a generous amount of each one and is enough for me to use without waste at all.  I have started to use a little more of late but still, for me, this is the way that is more useful and economical for my needs.

Then from Jo of Hesta Nesta I bought a beautiful and delicate piece of vintage fabric and it really is
very pretty with its washed faded vintage look that is real because of the age.  It is a French fabric and I am really thrilled with it.  The patterns are small enough to go into my work so as not to loose or take away any beauty of this early 1900's piece.

When I went to the Painted Room stall that Clare (of the Vintage Bazaar fame) directed me too with lots of beautiful pieces and of course a few bags with stunning vintage eiderdown fabrics and paisleys this is what I spotted.  I chose this eiderdown fabric over the bags of paisleys as I had some of all of the paisleys at home already apart from one little piece in a pack, so I had my business head on and not with my heart I bought this piece instead.  I think you will agree it is simply beautiful and it is a large piece so lots can be done with it.

Vintage Treasures had some lovely bits including buttons, hand knitted dish cloths and so much
kitchenalia ... I was sorely tempted but I was good .. opting for some tiny green mother of pearl buttons and two dish cloths.  I do knit my own but it is time and these were just lovely and what was needed.

Honeysuckle and Roses had just come back from shopping in France and had some really unusual
and beautiful stock.  I showed restraint and bought only one of the French jam jars that I so adore.  I had five at home and this made it an even six.  I make deserts in them sometimes and also laying up the table for special breakfasts with all the different homemade jams put in each one with a tiny vintage jam spoon looks so inviting ...
I can see some pear conserve in here!

My final purchase at the fair was these beautiful silk flowers which I loved I am collecting to add to some of my sampler pictures.  so these were a stunning light colour rose and really delicate.

I purchased these from Rosiebud Decorative and I think they were a fabulous purchase and I am really pleased.

Well how good was I because that was all that I bought from this delicious fair.  I do go down into town and purchase some more bits at Alisons shop but that is for another day.  I hope you have enjoyed having a browse in my shopping basket today.  It is time for me to get on with my stitching so I will say farewell and Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sarah I'm just loving those lace packs. Alison always gives good value money xx

    1. Sally

      Yes she does! Fabulous packs! ..
      Scrummy in fact.

      Sarah xxx

  2. lovely post. So sorry that we missed this time...the weather really would have blown our gazebo and stock away! xx