Friday 16 September 2016

For my love of vintage quilt pieces ...

Autumn writes her own poetry.

As you all know Autumn is my favourite season, I just can not help it.  If it is a warm one like this is then even better, but for me, its the colours of this season and also the pumpkin recipes as well.  One of my favourite soups is the pumpkin and apple and my husband love the maple and pecan muffins that I make around this time.  We try to eat seasonal here so that we enjoy and look forward to things,
other wise nothing is special!  I have put the Autumn wreath up on our door and what was so funny and really made me smile was the other morning I was stood in our bedroom ( which looks over the front of the house) and a little boy about five was stood in front of our driveway and pointing to our door and squealing to his mum to come look.  I stood there to see what he was pointing at. 'Mummy look how pretty this house is' he said 'and look at that pretty thing on the door' ... Mum said to him it is isn't it and they were on their way again to school .... It made me so happy that a young child had seen beauty in something that was not a toy or a computer game ..
Well all of that in mind I have kind of burrowed down and am enjoying the stitching for us.  I have a
confession to make because I have bought more of the quilt pieces from America and I have ordered more ..... I love them and I want to do some lovely things with them.  Then what I do not use will be for sale on here or my FB page ...  they will be framed and probably have a little something else on them, like embroidery and a button .. who knows.  Some will be sold as a panel.

I bought two of these panels and I think they are beautiful .. timeworn colours and very soft with all the washing of them over the years I should suspect.

Thinking of different ways to display some of these panels and to add to or not to add to some has
been my design day dilemma .. so I have had them all out on the floor in the lounge in a random order, in colour ways, in groups and singular.  Some will be taken to the framers as is and have three in a frame as they are with just a date stitched on and others will have a little more embellishment to them.  It was fun and I enjoyed it sat there just staring at such beauty ... There are several of these blue ones too.

When you have so many choices of beautiful squares it can be hard
to make choices but for me I thought if I am paying postage and import duty I may as well buy a few at a time which when divided equally between the amount bought and the amount paid it makes them more affordable.  I am loving the muted tones of reds and blues and these panels have a different pattern and the blue colour and are very soft and tactile ... mixed with the panel above it makes a beautiful picture to be framed ..

Then there were these three on offer and these are bigger panels and so stunning.  I am thinking three in a row and framed with nothing but the date on them and a tiny vintage carved mother of pearl button stitched in each bottom right hand corner of each.  they will make a beautiful picture and these are keepers for us.  There is is border of off white around each one and when put together they really look breath taking so they are now having the date stitched on and the buttons ( all the same size tiny ones but all carved differently .... I am very happy with these.
This is the first one that will be at the beginning of the frame.

This beauty will be in the middle of the three long frame and it ties them all together with the red and the blue colours and off white fabric border ...

Finally in the row is this panel and I feel when they are all framed and in a line in a frame that is
slightly distressed it will look really lovely and of course they are once more looked at and admired. The quilt could not be saved as a whole but some panels survived and now they will preserved behind non reflective glass so that no sun fading will occur and spoil these lovelies.

As you can see I have had much fun and I have now settled down to designing some tiny design embroidery for some as well, which has been wonderfully challenging because I do no want to take away the natural beauty of the pieces but just enhance a little to add 2016 to them as well .. sewing through the decades is the theme and I am enjoying myself very much.  They are easy to transport too so if I am over sitting with my mum then I can take a panel and stitch away whilst being with her.  She enjoys wandering around the garden dead heading flowers and digging up weeds, whilst we chat and I stitch.  Then we sit and have a sandwich or soup together for lunch now twice a week.  So my work place is between there and here twice a week at the moment.....

That is it for today and I will sign off now to go and get a panel to stitch, today I am here working so all that is left today to say is have a wonderful weekend and do not forget to come back here tomorrow.  There is the Larmer tree vintage fair this weekend and I hope to go, if so I will do a blog for you next week so that those who could not make it can have a virtual wander...

Happy Stitching ! XX


  1. Sarah, that little boy had a good eye for a nice thing. It does look lovely. I always have a willow heart with a red gingham ribbon on my front door but I only change to a wreath at Christmas. You've made me think about this. Did you say you bought your wreath? I would think you could make an amazing one yourself, perhaps a personalised one with something in it that meant something only to your family. Saying that has made me think of how people would put things up to ward off bad luck and protect your home.
    It's nice that you can be with your mum and stitch as well.
    I must try pumpkin and apple soup, sounds delicious. Do you have the recipe?
    The quilts are beautiful and I love your ideas for them. Hope you enjoy the Larmer Tree. It's a lovely place. Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      I was going to make a wreath but could make it for the price I bought this!
      I adore my quilt pieces so much. Have written the sayings and will stitch them next week!
      I will put some recipes on here of mine for Autumn .. Can be Saturday's blog next week me thinks..
      Thank you for all your kind comments..
      Thank you looking toward to the fair.
      Happy Weekend lovely lady!

      Sarah xxx