Monday 5 September 2016

Designing and stitching with these will be a real pleasure!

Vintage quilt panels
French stripe fabrics
designing and stitching 
days around the corner!

I have been purchasing some vintage bits on Etsy of late and some gorgeous things from America.  I think I told you that I was awaiting some packages and they have arrived safely and been photographed .... putting them away however is another matter they are so fine and tactile that I keep looking at them and stroking them and looking at them again.

I can not wait to get designing with these.  I actually bought some vintage American quilt pieces as they are panels and so different to what I have.  I loved the patterns and colours and well just fell in love.  Buying like this is not for the faint hearted with postage and import duty handling charges but I find if you buy a good bundle and then spread the cost between each item you buy it does not put too much on each piece.  I find
the prices really good anyway and so if it is unusual then I will bite the bullet as it were and buy as they will probably never turn up like this at a fair in England.

My purchase were from two sellers in the States on Etsy and a lady here in England as well and I have bought from her several times on Etsy with vintage fabrics and some little bits of quilt pieces, Loulouretro if you would like to see her stall and she always includes a little gift too and a card thanking you, which are lovely touches .. it feels like Christmas.

The blue vintage quilt pieces are stunning and I feel even the photos do no justice to them but oh boy
they are old, timeworn and soft to the touch and these will have something little stitched to them and then be framed.  This is for us personally at the price I paid but it is so worth it .. are you loving the pieces?  You can not see all the edging that they have but they are a good size panel (all of them) and I think a little bit of embroidery and stitchery and framed and put all in a row on a wall just for them will be so fine!

Do you remember I said I bought a red on cream tapestry which is vintage and in really good condition, well it arrived with some quilt pieces that I purchased from another lady in the States.  The idea with the tapestry is to border it in vintage quilt pieces and frame it.  There was something about it that I just loved.  The quilt pieces I bought with it are not for the bordering of it as you will see, as they
are already cut into hearts.  I normally do not buy ready cut but the colours and the patterns of the vintage fabrics are so beautiful.... Oh how I wish it was still a whole quilt!!  They are really beautiful and the colours are so soft and mingle perfectly.... there were more in the bundle that I bought and these ones have red colours in them too.

When I was opening the packages it was like early Christmas here and they were all beautifully packaged as well.  All three packages arrived on the same day so I made a drink and sat at the kitchen
table with scissors to cut the strings and started to open each one, it really was a mini Christmas day but on my own.  I have such pleasure from the antique/vintage fabrics that I purchase and when they have been made into something that will be displayed it gives even more pleasure to me.

I have no idea as yet what I will be doing with the hearts but they will either get stitched all onto vintage French linen in a frame with a little stitchery in each one and framed or they will just stay as they are with no stitchery and framed ( but still stitched to linen) .. watch this space!

The third package I opened was from Clare of Loulouretro here in England and I have bought from
this lovely lady before.  The Christmas fabric I bought for the Christmas sampler for publication came from her.  So I went looking again and found these bundles of joy.  Some in blues and some in red checks and blue check, fabrics and quilt pieces...

This little bundle on the right is all stripes and checks and mostly French pieces ... it was love at first sight.

Then for the quilt pieces and there was a hexagon and a heart cut out with this little exquisite bundle too and again they will be used in something yet to be thought of and designed.

The soft baby blues, creams and dainty little pink flowers are what first made me take a closer look...

And as if this was not enough I had some little gifts from Clare too and it was some more red and
white French striped fabric and this beautiful panel of quilt in the log cabin design, I could not believe it and was so very excited ...

Sat there sipping at my cup of coffee and looking through all of my vintage treasures was wonderful and went on for over an hour.  These things need to be savoured and not rushed you see!

Well that is it for today and by showing you this I have relived my great experience of receiving these treasures again.. I hope you have all enjoyed a little look and that you have a great Monday.  I am off to my sewing so as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Well here's wishing you a Happy Christmas Sarah. Wasn't Santa kind to you. Lol. Lovely to see the blues as that is where my head is right now as I'm thinking about decorating coastal style for our bedroom. I'm also loving soft greys. Do you ever work with grey? Grey and white can also be lovely and subtle as a Christmas theme ( which I know you've struggled with a bit lately). Imagine soft grey , white and a little silver button or charm sewn in. Maybe a silver sixpence like my granny used to put in the Christmas pudding? Could a hole be drilled through to sew it onto the fabric? I hope you don't mind me offering up these ideas but I know I will never get around to them myself. Enjoy your pressies. Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Funnily enough just bought some vintage grey bits!!! Great minds and all that!
      I have some old sixpence's too ..

      Lol .. Twins! I told you!

      Enjoy decorating your bedroom .. Just changing the house over to Autumn here. ..
      Lovely to hear from you! and never mind ideas and suggestions lovely lady xx
      Sarah xx

  2. Thank you Sarah. Enjoy your stitching dear twin sister x Well maybe not quite twin unless you're six feet tall and blonde. Twin souls xxx

  3. Oh gosh .. No dark hair and 5ft 1 ..
    But if you have seen twins film? It could work lol..
    Twin souls indeed!
    Sarah xx