Tuesday 20 September 2016

Larmer Tree Vintage Brocante ...

What can I say about the wonderful vintage event, what a treat!  The work and the organisation that went into this is outstanding.  The venue its self is gorgeous but then put in such wonderful people with wonderful stalls and in the grounds there was a huge pop up vintage cafe, more about that later plus a great ice-cream vendor and a open fire pizza oven ... deck chairs on the lawn with music and peacocks roaming about.  Fairly lights in the tree lined path ways and you have magic..... The weather behaved its self and was so warm you would have thought it was July not September!
From the moment you drove in to the tree lined drive and were marshalled by a well organised team Sprout & Flower and I bought some bits to take home and picked them up later.
of guys into a space to park, you could see every detail had been thought out.  As you paid to get in there was a fabulous florist outside with a gazebo and the Autumn displays were so beautiful.  With wreaths and gourds and a old iron chest that had been filled with Autumnal plants.  The florists name is

When I went through the door there was the lovely Liz and Jack of The Washerwoman fame and always happy and smiling with a stall of goodies to tempt.  There were gorgeous French fabrics and linens, china, French kitchen bits, spools of cotton and lots more.  We had a little chat and a quick catch up and then Liz said 'come with me' and I was transported to another stall that had the most stunning vintage quilts on offer. I had taken some photos and then been distracted ... when I got home I had only taken four photos of Liz's stall .. horror! Sorry Lizzie x

The quilts as you can see from the photos are so utterly beautiful and although I was so sorely tempted I did not on this occasion buy one as I have decided not to buy things like this until after we move, we have lots of quilts and I would like to decorate first before I decide, it is only very unusual things for the house that we would get, more about that on the show and tell because my husband surprised me with something that he bought! and OH MY it is unusual and so me! But Vintage Pink was selling beauties as you can see and it took all my restraint not to make a purchase!!

So then because I was in another room I decided to go around a different way and who should I find but the lovely Louise of Blooming Vintage  fame,  who makes
gorgeous clip bags and purses from not only vintage fabrics but knitted or crocheted too.  So very beautiful and clever.  We had a quick chat and catch up but I could not linger too much as it was already very busy and I wanted to take as many photos as possible before I could not get anywhere near the stalls ... after around 40 minutes it was 4 deep to look!

Then opposite Louise was Marina of Vintage Jane and as always all of her stall was set out beautifully with an eclectic choice of vintage goodies including box of buttons ( that had to be investigated) and
lots of beautiful things for your home and some stitching needs.

Who should I spy but Suitably Vintage and as always there are
plenty of stitchery items to please us who stitch.  Vintage mother of pearl buttons, threads, fabrics, quilt pieces, ribbons and so much more. We were able to have a lovely chat and quick catch up and I bought a few bits and moved off to take more photos..... After that is when I did a quick tutorial on Instagram and we followed one another ..

The next stall was so beautiful and as yet not too busy but I had started now from the back so I was Sarah's Victoriously Vintage. So many vintage treasures to peruse ....
able to take some great shots.  All set up with fairy lights to make it look magical and with lots of vintage treasures on offer and apply named

I wanted then to quickly to go back to the beginning part to find the lovely Jenny of Tilly-D fame. Firstly I had not seen her in ages not even for a coffee and secondly she had a book that she thought I
would be interested in and I wanted to see that.  She had been so busy when I walked in so I had not even caught her eye to say we were here!  so I went and found her beautifully set out stall with oodles of vintage treasures ... I bought the book and we set a date to see each other before I moved off again. I then bumped into Clare of Daisy Darling fame who was there as a purchaser not a stall holder and we were able to have a little chat too... It was turning out to be a fabulous day with friends as well.

Opposite was Niki Fretwell and her stall was actually breath taking in every way.  She had made some dolls from gorgeous vintage fabrics and also she had some bits that were on my list so I was
very happy stopped there for a while.  I said to her that about 18 years ago I had bought a doll very much like some that were on her stall and it was in Bath.  This was actually Niki and I really did not know her then.  There was a particular doll that kept taking my eye and she was dressed in stunning clothes with hand embroidery as well ... yes I did! I found vintage millinery flowers on there too plus more ... in show and tell later on!

It was time for some sort of lunch and my husband had already done a recon on the cake front and I was being looked at with doe eyes to say can you break for a bit ... so we went out and along the gardens which had beautiful buildings and fairy lights.  Walking along there were peacocks running about and I could here music .. there is a small video at the end of this blog for you.  Not very professional but you get the idea.  There was a fabulous marquee which housed the tea room and we went in there to get a sausage roll and some cake and coffee.  There was a peacock there staring at the menu which was hilarious!  In the grounds also was a great wood-fired pizza stall and they were doing a roaring trade as well because they smelt as good as they tasted! and the most magnificent ice cream van ... made from a vintage VW camper van ....  The deckchairs were all across the lawn and the sun was shinning ...  My husband could not help himself on the cake front and actually

through out the day he tried four different ones.  I tried two others with a tiny bit of help from him ( he is so thoughtful) we also in the end had an ice-cream between us to try it and he ordered a very
small pizza so that we could experience that too... There we are Nicki Conway the cake tester did every one proud.  The cakes were  fruited tea bread, banana cake, coffee cake, chocolate tiffin, carrot cake, fruit bunt, a cinnamon and biscuit cake, Dorset apple cake to name a few from memory but oh boy were they good and all made by Alix Cakesmith.

