Tuesday 27 September 2016

Love Lane Vintage ... Daylesford Vintage Brocante!

Wonderful memories are made
on days like these!

Wow what a fair!  The setting was unreal and they had so much going on in the Daylesford farm shop as well as the Brocante that Lucy had organised it was truly outstanding.  The marquees were bursting with talent and vintage goodies and there was a great outside marquee as a pop up vintage
cafe and the fair was really well attended!

Every detail had been thought out and the work that went into this fair must have been unbelievable. It was liking walking into wonderland.  There were so many stalls and I could not capture it all but I had a really good go this time as we went in on the early bird tickets and so it was not as busy so I ran round for a good hour snapping away which helped.  There were a sea of friendly and known faces and some people I was just meeting for the first time it was fabulous.  The makers talents were outstanding as you will see and it was vintage truffling heaven.    So in no particular order have a look at Rosehip and Oyster Bridge it was a beautiful stand with ribbons of vintage fabrics and household vintage goodies.  It was the first time I had come across these two businesses and they were a mother and daughter team.

Then who should I spy but Alison of Betty and Violet and her stall as always was so beautiful and it always has a romantic feel to it and very serene some how.  I went over and we had a very quick chat because later we were going out to dinner with her and her husband and another couple as well (to be revealed later.)  There was so many goodies here and you had to just keep looking because every time you looked you saw another vintage goody!

Then who should be spied and was causing a gorgeous stir with the ladies, well it was Richard E Grant and his family and they were there talking to stall holders and making purchases as well.  I did managed to get in for the photograph of the group and so here they are, and what a lovely family! For those of you who may not of heard of him, he is an English Actor and he has the most beautiful voice as well.. He not only can do serious acting but has played some great comedy roles too.

Well when my pulse had slowed down a little and I gathered my star struck self together I went to see Suzi of Hearts 'n' Kisses and who should be with her but the lovely Vintage Dahling who makes the most gorgeous clothes and she is wearing one of her makes in the photo (she is on the right).  Suzi had set out her stall and as usual it was really beautiful with tiny bunting and cushions, pictures and hearts .... 

Suzi hand stitches and embroiders to make some gorgeous things and today was no exception.  She uses vintage fabrics and linens with ribbons and buttons .... take a peek.

There was a heart she had made and it has on there 'everything stops for tea' and my husband wanted one for his locker at work .. Which he duly purchased. 

Then look who I spied, it was Helen of Rosie's Armoir and I just love getting some bits from here.  There are always some rather gorgeous fabric packs and today was no exception so they will be in the show and tell later in the week for you to look at.  Oh her stall looked so beautiful and we had a good old catch up it was fabulous.

Also she had one of her dolls there sat on a pumpkin and it really looked great .. what a display.  I have one of these exact ones and bought it from her years ago at the Country Living show and she comes out every December ....  But I am going to find her early and sit her on a pumpkin as well because it made me smile and it means she is out longer to be seen.

Nicholas and Steele were there as well and as usual the stall looked really great.  I bought something here but it is a present for a friend so I can not say as its for her Birthday in December and I am not the only one that was buying so was Richard E Grant ... yes ladies it was an exciting day for lots of reasons!

There were some really beautiful pieces on here and it was getting crowded too....

Tucked in the corner was Suitably Vintage and I always find a few stitchery goodies here and today was no exception to the rule.  I love the fabrics on here and you can buy small bits to use and they are then quite exclusive in your work.  There were fabrics, cotton reels, buttons, ribbons and all manner of exquisite vintage treasures as you can see.

Then joy of joy I found the lovely Emma of Little Wren Vintage and we were able to have a good old catch up as we have not seen one another for a few months for one reason or another.  Emma has an eye for dressing a stall and what helps is she has an eye for vintage goodies as well as being a maker of wonderful cushions too.  There were quilts and eiderdowns and all manner of gorgeous treasures on offer ...  Emma had made some lovely framed pictures with vintage fabrics and monograms in as well.

Honeysuckle and Roses was there and my husband had spotted something there and brought me over to see and we came away with that ( I no its a tease but it will be in the show and tell) this is an eclectic stall of vintage goodies for your home and there is always something that catches you eye.

