Thursday 17 October 2013

When your work speaks for itself!

Hello and good morning

Today apart from carrying on with my hand stitching, including the little house sampler, I really must get some things ready for a Christmas event I am doing in November.  I think I have said before that I do very few but this one is a must for me.

I am busy getting homemade ribbons I make ready and vintage fabric coloured buttons and Christmas journals and stockings to name but a few.

I keep going over the stock I am building up for it.  Adding bits here and there to some stitched or stamped work.....  but really you have to stop somewhere or there is a chance of over doing things and making a mess!!

So today I am just going to stock take and start the packing up process in a methodical manner ( yes I can do it...)  I have to remember tissue papers to wrap things, scissors to cut the ribbon that I use to wrap things people buy, bags and of course a float.

I like my table to look suitably festive with pretty lights and bunting and make sure there are samples and a bowl of homemade cookies or sweets for people to have as a gift.

So that's today and hopefully a couple of hours stitching too.

                         with the above in mind, this is my quote of the day.......

                  When your work speaks for itself, Do not interrupt it!  Henry J Kaiser

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