Walking back to the main bit where the Vintage Brocante was in full swing we stopped off to look at The Little Red Robbin artisan garden frames and plant supports made from vintage materials.  These were amazing and since then have been in contact to order some bits for the garden.

Back inside and I saw the The Botanical Candle Co.  with vintage items housing gorgeous smelling
candles inside and I was tempted ... to be shown in the show and tell as well but I have it going today and Autumn fills the house with this huge candle burning brightly on the dresser in the kitchen. There were some beautiful pieces with so many choices of aroma ....

Walking on I found The Painted Room who I had seen at the Cotswold fair in August, a little more relaxed today as she was not holding on to her marquee for dear life in the rain and wind as she was not only in beautiful sunshine but indoors too!.  Stunning things on offer and with such a beautiful display.  In addition she has produced her own fabric range from vintage fabric designs as well and was giving out samples .. these were tucked into my house move folder when I got home!

Next door was Gray to Green Home and there were some gorgeous vintage bits for your home there.
 Such really beautiful treasures displayed beautifully and again this stall had an eclectic array for so many tastes and desires ...

Then I found Mercer and Rose who happens to be one of my favourites and I knew I would find some vintage millinery flowers here and I was not disappointed plus a few other bits jumped in my
basket that actually were not on my list but hey I could not resist.

Joy of Joy I found Jane of Kiss the Book always so lovely to see her and catch up and of course see her beautiful displays, I personally love books and I am a great reader.  I love collecting old stitchery books and of course Jane also sells inspiration packs of vintage paper goods like old bits of maps, things found in books like a pressed flower of a feather.  There are old painted pictures from books that have been too far gone to be able to restore and any one who loves ephemera well you would be in for an absolute treat I can tell you!  People who love paper crafting and vintage papers and books love this stall and I am so very pleased when I see Jane *

The Beehive was the next stall I was taken to by my husband because he had seen something that was unique and as he said so me.  This stall Ladies and Gents was magnificent as you will see.  Gorgeous
furniture and when my husband showed me what he had purchased I was so thrilled.  I promise you will see it in the show and tell.  There was so much to look at and one of the photos you will see me if you look carefully taking a photo of a armoir and it had mirrors so there I am ..... peek a boo!

Anne Marie of Sky Blue was there and she always has some gorgeous things from France.  Today
was no exception and there were some stunning enamel brooches as well as some lovely little feather hats well more like a head pieces .... I was tempted but I was very good.... See the bottom left photo of the blue feather head piece .. yes that nearly came home with me as it is so divine!

Last but by no means least was Henry's Buttons a lady called Anna and her Dorset buttons that she makes are exquisite!  As you all know I am a one for buttons (just one of my stitchery vices!) well I had to get in touch after the event because I did not get to take photos and Anna kindly sent them to
me.  There was so much going on and so many people.  Anna told me she started making buttons around 10 years ago and as she said can not seem to get out of the habit! she sells at fairs such as this one and also through Cygnet Gallery in Shaftesbury in Dorset.  Anna takes commissions for film, theatre and historical re-enactment groups as well.  Anna also gives talks on the history of Dorset buttons as well as runs workshops. To get in touch and have a look at some of her buttons go to www.henrysbuttons.co.uk

There were so many stalls that I just could not fit them all on here or indeed get lots of photos but from the little glimpse that I have shown you I hope you can get an idea of how wonderful this event is.  Their next Brocante is not until 2017 on the 1st of May but honestly put it in your diaries because you will not want to miss this fabulous event.

Well I leave you today with the little video I took of the live music that was there in the grounds of the Larmer Tree in the little music dome singing theatre they all sang and played ukulele ... it was really good and people were all sat around on blankets or deck chairs singing along ...

I hope you have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. You have captured the spirit of this lovely fair perfectly Sarah. Lovely to see you as always. Xxx

    1. Thank you Jane and it was so good to see you too.
      Think we need a proper catch up coffee some time ..
      Sarah xxxx

  2. That looked great day. Niki's dolls are great. I went to her shop when she had that. I love Dorset Buttons they fascinate me.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes the dolls are gorgeous and now I have two!
      The Dorset buttons are amazing it's such a clever art!
      So pleased you enjoyed the blog
      Sarah xxxx

  3. A lovely write-up about a lovely fair. I hardly had a chance to look around, which is probably a good thing as I would have spent even more than I did! Lovely to see you, albeit briefly. M x

    1. Thank you it was so good to see you, all be it briefly! I feel like we have not seen each other in ages..

      It was a fabulous fair and I am pleased you like the write up...

      Take care and hope to see you soon.

      Sarah x

  4. Hi there, lovely blog post really enjoyed it....I live in France and I picked up one of the small...roll holders?.....you said were from a pharmacy....I cannot fathom out what it eas used for...do you know?
    Thanks, Kathy, FRANCE