Then for those of us who love to sew and love haberdashery our day would not have been complete without seeing Sonia from The Old Haberdashery so many threads and cotton reels and beautiful stitching bits and bobs it was like finding treasure island!

Now Nicki the cake report!  Well whilst I was busy running about like an excited pixie my husband had gone and bought us a coffee and he had bought a chocolate brownie as well, I had a bite of it and I have to say it was the best we have ever tasted it was really good.  So I carried on but he kept going for coffee and each time there was something else to eat with it.  I spotted him with a homemade sausage roll then he went for a raspberry chocolate brownie but declared the first one was his favourite and then proceeded to eat another three cakes one being a lemon one.  He made me laugh.  We had lunch there and had a piece of homemade quiche each with two side salads each, they had a potato salad, a slaw and a heirloom tomato salad with pomegranate and few others to choose from.  That was me done but I spied him later with yet another coffee and piece of cake.... He did himself
proud and the person who had baked them all! ... 

Whilst all this was going on I found Maud of Beyond France in the main marquee and she had some really beautiful linens and some vintage skirts in thick vintage cotton with lace around the bottom, well I could not resist!  It has a draw string waste for days you eat cake and also with boots in the Winter at one of these Brocantes coming up it will look stylish I think with a little tweak here and there to make it unique ...

Near Maud was Caroline Zoob with some beautiful pieces on the stall.  I had spied a most gorgeous old sampler in red and white as you will see and some really lovely old hexagon patchwork cushions as well.  It was so funny really because I thought the sampler was exquisite and then I found out by accident that my gorgeous husband had bought it for me for my Birthday ... yes he has!

I could not believe it as I had been looking at it and thought no Sarah not until we move ... buy no more pictures (plus has you know I am making lots for us as well at the moment.  I had bought a really lovely piece of very old lace from Caroline but decided to walk away from the sampler but he knows me so well!

Then I found our lovely friends Jo and Andy of Hesta Nesta fame these were the other couple we were going out with in the evening and I had found them outside in the circle of individual marquees .... As always there is so much beauty and vintage goodies to choose from, I spied some eiderdown fabric in a pack .. grin!  Also Jo had sold a mirror to Mr Richard E Grant and she is now to be known as antique dealer to the stars! we have decided ... 

And right next door was the fabulous Liz and Jack of The Washerwoman fame and again so much to choose from with fabrics and French linens as well has some beautiful French home bits to choose from.  Every stall was set out so beautifully it really was amazing.

I can not wait to go wild in the aisles when we find our forever home and I am trying to be so good right now.  

Now take a look at these beautiful 1920's style pieces they really are something to stare at.  I still think I should have 1920 style party when we move and get one of these to wear.  I have seen this talented ladies work before and I was so tempted then but I have manged to wait.  They are great for Brides and that is mostly what they are sold for but I think for dressing up in the flapper era these are an absolute must! Helen Morris-Clark Designs 

This one is my personal favourite and I was seen staring at it for sometime.  As I walked past several times I just had to stop and look at it, what a work of art and beauty!

It is the one at the very front and I really could not stop looking at it, and I am sure you can see why!  Pure beauty and very talented maker.

Velvet Ribbon was there and again this is one of the people I go to to find fabrics she had sold lots by the time I found her but there was still a little something for me in the fabric pile so I was very happy indeed.

I always find some beautiful fabric here and today was no exception to the rule....

Will and Bea was in attendance and again for wonderful vintage home wares it is a must go to, with a great eye for detail and dressing her stall there was no end of people buzzing around .. I had missed out on some great fabric packs, they are in the photo though as the lady buying them kindly let me take a photo for you to look at but she had picked them up to buy.  My husband loves the soap that she sells so there was a few bars of that purchased by him.

Cachepot was there and this is another lady I had not seen before and she allowed me to take some photos for you all to look at.  With some really beautiful vintage pieces and a very beautifully laid out stall there were no end of people trying to get in to buy.

As you can see in the photos she had a dresser there laden with goodies to tempt all as well as two tables all beautifully set out.

