Tuesday 13 September 2016

Tiny stitches and vintage quilt pieces ... its love!

Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
fluttering from the Autumn tree.

Emily Bronté

I have been looking through my enormous quilt piece box.  I would like to find some bits to be able to border some stitching as I do not want to cut up a panel piece, it would not work.  I would like strips to stitch around.  They do not have to be all the same either but just to blend a little. 

Loving odd things and not matching everything it is much easier to find things to play with.  I sat for over an hour yesterday looking through!  well these things do not need to be rushed, it is all about the pleasure that stitching brings to life for me and part of that pleasure is the hunt for gorgeous things to makes gorgeous things out of!!!

Sat on the floor for a long time kneeling down, I got up and then started hopping around as I got cramp!  There was a bird sat on the window sill and we kind of startled one another!  it was like a sketch out of a Jennifer and Dawn sitcom!! when I had composed myself and the bird had thought ... I am off she is mad!  I looked out of the window and noticed that some of the leaves are changing in our garden.  Along the back fence is turning lovely reds and oranges, just around there edges .. it is
blazing with colours.

Anyway I digress slightly I was mighty pleased at some of the vintage quilt pieces that I found and so I have sorted them into some colour ways and they are all in a basket waiting to see what they will be stitched to!  or what will be stitched on them. Some of the red ones are stunning and there is one fairly large piece and it has a paisley pattern, it was like I had struck gold with a little A HA! and a grin!  My husband says I look like a child in a dressing up box! fabric flying around and shrieks of joy! .. oh well it pleases me no end!

Then is was time to sort through some buttons as well and you know what I am like around those! ... It is the magpie in me with mother of pearl, it shines like stars and glistens and I become mesmerised. When they are carved intricately as well, I am undone.  I love the stars that I have and feel that they need to be stitched to a piece of vintage quilt, one of the blue or red panels.

Also it is confession time as I have bought more from America and they are winging their way to me.  These are so beautiful and unusual with the timeworn appearance and I somehow feel that they will be preserved with me and make a fabulous display on a wall somewhere. Everytime the door knocks I am hoping that the parcel from America is here... plus some gorgeous and unusual hankies ( see how I just through that in!)

I have made more pincushion Kilner jars as well to house buttons for my sewing room.  I love them all stood in a cluster with treasure inside.  Vintage fabrics on top that make them look even more special.

With these really lovely wool threads as well I can feel some wonderful personal pieces coming along with a wall full of wonder to stare at...

Well that is it I am off to my stitching today and dreaming of the parcel arriving .... Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Lol. What a funny scene you painted Sarah, I could just picture it. You do know how to 'paint with words'. Looking forward to seeing your goodies when they arrive. Hankies ? I used one once to sew a gift for my mum. Will send you a pic. Love Dawn xxx

  2. Dawn
    Thank you! .. I write how I think and it's a bit whimsical I know but there it is! Not for everyone..
    My hankies have just arrived! Tick now awaiting quilt bits! ..

    Sarah xx