Thursday 29 September 2016

What did I truffle at Daylesford Vintage Brocante? .. Well take a peek!

Treasure Treasure Treasure!
I can resist anything but temptation!

Well finally I have managed to take the photos of my haul from Daylesford and I hope you think that it was worth waiting for.  I have waited for good light and using my new phone camera, which is amazing has been different and taken a little getting used to!  We have had rain here and it has been almost like Winter so the light has been a little gloomy.  When you put a light on it can shine onto what I am trying to take photos of and it reflects back so it all took a few goes to get some good photos for you to see ..

It was a Vintage Brocante that was full to the rafters of vintage goodies from fabrics, lace, threads, buttons and notions to antiques for both the home and garden.  There was handmade goods from vintage fabrics and more and everywhere you looked temptation was facing straight on ... I was good in some ways as I did not buy the two antique quilts that I really loved but I bought other things as you will see.

In no particular order as I really can not remember in what order I bought things as I was taking  Rosehip& Oyster Bridge and these are ribbons of vintage fabric.  They are really beautiful so I choose some of those to come home with me knowing that they are the beginning of a sampler when stitched together and the fabrics were just too gorgeous to pass by  ....   They have tags on with sayings and pretty writing which I will keep as well so lovely!
photos as well as making purchases but my first photos are from

The Old Haberdashery well now there were some lovely sylko threads there so I picked them up an also some more little millinery flowers as well.  I was fairly restrained as I was trying for certain things on my list at this point but of course you get carried away in the vintage coma!

From Hesta Nesta I spied some wonderful eiderdown fabric which I have not seen before so a
really good size piece came home with me and is now stored safely in the paisley and Eiderdown fabric drawer .... all wrapped carefully in tissue paper!

Suitably Vintage had some lovely pieces on offer and so I was really trying to be buying for stitchery when all these lovelies are there under one roof, its like being in the best shopping mall in the world!

Then wandering around I found Velvet Ribbon and there is always some gorgeous fabrics on
offer on this stall and worth looking out for if you are at a show.  I was there later and lots had gone but that said I found a lovely piece of fabric so I was very pleased with that ...

From Alison of Betty and Violet, I purchased some really beautiful fruit knives and forks with mother of pearl handles and I fell in love with these.  They are a set of six and luckily they will tuck

away in the cutlery drawer in the dinning room so not added to clutter for selling purposes! but a set like this does not come up that often in this conditions and the mother of pearl is stunning.  Home it came....

From Caroline Zoob I bought some stunning lace as you can see and I am over the moon with it and that will go into one of my designs that I am working on at the moment.  Also my gorgeous husband bought me the red and white sampler here and it is for my Birthday in December but that said he said for me to photograph it for you to look.  It is dated 1873 Eliza Stone stitched it and
beautifully as you can see.  It is in a beautiful frame that has been painted and distressed and is stitched onto very old linen before framing .... Oh my I looked at it but did not buy it and when I went back to have another stare it was gone!  I was a little sad but thought no Sarah you made the right decision and someone is very lucky ... then when I saw my husband who was smiling at me I said, Oh you bought me the sampler didn't you?  His face because he had put it in the car!  He said I was a witch!! forgiven though as indeed I was correct.  I saw it briefly for its photo shoot and now it has been put away in his office somewhere and I will get it in December ..... lucky me!

Whilst walking about I saw the lovely Maud of Beyond France and bought the most stunning skirt in thick antique cotton and with a really beautiful piece of lace around the hem.  It has a draw string waist and I am afraid is in the dry cleaners at the moment so that will be photo for another day.  It will not stay like this as I am going to add some of my own decoration to it so when that is done I will photograph it for you.  I thought in the Winter with boots and a jumper it will look fab ....

Then there was this sleigh from Honeysuckle and Roses and it was again my husband that spotted it and walked me over to look at it.  We do have a sleigh but not as old as this one and he thought it would be a great addition to the Christmas decorations for the forever house... so we bought it and it came home with us as you can see from this photo... I am very pleased with it indeed.
So that you can see it I put a Christmas throw over for photo purposes other wise it looked a little too dark in this weather we are having ..

Rosie's Armoir is one of my must find as soon as possible stalls because she makes up some
really gorgeous inspiration packs and I really love buying this sort of thing with all sorts of wonderful things in them including two antique hexagons in each pack along with a strip of antique fabric patchwork pieces and I am thrilled with the five packs that I purchased.  Also I bought a writing blotter for my desk as I love writing letters with my calligraphy ink pens and it is really good to be able to blot.  I love using wax seals as well and I thought this antique blotter which has been painted old white with blotting paper to get you started was just the thing.

In addition to that Helen gave me a little notebook for being a customer that day and I am really very thrilled with it.  They are hand stitched by her and have old papers in amongst some lined pages.  Just right for a handbag and jotting down thoughts ....

My husband wanted a heart from Suzi of Hearts 'n' Kisses for his locker at work, where he keeps not only tea and coffee and snacks (shocker!) but his stationery and he thought this little heart that reads 'everything stops for tea' would be grand ... I personally think the work cake should be on there too!

Then as you know we picked up our garden shepherd crooks with glass jars for candles in the garden and this weekend we will be popping them in there rightful place in the garden.  The jars will stay in The Little Red Robbin who made them are very clever and I love their garden things made from old metals and rusted beautifully ...
whilst it is raining but will go out one of these evenings with candles in, maybe when our friend are here and the fire pit is going and we have blankets on our lap and mulled wine ....

Then finally on Sunday morning when I went to see Alison in her Betty and Violet shop I bought a little bit of lace that is just right for something I am stitching and some pretty millinery flowers that were there as well.  We had a chat about the fair and about the fabulous evening that we had all had together and we said our goodbyes before my husband
and I went back into The Broadway Hotel and had Sunday Lunch before returning slowly back home.  It was a really rather beautiful weekend and certainly some wonderful memories were made ....

Well that is it for today and I must away to some serious stitchery as well.  I have to make a cake later for the coffee afternoon tomorrow for Cancer MacMillan and I will be helping tomorrow afternoon as well so I have two short days working.. Have a wonderful day and as always ..........                       

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oh Sarah, you are a lucky girl, these things are so beautiful. I've turned quite green! I also have a December birthday. ..the 20th and I can't say that I am too keen on the date. I tried to persuade people that a half birthday for me in June would be lovely but it didn't take off. Poor me . Lol xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn! Oh your Birthday is very near Christmas...
      Well us December girls will have to help each other celebrate..


  2. Oh Sarah, you are a lucky girl, these things are so beautiful. I've turned quite green! I also have a December birthday. ..the 20th and I can't say that I am too keen on the date. I tried to persuade people that a half birthday for me in June would be lovely but it didn't take off. Poor me . Lol xxx

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Just wanted to say hi....looking at all your beautiful things. You have so much talent. I have a December 1st birthday and my daughter's twins were born on the 23rd of December. It does make for quite an expensive time of year. Hope all is well with you and yours. Take care.
    Diane xxoo