Thursday 15 September 2016

The shear beauty that is Autumn.....

“When everything looks like a magical oil painting,
 you know you are in Autumn!”
 Mehmet Murat ildan

The excitement is building here for the arrival next month of our great friends from New York we can not wait to see them again and have such fun in each others company.  We have lots to discuss as they would like to meet us next year in Italy for about 10 days so I am looking forward to planning that one.
With taking time out to do some personal stitchery it is really fabulous, although I have been asked to design and stitch something  and will take that on in between, I have decided to do a wall hanging for us, for behind one of the beds ... I decided yesterday to do a little sketching just to see what flowed from my mind.  I would like it to be tided to a shelf with the little hanging poles that you get so I have to find the shelf first to measure, I want to paint it myself and then you can have candles and goodies on the shelf with the wall hanging tied and hanging underneath.  It would be in a shaker style and possibly my husband will make it for us from reclaimed wood.  I found a photo on google of a similar one that I would like ( this is not my photo that I took but do not know who to accredit to!)  As we have king size beds for the quest room and our room I thought a 4ft length shelf would do nicely in the middle of of the bed up high ( no hitting heads when sitting up!) and then the wall quilt could hang behind the iron bed with fabric ties ....   I have all sorts of ideas already about what will be on the shelf itself and can see it all in my imagination!  It is just sorting the fabrics for the hanging and measuring it when the shelf is built or found.  So the hunt is on or the hinting to my husband begins!

My first thoughts are of using vintage quilt pieces and also doing some stitchery on vintage linens as well.  I think maybe a saying or words embroidered on to it.  This vintage quilt think I have going on has bitten me like a bug!

The idea is to do one for the Summer/Spring months to tie up and one for the Autumn/Winter months and that would work well for us.  Change the curtains, quilts, throws and cushions in a pale colour room and it looks different for the seasons ... more light and bright and more snuggle and cosy for the
rest of the year.  This has got me thinking and sketching, thinking of colours and themes.

More light coloured blue/duck egg/ pale green colour for one and the reds and blues for the other.  I also have a tiny piece of antique sampler, well not a piece as in part of, but a whole one but small in red and white and would like to incorporate that into the Winter one, I think it would look fabulous.

So I was going through my carefully packed boxes of things to look bits out and to play around with colours and ways these could be stitched.  I decided to do this on the lounge floor as it is old wood floor and more room to slide about ... I was putting bits together and photographing it then moving it around and taking another photo.  It seems the best way to be able to go back and look and see what you feel is the best
at a later date without having bits of vintage fabrics all over the floors ....

I like heritage colourways and also enjoy grey blanket pieces as well, some bits of appliqué may be added but as yet so unsure.  I have lots of stitching to do so it does not matter but it is lovely to have the ideas and thoughts dancing around in my head ....

I do not know if I have ever shown you a wall hanging that I bought from a shaker shop in America.  It is an Autumn blessing and has apples.  It hangs up around this time of year in our lounge when I decorate for Autumn.  Well I did not think that I have so have taken a photo of it for you to look at ...  It is beautiful I think and comes out every year.  It is our fourth year of having it up and when not in use is carefully wrapped in acid free tissue paper.

Isn't it lovely ... I fell in love with it and it carefully comes out every year and is displayed. I enjoy dressing the home for seasons and it makes it look different and fresh every few months which I love.

Well that is it for my ramblings today, whatever you are up to have a good one and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Goodness Sarah, you have had such a creatively productive day!! I'm exhausted ..... Haha! I do love your lovely Shaker wall hanging! They had such lovely sentiments didn't they - very connected to nature - I so love the colours. I have a few Shaker items in my house and they are amongst my favourites - no idea what it is about them - the simplicity, or the ethic perhaps, but they are joyful! Mo xx

  2. I love your ideas Sarah. I am very much into Shaker, reclaimed wood and everything rustic. Great idea about the shelf hanging. Gorgeous quilt, I love the homespun flannel fabrics. Xxx

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