Thursday 8 September 2016

Designing - to sit think and sketch project ideas.

Autumn -

 A glorious crown of
colour the year puts on.

Yesterday was my design day and I actually, for the first time in a long time, dedicated the day to it solely.  It was peaceful and tranquil and did get my water colours out as well and had a play with mixing and colouring some of my design.  The enjoyment that I got was exceptional.

I was thinking about when I get a bigger studio to work in how I would like it to be and was thinking that I would like different drawers for different colour fabrics (in season ones) so the Autumnal colours in one, the reds hues for winter in another, you get the general idea.  Even add my precious paisleys to certain drawer and so when I am designing I can go to a drawer and there they all are in one little (er well big) spot where I can mix and match but in the correct hues.  I would love the space to be really organised.  I always feel that mess is created when there is no particular place for something or space is running out.

I do think that reds have a place in Autumn too and orange/gold if you are talking leaves because when you walk through woodland or forest these colours are present and of course especially in America with the Maple ( that delicious tree that provides that gorgeous syrup)  My husband loves it especially when I make maple syrup and pecan muffins!  My lovable cake tester is in heaven.

However next week I will be working on some of my personal stitching and I will be working with some of those antique blue quilt pieces and an Autumn sampler for our home as well.  I will finish off my stitching projects and then start.  Ones that have not been started and do not have an urgent time scale on (like the one for Valentines Day next year! yes its for a magazine but not needed until just after Christmas) well they can wait for a week or so for me to do something for us.  It is nice to have the pure pleasure of stitching, which I do anyway, but knowing its for us.  The picture on the left is one I would like to complete as it is a matter of adding a border only so that will be fairly simple to get finished and to the framers.
I fell in love with this when I saw it and it has, apparently, been in a box in a loft for years, well no more, it is going to be admired once more.  I can not see what is used to be as the edges are all frayed (you can just glimpse that in the photo) and I do not know if it was never finished or that something

has been cut away from it or what exactly it was originally - but it will be edged in vintage quilt pieces and framed properly and hung on a wall for all to see.  I think because its my way or my signature if you like, in the corner of one of the borders a button (yet to be chosen from the collection) will have to be stitched on.  Its like the wooden furniture with the mice ... its the signature of the maker and mine is a button or more!

Those beautiful woollen threads that I bought (picture on the right) will be coming out for some use as well I think they will bring some depth to some stitchery I would like to do on a piece of the vintage quilt .. this is still to be decided on as I have two designs and I am looking at them to see which one I would like ... I will keep them out and then keep looking, to make up my mind.

Well that is it for today or I will never get my work done to be able to start some stitchery for us, so I will leave you now and all that is left to say is see you tomorrow and of course, as always,
Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Morning Sarah, you'll be in seventh heaven when you finally have your fabric organised in those drawers. I get very excited and rather pleased with myself when I can immediately find a certain item but it doesn't often happen. I would love to see some of your watercolour sketches and drawings. Have a lovely day .
    Love Dawn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      Yes lots of sorting out going on.. One day we will meet up and our jaws will ache from catching up and talking about all the things we have in common.

      Have a great day.

      Sarah xx