Thursday 22 September 2016

Show & Tell of my vintage haul from The Larmer Tree Brocante


Well as you all know I had a list of needs and I fairly stuck to it, as you will recall I did not buy one of the stunning quilts, did I .. so I showed a little restraint I think.

I was after some vintage millinery flowers, threads, buttons and bits well I got lots from my list and a Mercer and Rose always have some lovely things as you would have seen from my post earlier in the week so when I stopped there I was very pleased to see some tiny flowers that I had been searching for  to finish off a project. I love looking about this stall as not only is it beautifully displayed with flare but there are treasures as far as the eye can see.  I love finding monograms here and I manged that as well as some bird card bunting packs .. I got three and they are beautifully rustic, just as I like it.
bit more!

Then from Sprout & Flower I bought some gorgeous gourds and pumpkins to display in the house
and two heather's in vintage terracotta pots to put out in the Winter part of the garden when we have the chiminea and winter plastic table and chairs .... I am buying all sorts of pretty Autumnal pots and plants to make it look inviting!! just in case we find our forever home and so this will go back on the market ... the garden will still look pretty, this is my cunning plan!

So from the lovely Jenny of Tilly-D I picked up my vintage sewing book that she set aside for me.  I
am so lucky to have such lovely friends and I am thrilled with it.  There is so much in there as you can see from the photo.

Dress making, Embroidery, Stenciling, Knitting and Crochet and lots more besides.  This is a fabulous reference book for me and probably I will cover it with some gorgeous vintage embroidered linen some point in time....

Now Niki Fretwell had some amazing things on her gorgeous stall and I got some more milliners flowers, cottons and a cotton reel end made into a brooch.  It is from the Sylko range of cottons and is Ivy Green D122.  I was thrilled with it and will be wearing it at the weekend when I go to Daylesford vintage fair.

I got some gorgeous  tiny buttons and beads and Er.. well I could not resist this doll.  I kept
looking at her and she goes perfectly with the one that I bought from her 18 years ago!  The other one is in reds and creams and this lady in the blue and whites just took my eye.  I walked around and kept going to see her.  Then I thought if you are still there before I leave this gorgeous fair then it is fate and as
you will be coming home with me ... and she did ...

Then as I think I told you my husband came to find me, he had found a stall with gorgeous antique
furnishings and wardrobes and all sorts and he had seen this rather unusual piece.  Firstly I must explain that I am a Chanel No 5 girl and of course when he saw this very old window pain that had been hand painted with this on he knew it would be something that I would say that would be fabulous in our bathroom .... so look what he bought me!!  This was from The Beehive stall.

Its an original old window frame with the original glass.  The paint is cream and chipped and I adore it!  it had the hangers ready to be able to pop it up!

When I was at this particular stall I spotted these as well from
an old French Pharmacy and these are fabulous for my work... I love buying them when I  find them and I want to collect enough to hold a workshop with them as well for next year .....

So I bought what he had and also came away with this surprise as well ... I keep looking at it and its perfect!

The Botanical Candle Co. had some beautiful things on offer and all the candle scents were really different and subtle as well.  This particular one caught my eye as it is a marmalade jar and its scent is
Autumn and it really is beautiful on wet days like we have experienced this week.  It makes my dresser in the kitchen so bright and the kitchen very welcoming!

Suitably Vintage always has some gorgeous stitchery items and this day was no exception so I bought a spool of ribbon, a piece of vintage quilt and a little scrap pack with some green linen and a little piece of floral fabric.  I love little packs of inspiration!

The final purchase of the day, again, was done by my husband for our home and it is this beautiful old
mirror!  It is very old good glass but there is not a mark on it and again he thought it too good to pass up.  I am so pleased again with it and grateful that he goes around searching and looking as well .. he has developed and keen eye and he knows my tastes so well.  He himself picked up a vintage rake and some tools and beautiful lemon tree for us which is sat happily outside right now.  We have a leaflet on how to protect it in the Winter and also when to prune... It will be coming with us and hopefully will be grown up a wall eventually.

Well that is it and I hope you have enjoyed looking at what we bought at this fabulous event. I hope you have a wonderful day.  I am off to get my stitching for today so as always Happy Stitching! XX

Look! we have some lemons ripening!


  1. Gosh what a lot of gorgeous items. I would think it was Christmas come early if I had all those. Your hubby did a great job finding those lovely things for you. Let's hope you soon find your forever home so you can enjoy them all in their forever place. Have a lovely day Sarah xxx

  2. Hi Dawn
    Thank you! I am inching to move and trying not to get too maudlin about it!
    Until that time though they are going up here! ...
    have a great day!
    Sarah xxxxx