Friday 23 September 2016

Sat stitching days ....

As I sit here and sew
I work with a happy heart
For I fasten in joy, I fasten in hope
and all good things apart.

Sat stitching & thinking and the first thing was gosh where is September going!  The weeks really are rolling by which leads to months.  I honestly do not know where 2016 is going.  Is it as you get older that times flies or do you not notice it as a child? who knows!

Stitchery is a gentle art and a peaceful one as well.  If it rains and you have a good light then you can continue on cosy in your chair, if, as it has still been, glorious weather on days I have been able to sit outside and watch the squirrels run about like mad things getting ready for the Winter months that in their mind will be severe and with lack of food.  I always feed the birds and the Mr squirrel all year but it is built in their nature and make-up I guess and of course one day soon I will not be here to continue it (I can only hope that who ever in the end buys this house when we move to
forever house, will keep feeding them)  I am going to leave the bird feeders and house etc as they are all used to what is in this garden ... and the day we finally move it will all be loaded up with food for them...

In addition to all my stitchery I have started making up English paper pieces to stitch together.  Using some antique ones that I have and some I am making up myself with antique fabrics.   As you know some of the ones that I have bought over the last year have been stitched to antique linen but with the paper showing as there is beautiful old script on the paper used ... I can not think of taking it out and discarding it when it has
been wrapped gently in the fabric for years!  some of what I am doing and get framed will be in our home and other pieces will be in my workroom and workshop .. (eventually! being the optimum word here). I actually feel like a squirrel keeping and getting ready for something ..

Tomorrow is the Daylesford vintage fair and can you believe it, I have a little list and included in this is more antique English paper pieces in hexagons, plus some more vintage ribbon.

If there is some beautiful and unusual fabric it may have to jump into my basket along with some old millinery flowers as well. I have a small pot full but would like to add to the colours.

Also on my list is a piece of vintage fabric with daisies embroidered on it, this is for a commission I have just got and it is wanted because the little girl daisy who is only a month old is going have something made for her.  So that is on my list of to look for too.

I am looking forward to seeing some of my great vintage friends there and we are staying over as well to have a meal in the evening.  I am really looking forward to it.

Photo's will be taken for you and I hope to get a few to give you an idea of who and what was there.  This is a Love Lane organised one, maybe I might see some of you as well.

Well that is it for me today so I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and of course as always  very Happy Stitching!  XX

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