I decided to pop over to the Daylesford Farm shop to snap some photos for you and as you will see it is really stunning with all sorts of little shops there including a wine shop (which my husband had visited and brought some home with him) and a cheese shop along with clothes and plants and so much more.

It is so stunning and with the Vintage Brocante in full swing and they had their Harvest Festival going as well it was buzzing with happy faces.

They were making head dresses for the festival and I bought one and am now drying it out to have framed.  It is so gorgeous and is hanging on the kitchen airer right now and the colours are holding as well.  I loved it so much I wore it at one point around the fair, I was not the only one either they were very popular at only £10 and being handmade in front of you!  Take a look at the one that I bought home with me.

Wandering back along to the Vintage Brocante in the warmth of this perfect Autumn day I was so pleased with the treasure that I had bought along the way and thought I would see if I could take a few more photos for you.

Then I spotted this gorgeous treasure trove of vintage lovelies it was Carla Walls stall and there was the most stunning quilt .. no no I didn't but oh boy I would have like to.  I have several in storage right now as well as lots at home so I was very good but it did sell later in the day and the lucky person had a stunner too!

There were pinks, creams, blues and beige fabrics in this really old quilt and I bet it looks fabulous on the bed of who ever bought it!

In the middle of the ring of individual marques outside there was a beautiful Shepherds hut and details of how you could have one made .. took a card with me of course and we also picked up our garden shepherd hooks with glass lanterns for the garden.  They will go out here but we bought 10 so that we will have enough in the forever home when we get there too.  They are pre rusted and very heavy and sturdy.  We saw them at The Larmer Tree Brocante as you know and kind of kicked ourselves we did not pick some up.  The maker is The Little Red Robbin and I emailed them and they said they would be here so we pre ordered our pick up ......

Gaze upon the glorious displays in the circle of the marquee's and with the weather being so beautiful and warm everyone was just bumbling around and happy with the slight breeze or sat in the pop up cafe and drinking great coffee or there was wine on offer too.  I personally was saving myself for the evening ahead.

It was time for us to go and check in to our hotel at The Broadway Hotel in the Cotswolds and get ready for what was a fabulous evening full of liquid and laughter. My ribs still hurt today from laughing so much.... The Hotel was so beautiful and the room was just my colour of the moment.

Well I hope you have had fun and enjoyed either re living the day or being able to get a peek at it at least.  I would like to Thank Lucy of Love Lane Vintage for organising such a beautiful event it really was the Queen of fairs .... We had such a great day.

Well that is is it for me today as I really must get down to some serious stitching and cutting out to be able to start clearing my dinning room table .... I hope you all have the best day and I will see you back here on Thursday bright and early.  I will leave you with a couple of shots of our hotel room. 
Happy Stitching! XX

So my colours and such a gorgeous room.  I will leave you with a shot of the view from our windows and just say we had a great weekend and would stay here again.  It was so peaceful and we had a great rest and a wonderful weekend.......

Just  peeking at the back was the church, the gardens of The Broadway Hotel are what we looked out upon.  It was so quiet and relaxing .....


  1. I think your husband loves cake. Sounds like both of you had a great day, you and all the pretty stalls, and your husband and the cakes.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes he adores cakes and when they are good he just keeps going! lol
      Me well I would forget to eat because my love is the fair so he keeps finding me with a drink and then drags me away for lunch ... which is a good thing.

      Thing is he just does not put on the weight!! so unfair.

      Sarah xxx

  2. Wow, it all sounds so wonderful. Thank you for another great description. Are there many fairs in the run up to Christmas that are in the Somerset area. I guess they will be indoors and we would have to leave the doggies at home. Your hubby is certainly a great cake tester.

    1. Hi Dawn

      My husband is the the cake tester for all events and always gives a report!! It has become the thing on here and several people ask if I do not mention it now!

      There are lots coming up. There is the VB in October in Frome but no dogs.
      In October love lane has another one and dogs are welcome but the is Sussex border around Midhurt. They are also doing a Christmas one in Novemeber too with dogs welcome.

      I am awaiting a Sarah Moore date and dogs are welcome there again West Sussex way but I do not know of any in the Somerset area allowing dogs I am afraid.

      I will have a check and let you know.

      Hope you are well. Sarah xxx