Monday 12 September 2016

Autumn stitching schedule!

 the years last loveliest smile

William Cullen Bryant

Taking time out to do some personal stitching has been fabulous, this has meant that I can focus on
bits that we like.  This time of year it is slower for commission work because the Christmas things are in and so is the Valentines.  There are not so many weddings or indeed baby samplers so I can do some personal stitchery.

I have been thinking of designing  Seasons sampler for us and then they each hang three months a year.  Then also a Christmas sampler, but that is done really as I made one for a magazine and I will get that back so then it leaves one for Halloween as well.   I enjoy swapping things around in the home.

Making it more cosy in the Winter months and Autumn and then of course the Summer with it being hopefully warmer and then lighter colours.  I add colour to our home with throws, pictures, cushions, quilts and curtains but the palette is neutral, this seems to suit us very well.

Enjoying, as I do, moving things about about and adding and taking away I thought that I would start making samplers, pictures and an idea that I have for the tablecloth for Christmas as well.

I can look through my design book and I can also change a design to suit us and our lifestyle.

With some of the beautiful vintage quilt panels that I bought well they can stay as is and just be framed I think, sometimes to keep things simple is the best and other times to add or tweak at something just adds to the joy and beauty.

Forgive me if I have told you before but I enjoy cross stitch as well and I have some beautiful American patterns that I would like to stitch and then add a vintage quilt border to as well so between now and Christmas I think I will be very active with our bits unless a magazine asks for something else or a commission of some sort comes up.  This suites me well right now.

We have some friends coming over from the New York next month and we want to have time out with them, show them Bath and the Jurassic Coastline.  We all love walking so it will be great.  I am hoping for dry crisp weather.  A few weeks ago we bought some food flasks.  These have a wider top than a thermos flask and I thought that I would make a good beef stew to put it in these and make some form of cakes or muffins, pack some bread and the four of us can go on a Jurassic walk but stop in a spot somewhere and eat .... it might be fun, if it is not wet!  Then its find a pub time!!

There are still plenty of Vintage Fairs coming up as well so the season is not over yet.  To get together with like minded people and wander around beautiful vintage fabrics and treasures makes for a great day out over the weekend.

I must check my sewing machine too and see if it is time for a quick service because with stitching on quilted borders to things it would be just my luck for it to not play ball ....   I use a new needle often and change them because it keeps the stitches neat and firm.

It is the Larmer Tree vintage fair this coming Saturday too and I think I may well go to that one, then of course the Cotswolds Country Brocante is on Saturday 24th September too so there are a few things to attend ....  I miss the vintage events during the winter months, it normally kicks off in February with the Pamphill in Wimborne fair run by the lovely Elaine.  December and January there is nothing going on.   It is, of course, great for sitting and stitching though by the fire.  Enough of winter it is not here yet!

Anyway that is me for today, I hope you have a great Monday and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I love your four seasons idea Sarah.
    Your friends from NY will love Bath. Have you ever been to Upwey? It's on the way to Weymouth, it's a small place but very pretty and there is a charming tearoom with a wishing well in the garden. Also there is an interesting little church and I believe there are some walks from Upwey. Have a look online. Xxx

    1. Oh Thanks Dawm will look it up!
      I am having fun looking for ideas for our forever home! .. When we get it! Lol

      Sarah xxxx